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  • Tis the be careful

    Shiloh and I agreed that we wouldn’t get anything for each other for Christmas…and then she broke our pact by getting me a belt and Iron Man Underoos. Disclaimer, all my underwear have superheroes on them, they keep my junk safe. So now I get to go out and get her something…but when I ask what she’d like for Christmas, she either says ...

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  • Geeking Out

    Please know that I am about to get all “geeky” up in here…Have you seen the movies that are coming out? ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ comes out on Friday! It’s going to be AWESOME…I will watch Peter Jackson’s ‘Rings’ Trilogy any chance I get…It’s one of the things I am truly excite...

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  • HO! HO! HOrrible gift giver!

    So Christmas is right around the corner…to be specific, Christmas is two weeks from today…I knew it was close….but until I looked at the calendar I didn’t even realize it was two flipping weeks away! Anyway, it’s close. So have you gotten your shopping done yet? Shiloh and I are done with each other, in the sense of gifts, not m...

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  • I scare myself sometimes.

    I’ve been pretty busy lately, it’s my own doing…I seem to put the PRO in Procrastinate. But I did have time to answer the phone just now; I had to share the cool new lingo being used in Illinois!   Ring…Ring Me: KSOM KS95.7...

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  • Go Hermando! Go!

    Back to the rat race…seriously, we hold illegal rat races in the basement of the station…my rat, Hermando, is undefeated and very well trained…you know that saying, “Like a rat on a Cheeto”, that’s about Hermando…I wish half of the crap I thought up out of nowhere would be true…there is not actual rat race in...

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  • Give until it Hurts...Bill!!

    Whoa Buddy! With the Exira-EHK football playoff being delayed, it’s a nut house around this joint! So I apologize for the delayed Blog…I know you look forward to reading this every day…that’s sarcasm…I imagine only Shiloh reads these things and then gives me pity laughs so my ego doesn’t get ...

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  • Bringing up the Rear...ha!

    If you listened to the 8:30 Segment with Tom and I,  catch it on the podcast page here, you heard Melanie Petty in studio and we were talking about the Scrooge Contest, where 4 candidates try to raise more cash and canned goods for the Atlantic Food Pantry…each can worth a point, each d...

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  • Your Civic Duty

    Vote. Vote! Vote? Vote…that’s what you’ve heard all day… “Did you vote yet?” “You need to vote.” “I voted” and it is important, but I haven’t voted yet…because I am at work…and I am a felon. So I’m not really a felon, but I WILL get out and vote today, with a baby on my hip&...

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  • Vacation Recap!

    There were several things that I wanted to blog about while I was out on vacation…Coretta’s first injury caused bloody nose…catching up on a book I started the week before Coretta was born and haven’t had time to pick up until now…the CMA’s…the Storage Unit Auctions…the Estate Auction…It has been a pre...

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  • The Hugh Hefner of Oakland

    This will be the last blog of the week, as I am taking the rest of the week off for…well I don’t have a specific reason…we’re not going anywhere, we have nothing special planned, no one is coming in from out of town…it will just be me and no agenda. I am certain Shiloh will have a honey do list for me to tackle while I am bummin...

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