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Latest Sports Stories Archives for 2014-08

(Glenwood) Tiffany Williams, of Atlantic won the individual title at the Glenwood Invitational Cross Country meet Saturday. The two-time State Cross Country meet qualifier cruised the course in 15.41.74 nearly a minute faster than second place finished Bre Waugh, of Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln.


Harlan won the team title with 42-points. The Cyclones were led by Marissa Klindt’s sixth place finish. The Cyclones had a good pack with Kara Rueschenberg, Kaitlyn Feldman, and Baylee Hough, finishing 10th, 11th and 12th respectively.  



The Atlantic girls finished second in the team race. Besides Williams first place finish, the balance of the Trojan runner’s finished in an impressive pack.  Karly Monson was 16th, Ashleigh Waltz, 17th, Allie Siggins 18th, Alexis Brockman, 20th Emily Sauegling, 22nd, and Savanah Sorensen, 23rd.


The results are listed below:


 1 Williams, Tiffany            Atlantic              15:41.74    1             
  2 Waugh, Bre                   Abraham Lincoln       16:35.90    2             
  3 Mayberry, Mercedee           Harlan                16:48.24    3             
  4 Warner, Cassie               CB Tee Jay            17:03.99    4             
  5 Matthews, Hayley             Glenwood              17:15.08    5             
  6 Klindt, Marissa              Harlan                17:23.43    6             
  7 Shearer, Natalie             Glenwood              17:25.43    7             
  8 Tallant, Alissia             CB Tee Jay            17:30.54    8             
  9 Finnegan, Jillian            Glenwood              17:31.40    9             
 10 Rueschenberg, Kara           Harlan                17:41.52   10             
 11 Feldman, Kaitlyn             Harlan                17:46.71   11             
 12 Hough, Baylee                Harlan                17:47.17   12             
 13 Ross, Abby                   CB Tee Jay            17:53.74   13             
 14 Kinney, Maddie               Abraham Lincoln       17:56.96   14             
 15 Brower, Ashley               Red Oak               18:08.96                  
 16 Monson, Karly                Atlantic              18:11.34   15             
 17 Waltz, Ashleigh              Atlantic              18:18.77   16             
 18 Siggins, Allie               Atlantic              18:22.86   17             
 19 Top, Kendra                  Southwest Valley      18:23.30   18             
 20 Brockman, Alexis             Atlantic              18:27.08   19             
 21 Saldana, Ci Ci               Abraham Lincoln       18:30.96   20             
 22 Saeugling, Emily             Atlantic              18:37.40   21             
 23 Sorensen, Savannah           Atlantic              18:38.87   22             
 24 Redler, Whitney              Harlan                18:52.11   23             
 25 Hanson, Bailey               Harlan                18:59.14   24             
 26 Ruth, Miranda                Glenwood              19:02.58   25             
 27 Murphy, Alexa                Abraham Lincoln       19:08.62   26             
 28 Huff, Skylar                 CB Tee Jay            19:09.78   27             
 29 Kuhl, Taylor                 Glenwood              19:12.75   28             
 30 Presley, Grace               Glenwood              19:18.46   29             
 31 Wink, Sunshine               Abraham Lincoln       19:22.62   30             
 32 Eledge, Allie                CB Tee Jay            19:33.14   31             
 33 Finn, Danni                  Glenwood              19:33.64   32             
 34 Hartman, Hayley              Abraham Lincoln       19:34.15   33             
 35 Berggren, Diana              Southwest Valley      19:38.74   34             
 36 Herzberg, Elizabeth          Southwest Valley      20:27.37   35             
 37 Rodriquez, Anna              CB Tee Jay            20:32.24   36             
 38 Straw, Sydney                Red Oak               20:34.96                  
 39 Willadsen, Kaylee            Abraham Lincoln       20:48.68   37             
 40 Williams, Renee              Southwest Valley      21:22.52   38             
 41 Keefe, Chloe                 Southwest Valley      21:37.58   39             
 42 Duncan, Annie                CB Tee Jay            21:40.46   40 

 1 Harlan, 42, 2. Atlantic 68, 3. Glenwood, 74, 4. Council Bluffs, Tee Jay, 83, 5. Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln, 92, 6. Southwest Valley, 164.
August 31, 2014              



(Harlan) The Harlan boys cross country team captured the team title with 38 points at the Glenwood Invitation Saturday. Three of Harlan's runner finished in the top five, abnd six of their seven runners were in the top twenty.


Eldon Burris of Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson won the individual title in a time of 17:43, Preston Burris of Harlan was third, Drew Voge, Harlan, fourth and Michael Sciranko. of Harlan fifth. 



