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Molly Jones

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  • The other "s" word...

    I love how the weather here in the Midwest is so unpredictable. Earlier this week, it was highs in the upper 70's into the lower 80's and super humid out. Today and the rest of the week? Cold, rainy and in the mid 40's. I bet next week it will snow! Darnit I was hoping I could avoid using that word...snow. It's the other deadly "s" word! (I think you know what the o...

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  • Zombies...? No thanks.

    My boyfriend has been spending the week with me up here in Atlantic (he's a full blown Omaha-City-Boy!) so we've been blending our daily interests. He has this huge obsession with the whole "zome apocalpyse" so naturally on Sunday evening... we watched the show The Walking Dead. Never seen an episode in my life, and honestly, I don't ever want to watch it again. Here is...

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  • Biggest bra ever!?!   All for a good cause however!  ...

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  • Villisca Axe Murder House

    So yesterday I went to Villisca with my boyfriend. He wanted to see the famous axe murder house there, so I thought "why not"? I warned him though that 1. It's a creepy house 2. we might not be able to get in since I don't know when tours end for the day. If you don't know the history behind the house, go to http://www.villisc...

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  • 8,9,10,11,12,13,14....

    Here's something cute...   I know a few couples that will plan their wedding dates on dates like that... but in the end it would probably cost you a few extra thousand to do that! I hear that many reception halls boost their pri...

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  • Salty and sweet? Or gross?   ... What? Read that article. The Pringles company is looking to expand their flavor...

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  • 42 more days til Turkey Day!

    Not as sore today from my out-of-boredom-work-out on Sunday... I think I'll go walk a few miles today outside since it's a beautiful day. Since the weather is so unpredictable here in the Midwest, I need to start taking advantage of the warm(ish) temps outside. Because in a few weeks, Halloween will arrive. And it usually attempts to snow between now and Thanksgiving. ...

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  • Dilemma solved! Kinda.

    On air this morning with Tom, I mentioned how to "fix" my previous cookie dilemma of them being too hard/crunchy.   Put some unedible cookies in a baggie with a piece of bread... let it sit overnight and in the morning the moisture from the piece of bread will of transferred to the cookies. Viola! You have edible, softer and happier cookies. I could have ...

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  • hard can it be?

    Alright, so I made cookies over the weekend because I have a cookie sheet. And it was cold out on Saturday so what better day... It started out GREAT! I had all the ingredients, I put everything together correctly because seriously how hard can making cookies be!? Somehow I messed it up. Whether it was baking them too long or putting too much dough in one spot... it did not come out great.&n...

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  • American Idol   There is the article I was talking about with Keith Urban, now officially starting American Idol auditions. What do you think about the new judges? (I think terrible, but thats my own opinion!) Why is Nicki wh...

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