Below are the individual and team results:
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points          
  1 Warner, Eldon                CB Tee Jay            17:43.34    1             
  2 Burris, Preston              Harlan                18:08.08    2             
  3 Voge, Drew                   Harlan                18:19.58    3             
  4 Sciranko, Michael            Harlan                18:33.68    4             
  5 Messenger, Tyler             Abraham Lincoln       18:40.30    5             
  6 Gray, Cuentin                Glenwood              18:42.71    6             
  7 Sunberg, Josh                Red Oak               18:51.43    7             
  8 Brewer, Alex                 Abraham Lincoln       18:52.49    8             
  9 Hawkins, Ryan                Atlantic              18:54.80    9             
 10 Raes, Parker                 CB Tee Jay            18:55.52   10             
 11 LeRette, Logan               Red Oak               19:02.08   11             
 12 Feldman, Jacob               Harlan                19:05.30   12             
 13 Shadden, Phoenix             Atlantic              19:07.34   13             
 14 Rolenc, Weston               Red Oak               19:10.23   14             
 15 Schumann, Zach               Abraham Lincoln       19:22.34   15             
 16 Midkiff, McGuire             CB Tee Jay            19:33.46   16             
 17 Jones, Brad                  Harlan                19:35.17   17             
 18 Hough, Nick                  Harlan                19:36.31   18             
 19 Leinen, Nathan               Abraham Lincoln       19:36.83   19             
 20 Branigan, Kevin              Abraham Lincoln       19:39.40   20             
 21 Dahlheimer, Jon              CB Tee Jay            19:45.27   21             
 22 VanSlyke, Ross               Glenwood              19:49.17   22             
 23 Mumm, Andrew                 Harlan                19:50.40   23             
 24 Allan, Giles                 Glenwood              20:18.65   24             
 25 Ingles, William              Glenwood              20:21.68   25             
 26 Rodriguez, Ernie             CB Tee Jay            20:26.02   26             
 27 Nightser, Dylan              CB Tee Jay            20:29.62   27             
 28 Pellett, Cale                Atlantic              20:31.36   28             
 29 Hein, Jackson                Glenwood              20:34.46   29             
 30 Brooks, Zach                 Atlantic              20:38.93   30             
 31 Dyson, Ryan                  Red Oak               20:41.27   31             
 32 Thomsen, David               Atlantic              20:45.46   32             
 33 Salerno, Victor              Glenwood              20:46.14   33             
 34 Willadsen, Reed              Abraham Lincoln       20:47.27   34             
 35 Thompson, Ethan              Glenwood              20:55.78   35             
 36 Peterson, Lane               Southwest Valley      21:06.81   36             
 37 Matolek, Julius              CB Tee Jay            21:15.21   37             
 38 Nichols, Reid                Atlantic              21:15.61   38             
 39 Sherman, Jared               Red Oak               21:16.81   39             
 40 Kinney, Thad                 Abraham Lincoln       21:25.68   40             
 41 Haggerty, Connor             Southwest Valley      22:42.11   41             
 42 Oldenkamp, Quintin           Southwest Valley      22:56.99   42             
 43 Vial, Rob                    Red Oak               23:04.18   43             
 44 McAlpin, Wyatt               Southwest Valley      23:05.78   44             
 45 Sorensen, Trevor             Southwest Valley      23:51.68   45             
 46 Bernard, Justin              Red Oak               24:04.14   46             
 47 Davis, Dalton                Southwest Valley      24:06.81   47             
 48 Wepler, Will                 Atlantic              24:41.87   48             
                                   Team Scores                                   
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
   1 Harlan                       38    2    3    4   12   17   18   23          
      Total Time:  1:33:41.81                                                    
         Average:    18:44.37                                                    
   2 Abraham Lincoln              67    5    8   15   19   20   34   40          
      Total Time:  1:36:11.36                                                    
         Average:    19:14.28                                                    
   3 CB Tee Jay                   74    1   10   16   21   26   27   37          
      Total Time:  1:36:23.61                                                    
         Average:    19:16.73                                                    
   4 Red Oak                     102    7   11   14   31   39   43   46          
      Total Time:  1:39:01.82                                                    
         Average:    19:48.37                                                    
   5 Glenwood                    106    6   22   24   25   29   33   35          
      Total Time:  1:39:46.67                                                    
         Average:    19:57.34                                                    
   6 Atlantic                    112    9   13   28   30   32   38   48          
      Total Time:  1:39:57.89                                                    
         Average:    19:59.58                                                    
   7 Southwest Valley            208   36   41   42   44   45   47               
      Total Time:  1:53:43.37                                                    
         Average:    22:44.68                                                    




Council Bluffs, Abraham, Lincoln 42 Sioux City North 27

Lewis Central 35 Sergeant Bluff-Luton 28



Clarinda 60 Atlantic 14

Harlan 45 Denison/Schleswig 14

Creston 27 Norwalk 17

Dallas Center-Grimes 27 Carlisle 24 (OT)

Winterset 15 Oskaloosa 14

A-D-M 15 Perry 9

Glenwood 41 Red Oak 24

Carroll 34 Kuemper 0

Shenandoah  28 Riverside  7

Des Moines Christian 24 West Central, Valley 6



IKM/Manning 28 East Sac County 7

Bedford 36 Griswold 14

Tri-Center 19 Underwood 8

Logan-Magnolia 42 Missouri Valley 6

St. Albert 20 Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson 13

Audubon 13 A-H-S-T-W 6

Southwest Valley 40 Clarinda Academy 0

Albia 39 Mt. Ayr 8

Lawton Bronson-35 Treynor 20

Ogden 23 Panorama 13



CAM 48 Adair-Casey 24

Exira-EHK 58 Nishnabotna 6

Fremont-Mills 50 Woodbine 20

Lamoni 52 Essex 22

Guthrie Center 52 Stanton 28

Coon Rapids/Bayard 48 Laurens-Marathon 0


(Clarinda) Clarinda under second-year Head Coach Mark Schilb ran the single-wing offense to perfection in a non-district football game against Atlantic at Clarinda Friday night. The Cardinals topped the Trojans in the opener 60-14.


Clarinda got off to a flying start with a pick six on the opening play of the game. Jacob Carlson intercepted a Trojan pass and cruised in from 28-yards out for a 7-0 lead following the extra point. And they kept the momentum going with three more first quarter scores. Jett Kettwick raced 44-yards for a Cardinal TD and Austin Smith punched in back to back scores to push the lead to 28-0 at the quarter break.


Atlantic had a much better second quarter. They controlled the ball for most it with the aide of three Cardinal turnovers that included; a muffed punt, interception and a fumble.

The Trojans capitalized on one of the turnovers with a Joey Walker one-yard quarterback sneak. In fact, it looked as if the Trojans would shut-out the Cardinals in the second quarter; however Kyle Holmes put an end to that when he took the all on a reverse and sprinted 17-yards into the end zone and a 34-6 halftime lead.

Then lightning struck forcing the game officials to delay the contest for mandatory 30-minutes. That delay was extended to an hour and twenty-five minutes to allow for a rain storm to blow through. The game didn’t resume until 9:40 p.m.


But that didn’t slow down the Clarinda’s Offense. They tacked four more scores on the board all on the ground with runs of 15, (Kyle Holmes), 51, (Jacob Degase), 68, (Kyle Holmes) and 4-yards, (Zachary Carlson), all during a running clock. Atlantic quarterback Joey Walker squeezed in a 3-yarder for the teams second and final touchdown of the night.


Kyle Holmes scored three touchdowns for Clarinda and Jacob Carlson scored one  and intercepted two Trojan passes. Walker scored both TD’s for Atlantic.


The Cardinals host Creston-Orient-Macksburg next Friday night. Atlantic is at home against, Denison/Schleswig.


August 30, 2014 


(Anita) CAM began their 2014 football season in style Friday night with a 48-24 win over Adair-Casey. It’s the first time since 2008 that the Cougars have topped the Bombers.


Outside of a punt return for a touchdown, Adair-Casey controlled CAM in the first half leading 16-6 at the break. Outside kickoff return for a touchdown, CAM dominated Adair-Casey in the 2nd half to win 48-24.


Adair-Casey took the early lead with a touchdown drive on their opening series. The Bombers got a big run from Charlie Terry followed by a 31 yard touchdown by Terry on a screen pass from Connor Westergaard. Terry carried the load offensively for the Bombers with a strong rushing night and also had a standout defensive effort.  CAM answered back with their lone score of the first half, a 55 yard punt return by Connor Bell. Adair-Casey responded with another Westergaard TD pass. On the receiving end was Emmitt Wheatley who caught the ball at the five yard line and juked his way into the end zone for a 28 yard score. On the last play of the half, a CAM punt was blocked out of the end zone for a safety making the halftime score 16-6.


CAM stuck to their power running game in the 2nd half and it paid off in a big way. Trace Ticknor darted in from 39 yards out midway through the third to give CAM some momentum. The Cougars went on a roll from there with Conner Bell reeling in three touchdown passes in a five minute span.   Bell, a senior in his first season playing high school football, caught scores from Drew Ticknor from 18, 10, and 15 yards out.


With just over five minutes left in the game and CAM leading 34-16, senior Austin Williamson put some icing on the cake. The fullback found pay dirt from 14 yards away to make it 42-16. The ensuing kickoff was taken to the house in lightning quick fashion by Adair-Casey senior Emmitt Wheatley, but that was one of the rare highlights for the Bombers after intermission. Drew Ticknor’s 11 yard TD run with 1:29 to play provided an exclamation point for CAM’s 48-24 triumph.


With several former players standing by and ‘encouraging‘ their former coach,

CAM‘s Joe Wollum caught up with KSOM/KS95.7 Sports after the contest.



Adair-Casey will look to regroup next week in the home opener against Nishnabotna. Comments from Bomber head coach Chris Bireline can be viewed here….



CAM’s Connor Bell shined in his varsity debut. The senior is out for football for the first time since middle school. He posted three receiving touchdowns, one punt return touchdown and an interception. He also hauled in a pair of two point conversions.


CAM senior Austin Williamson provided two great blocks, one on a punt return and another on an interception return. He ran for one TD and was in on several tackles.



Senior Trace Ticknor accounted for most of the team’s rushing attempts and picked up several hard earned yards. He led a stout defensive effort in the 2nd half.


(Audubon) The Audubon volleyball season will begin Tuesday when they travel to take on Guthrie Center. The Wheelers will have a young group this season with only five upperclassmen listed on the roster.


Despite the youth, Audubon does return quite a few starters from last year’s 12-15 group. Seniors Courtney Rudolph, Carly Johnston, and Morgan Gust all return. So does defensive specialist, junior, Monica Jessen. Three sophomores will ascend to the starting lineup with Taylor Nielsen, Sydney Obermeier, and Kaitlyn Shcultes.

The Wheelers graduated their top four hitters from last season. They also lose their top six athletes in digs. Also gone is their leader in assists.


Coach Lange identifies some of the team’s strengths as passing and serve receive. She says the team needs to become more consistent.


Their first opponent, Guthrie Center, is coming off of a 23-7 2013 season. The Tigers are ranked in the pre-season top 15. 


Click to listen to the interview with coach Molly Lange


Bedford 22-25-15, Mount Ayr 25-19-11
Bedford 25-25, Central Decatur, Leon 20-17
Coon Rapids-Bayard 25-25-25, CAM, Anita 19-13-8
Glenwood 25-25, Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson 16-14
Glenwood 25-25, Tri-Center, Neola 22-20
Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 25-20-25-25, Carroll 20-25-20-17
Logan-Magnolia 25-25-25, Whiting 17-16-16
Mount Ayr 25-25, Central Decatur, Leon 16-22
Winterset 25-25-25, Nodaway Valley 21-16-14
August 29, 2014


(Greenfield) With only 22 players on the team and a lot of newcomers, coach Steve Shantz says his team will have to rely early in the season on two hard nosed runners, Brennan Weiland and Josh Allsup. 


Weiland ran for 245 yards on only 48 carries. Allsup last year finished with 136 yards on 36 attempts. Once the Wolverines establish some weapons at wide receiver, they will count on quarterback Jackson Lamb in a big way. Lamb threw for 1220 yarsd last season. 



Coach Shantz admits with only 22 out for football it’s difficult to properly prepare for an opponent in Week 1. He says he has know idea what kind of game to expect Friday night especially with the weather conditions.


Click here for the interview with coach Steve Shantz




(Oakland) Riverside’s 2014 football season starts with a home contest against Shenandoah Friday night.


Head coach Mitch Rice is in his second season at the helm and reports the team is miles ahead of where they were last year at this time, especially on offense. The team made big strides from week to week last year. It’ll be a big challenge to repeat that.


Coach Rice says Week 1 opponent Shenandoah is hard to gauge because of all of their losses to graduation. The Mustangs are coming off of a three win season in 2013. The field conditions will likely impact the outcome. Coach Rice expects it to be a ground and pound type of attack. 


Riverside loses several key pieces from their offensive line that was a strength of the team least year, but they bring back two towering tackles in Michael Pracht and Jonathon Gehrmann. Starting quartback Brad McGinnis also had a lot of experience last year. He and Brock Bentley will be two of the defensive leaders.


Four of Riverside’s 5 wins last year came at home and they only lost one game in front of their home crowd. 


Click for the interview with coach Mitch Rice


(Anita) Bragging rights will be on the line Friday night in Anita when CAM hosts their rival from 7 miles down the road: Adair-Casey. The Cougars have lost their last six games against the Bombers. 


CAM coach Joe Wollum believes the two teams match up well this year. Just like most teams, each are looking to fill some major holes left by graduation. 


Coach Wollum is hoping to wear down opponents this season with a couple of tough runners in the backfield in fullback Austin Williamson and halfback Trace Ticknor. He says neither have breakaway speed, but they each run very hard. 


Another big bonus is all three offensive linemen return with Levi Lank, Keegan Hosfelt, and Brandon Flathers set to start in the trenches. He looks for the interior line play to be a strength of the team. 


Coach Wollum believes a lower scoring game will favor his squad.  Both coaches agreed, the team that makes fewer mistakes will win the matchup.


Click for the interview with coach Joe Wollum


(Adair) Adair-Casey travels to CAM Friday night in KSOM’s first high school football broadcast of the year.


The Bombers come into the season opener with a lot new faces both on the field and on the sidelines. Chris Bireline ascends to the head coaching job, he says his inexperienced team is ready to see their hard work pay off.


Sophomore Connor Westergaard won the starting quarterback job, winning a closely contested race with senior Blake Leonard. Leonard, who coach Bireline says has good hands, will start at tight end. 


Adair-Casey has a brand new offensive line with Hunter Brown, Jordan Hockel, and Riley Sanders up front. The group is much smaller than what Adair-Casey has seen in recent years, Coach Bireline likes the speed that they bring to the team. Those three will also start on the defensive line along with Cole Reha.


Adair-Casey hasn't lost to CAM since falling 24-22 back in 2008. Last year the Bombers won a shootout at home 55-40. They've put up fifty points or more in the last three meetings. 


Click for the interview with coach Chris Bireline




(Avoca) Friday night on KSOM2 it’s AHSTW opposing Audubon. The Vikings return a wealth of experience from last season’s dome team that finished 12-1.


Coach Davis Pattee says despite playing against Audubon twice last year it’s hard to get a scouting report on a team in week 1.



The Vikings are looking for several players to step up and fill the shoes of 8 key seniors especially the two of the leading rusher who graduated Kyle Bauerkemper and Austin Fink.



Cain Francois, Terry Shannon, and Dustin Engel will all see more carries this season. Plus starting quarterback Nathan Herbst returns after rushing for 921 yards last season.


AHSTW hasn’t lost a regular season game since falling short to Logan-Magnolia in Week 8 of 2012. 


Click for the interview with AHST coach Davis Pattee


(Anita) CAM will open up the volleyball season Thursday against Coon Rapids-Bayard.


Coach Zeli Rasmussen’s group loses only one senior from last year’s two-win squad. They are excited to start the 2014 season.


Tierney Sothman and Mackenzie Schwenke are the lone seniors on the team. Coach Rasmussen says they've been good leaders on and off the court. In all, the team returns seven letter winners plus a few newcomers that will make an impact. Among those players is Lindsay Dinkla, Rachel Riker, Felicity Jackson, Grace Hansen, Shalyn Smith, and Katie Aupperle. 



Coach Rasmussen says Coon Rapids-Bayard is a strong opponent out of the gate. The Crusaders won 19 matches last season.  The two teams meet Thursday night in Coon Rapids. 


Click for the interview with coach Zeli Rasmussen


(Elk Horn) Defending 8-Player runner-up Exira-EHK is chomping at the bit to get the 2014 season underway.


The group has a lot to replace from a year ago and are eager to get things started. They oppose Nishnabotna (1-8 in 2013) on the road Friday night.


Multiple all-district and all-state performers graduated, but the cupboard isn’t bare. The headliner returning is quarterback Drew Peppers who rushed for 42 TD’s and over 2,000 yards last season. Guys like Jared Hansen and Martin Olson will be plugged into starting roles in the backfield. Both averaged over 8.5 yards per carry in reserve roles last year.


Jake Paulsen was a big standout in their scrimmage with Guthrie Center last week, according to Coach Tom Petersen. The team may look to stretch the field this year with big targets like Paulsen, Lucas Schwery, and Brady Hansen.


Coach Petersen says communication is key in week 1 when you don’t know as much about what your opponent. 


Click for the interview with Exira-EHK coach Tom Petersen


A-D-M, Adel 21-21, Carlisle 8-5
A-D-M, Adel 21-21, Knoxville 16-13
A-D-M, Adel 21-21, Newton 17-18
Alta/Aurelia 25-18-25-25, OA-BCIG 16-25-22-11
Ankeny Christian Academy 25-25-27, Van Meter 22-18-25

Dowling Catholic, West Des Moines 21-21, A-D-M, Adel 17-10

Moravia 25-25-25, Orient-Macksburg 13-10-16

Oskaloosa 24-10-15, A-D-M, Adel 22-21-11

River Valley 25-25, West Harrison 6-13

Stanton 16-25-22-25-15, Nishnabotna 25-17-25-19-13


(Atlantic) The line-ups are set for the Atlantic Cross Country teams opening meet at Glenwood on Saturday.


Atlantic Head Coach Paul Iekel held time trials Tuesday, and Ryan Hawkins came in as the number one runner on the boys side with a time of 18:31 seconds. Phoenix Shadden grabbed the second spot with a time of 18:36, Carter Cox third, 19:32, Marshall McDermott, fourth, 20:02, David Thomsen, fifth, 20:03, Zach Brooks, Sixth, 20:13 and freshmen Cale Pellett rounded out the varsity roster with a seventh place finish in a time of 20:18.


Tiffany Williams led the Trojan girls with a time of 15:22, Savannah Sorensen finished second in a time of 17:07, Karly Monson was third, 17:10, Alexis Brockman, fourth, 17:22, Ashleigh Waltz, fifth, 17:23, Allie Siggins, sixth, 17:43, and Emily Sauegling rounded out the seven team roster in a time of 17:53.


Tom Robinson

August 27, 2014  


(Neola) The Tri-Center boys cross country team is expecting big things this season.


The group has 17 athletes out for cross country which coach Dennis Jarrett says is the most he’s had in eight years at the helm.


The team has doubled in numbers from a year ago. They’ll be lead by Christopher Jarrett and Dion Coffey, but their strength is their overall depth.  After near misses in each of the last few years, the Trojans are pushing for a state berth this season.


The girls team has just seven runners out and only two of them are returners from last year.


The team starts the season September 2nd at Logan-Magnolia. 


Click for the interview with coach Dennis Jarrett


(Griswold) The Griswold Tiger football team is just days away from getting their 2014 season started.


Coach Andy Everett and the Tigers will take on Bedford at home on Friday night. The Tigers went 4-5 last year while the Bulldogs finshed 1-8, but both teams are looking for bigger things in 2014. 


Now some teams view non-district games as building blocks for a successful district run, but that’s not the case at Griswold. Coach Everett says they are, 'All in.'



The Tigers held a scrimmage with Nodaway Valley last week and things went well. The two squads went head to head for about an hour and a half with starters and backups both getting repetitions. 



Coach Everett says first year starting quarterback Walker Mundorf ran the offense really well during the scrimmage. Mundorf missed all of last season with an injury. 


Click for the interview with coach Andy Everett


(Audubon) The Audubon football team will put their 7 game regular season win streak on the line Friday night when they open their season with AHSTW, a team that's won 10 straight regular season games.

Friday's matchup between the Wheelers and the Vikings will air on KSOM 2. Audubon will be led offensively this season by senior Trevor Smith, entering his third season as the starting quarterback. Co-Head coach Sean Birks describes Smith as a key asset in that position.


Three of Smith's top four targets from last year are gone. This year juniors Mitchell Nelsen and Tristan Stephens along with freshman Josh Lange will see the bulk of the wide receiver duties while Drew Christensen and Lake Hacker will play at the tight ends.


Jake Mulford is the leading returning rusher on the team. He'll step into a starting role this season after averaging 5.7 yards per carry as the backup last season. Coach Birks says Mulford put in a ton of time to improve this summer.


Matt Smith-Petersen as the backup running back and Derek Nielsen at fullback will also see a lot of time in the backfield. Audubon opens up against an AHSTW team that has defeated them three times in the last two years.


Audubon held their scrimmage last Friday. Coach Birks says they were able to get some day type reps and come out of the scrimmage healthy which were two of their main goals. Friday's matchup against AHSTW kicks off at 7:00. Cory Maassen will have the broadcast on KSOM2.  


Click for the interview with co-head coach Sean Birks




Class 1A

  1. Holy Trinity Catholic
  2. Janesville
  3. Central Lyon
  4. Grandview Christian
  5. LeMars Gehlen Catholic
  6. Tripoli
  7. Guthrie Center (23-7 last year)
  8. Don Bosco
  9. New London
  10. Algona Bishop Garrigan
  11. Turkey Valley
  12. Northwood-Kensett
  13. Springville
  14. Fremont-Mills (22-5)
  15. Murray

Class 2A

  1. Dike-New Hartford
  2. Western Christian
  3. Unity Christian
  4. Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont
  5. Grundy Center
  6. St. Albert
  7. South Central Calhoun
  8. Wapsie Valley
  9. Des Moines Christian
  10. West Branch
  11. Treynor
  12. Hudson
  13. Sumner-Fredericksburg
  14. Woodward-Granger
  15. Jesup

Class 3A

  1. Solon
  2. Mount Vernon
  3. Iowa Falls-Alden
  4. Independence
  5. Red Oak
  6. Nevada
  7. Mediapolis
  8. Kuemper Catholic
  9. West Liberty
  10. Beckman Catholic
  11. Algona
  12. Union
  13. Davis County
  14. Forest City
  15. MOC-Floyd Valley

Class 4A

  1. Harlan
  2. West Delaware
  3. Indianola
  4. Marion
  5. Bishop Heelan Catholic
  6. Clear Creek-Amana
  7. LeMars
  8. Lewis Central
  9. Charles City
  10. CR Xavier
  11. Waverly-Shell Rock
  12. Boone
  13. Pella
  14. Webster City
  15. Mount Pleasant

Class 5A

  1. Ankeny Centennial
  2. Ankeny
  3. Dowling Catholic
  4. Bettendorf
  5. IC West 
  6. Pleasant Valley
  7. Waukee
  8. Abraham Lincoln
  9. Linn-Mar
  10. Johnston


(Elk Horn) Exira-EHK will get the 2014 volleyball season underway Saturday when they compete at the Missouri Valley Tournament.


The Spartan volleyball team returns a lot of experience as they head into the new season. Head coach Connie Wyatt says six key seniors are back. 



Grace Hoflen is among those seniors back in the lineup, she ranked 2nd on the team last year with 140 kills. Also back is senior Brenna Juelsgaard who led the group with 412 assists last year while ranking 2nd on the squad in digs.


Coach Wyatt says overall it's a very talented team. She identifies several strengths of this year's team, including serving, blocking, and hitting.


The Spartans finished fourth in the conference last year and coach Wyatt is hoping for a higher finish this year, but notes the Rolling Valley Conference is much more competitive than the old Rolling Hills used to be. 


Click for the interview with coach Connie Wyatt





1. W.D.M. DOWLING CATHOLIC (14-0): 2013 champ led by star QB Ryan Boyle

2. WAUKEE (10-2):Powerhouse offense can run and pass

3. C.R. WASHINGTON (6-4):One of the most experienced teams in 4-A

4. W.D.M. VALLEY (10-3):Elite all-state lineman John Raridon guides offense

5. BETTENDORF (10-3):Dual-threat QB Cyle Cox gained more than 1,600 yards

6. CEDAR FALLS (7-4):QB Trey Hansen is one of 10 starters back

7. AMES (11-1):Nine starters return from last year's squad

8. SOUTHEAST POLK (7-4):All-staters Deion Mikesell, Jake Marnin are back

9. PLEASANT VALLEY (11-1):Six all-conference players look for more success

10. DUBUQUE HEMPSTEAD (4-5):A whopping 15 players have started


1. CEDAR RAPIDS XAVIER (12-2): Last year's 4-A runner up dropped a class

2. DAV. ASSUMPTION (9-2): Outstanding defensive team returns 13 starters

3. PELLA (11-1): All-staters Garret Jansen, Seth Johnson, Noah Clayberg back

4. W. DELAWARE (9-2): Brent Lammers (2,100 yards of offense) leads attack

5. SIOUX CITY HEELAN (14-0): Defending state champ aims for repeat

6. HARLAN (10-2): Winner of a state-best 12 championships

7. DECORAH (11-1): Traditional power has won five state titles

8. WAVERLY-SHELL ROCK (7-4): Six players have started two or more years

9. GILBERT (8-4): Two 1,000-yard rushers in backfield

10. WASHINGTON (12-1): State runner up has 11 returning starters in lineup.


1. CLEAR LAKE (12-1): Brock Adams (1,478 yards passing) leads 3-A semifinalist

2. N. FAYETTE VALLEY (11-2): Josh Mackey, Derrick Kuehner: 3,200 yards rush.

3. SPIRIT LAKE (9-2): Eight athletes earned all-district honors last year

4. ALBIA (12-1): Talented group seeks to continue breakthrough

5. NEW HAMPTON (11-1): All-state Connor Frerichs leads 10 returning starters

6. SIOUX CENTER (10-3): State semifinalist has 14 starters back

7. HAMPTON-DUMONT (6-4): QB Cole Miller is a three-year starter

8. C. LYON/GEORGE-LITTLE ROCK (7-4): Ten starters returning, including QB

9. CASCADE (8-3): Derek Lieurance (2,251 passing yards) leads offense

10. MEDIAPOLIS (11-1): Four returning first-team all-district players


1. IOWA CITY REGINA (14-0): Seeking fifth straight state championship

2. WEST LYON (14-0): Last year's Class A champs move up a class

3. SOUTH WINNESHIEK (9-3): 12 starters back led by all-state Jordan Rommes

4. FORT DODGE ST. EDMOND (13-1): State runner-up looking for more success

5. EMMETSBURG (5-5): Traditional power has won nine state titles

6. ST. ANSGAR (7-3): Thirty upperclassmen lead veteran squad

7. WEST BRANCH (6-4): Lucas Lamont (1,517 yards passing) returns

8. HMS (HARTLEY) (4-6): Iowa recruit Brett Waechter leads powerful line

9. AHSTW (AVOCA) (12-1): Experienced team moves up from Class A

10. IKM-MANNING (4-5): 1,000-yard rusher Sam Wegner among 10 starters


1. MAQUOKETA VALLEY (DELHI) (11-1): Ryan Parmely rushed for 2,544 yards

2. C.B. ST. ALBERT (10-1): Traditional power dropped a class

3. GLAD.-REINBECK (9-3): All-state lineman Zach Pierce among 10 starters

4. NASHUA-PLAINFIELD (7-5): Three runners combined to gain 2,100 yards

5. AGWSR (ACKLEY) (9-2): Talented group has several three-year starters

6. LOGAN-MAGNOLIA (5-4): Ten players with starting experience return

7. LAWTON-BRONSON (7-4): Anteres Ashley rushed for 1,065 yards last year

8. LONE TREE (6-4): Good depth led by four first-team all-district picks

9. SOUTH O'BRIEN (10-2): Strong senior class; dropped from 1-A

10. MOUNT AYR (8-3): Stars Kyle Dolecheck, Joe Ricker lead defense


1. FREMONT-MILLS (7-3): Spencer Phillips (1,687 rushing) leads veteran team

2. DON BOSCO (GILBERTVILLE) (14-0): Last year's state champ seeks a repeat

3. MMC (MARCUS) (10-2): Backfield returns two 1,000-yard rushers

4. JANESVILLE (8-2): Four players earned first-team all-district honors

5. CENTRAL (ELKADER) (6-5): Nathan Fitzgerald rushed for 1,236 yards

6. EXIRA-EHK (12-1): Drew Peppers is a two-time all-stater

7. NW-KENSETT (7-4): Key offensive athletes return for traditional power

8. EAST MILLS (8-3): Six athletes with starting experience are back

9. MELCHER-DALLAS (5-4): Everyone who played last year returns

10. GUTHRIE CENTER (4-6): Playing first year of eight-man football


(Griswold) A very big senior class will lead the Griswold volleyball team in the their 2014 campaign. The team is coming off of an 11-15 season. Only two graduates are gone from that group.


Griswold won 7 of their last 11 games down the stretch last year before bowing out in the regional semi-finals to eventual state qualifier Stanton. Coach Jody Rossell and the Tigers would love to carry that momentum into this season.


The squad has set the bar extremely high for this season with coach Rossell saying they’ve been improving the last two years and want to improve again.


8 seniors will make up the bulk of the varsity rotation. Those seniors include Melodie Anstey, Jackie Rush, Kayla Kirchhoff, Katie Duggan, Marlia Rossell, Kinzey Nicklaus, Morgan Godwin, and Bethany Berg. Juniors Jessica Marshall and Reagan Whitehill will also play major roles this season.


Click for the interview with coach Jody Rossell






Class 1A

  1. Pekin
  2. Pochahotnas
  3. Central Elkader
  4. South Winneshiek
  5. North Linn
  6. IC Regina
  7. Griswold
  8. Lynnville-Sully
  9. St. Albert
  10. Emmetsburg
  11. South Hamilton
  12. Durant
  13. Panorama
  14. Newman Catholic
  15. North Iowa

Class 2A

  1. Unity Christian
  2. Cascade
  3. Western Christian
  4. Monticello
  5. South Central
  6. North Fayette
  7. Greene County
  8. Davis County 
  9. East Marshall
  10. North Polk
  11. Roland Story
  12. Osage
  13. Mid-Prairie
  14. West Central Valley
  15. Northeast

Class 3A

  1. Decorah
  2. Gilbert
  3. Mt. Vernon/Lisbon
  4. Davenport Assumption
  5. MOC-Floyd Valley
  6. Pella
  7. Charles City
  8. Humboldt
  9. Vinton-Shellsburg
  10. Williamsburg
  11. Spencer
  12. Winterset
  13. CR Xavier
  14. Grinnell
  15. Dallas Center-Grimes

Class 4A

  1. Ames
  2. Johnston
  3. Pleasant Valley
  4. Dowling Catholic
  5. Linn-Mar
  6. Waukee
  7. IC West
  8. Ankeny Centennial
  9. Bettendorf
  10. Urbandale
  11. DM Roosevelt
  12. Muscatine
  13. CR Kennedy
  14. Iowa City High
  15. Dubuque Senior



Class 1A

  1. West Fork
  2. Denver
  3. Riverside
  4. Bellevue
  5. St. Albert
  6. Trinity Christian
  7. South Winneshiek
  8. Boyer Valley
  9. Bishop Garrigan
  10. Highland
  11. IC Regina
  12. St. Edmond
  13. MVAO
  14. Alta
  15. Pekin

Class 2A

  1. Unity Christian
  2. Monticello
  3. East Marshall
  4. Shenandoah
  5. Mid-Prairie
  6. North Polk
  7. OA-BCIG
  8. Northeast
  9. Albia
  10. Osage
  11. Tipton
  12. South Central
  13. Western Christian
  14. Dike-New Hartford
  15. Cascade

Class 3A

  1. Gilbert
  2. Decorah
  3. Algona
  4. Dubuque Wahlert
  5. Pella
  6. Mt. Vernon/Lisbon
  7. Center Point-Urbana
  8. Harlan
  9. Williamsburg
  10. Dallas Center-Grimes
  11. Boone
  12. Charles City
  13. Clear Creek-Amana
  14. Creston
  15. Grinnell

Class 4A

  1. CR Prairie
  2. Pleasant Valley
  3. Johnston
  4. Linn-Mar
  5. Ames
  6. WDM Valley
  7. Cedar Falls
  8. Dubuque Hempstead
  9. IC West
  10. DM Roosevelt
  11. Dowling Catholic
  12. Bettendorf
  13. IC High
  14. Waukee
  15. Dubuque Senior


(Avoca) A-H-S-T-W is coming off  a very successful 2013 high school football campaign. They went undefeated during the regular season before suffering their only loss of the season in the Class 1A state semi-finals to West Lyon to finish the season at 12-1.  The Vikings return fifteen starters from that team.


Head Coach Davis Pattee says he is fortunate to have an experienced group coming back; however leadership will be a key factor.


Click here to listen


The Vikings return three offensive linemen and Coach Pattee says several players are competing for center and tackle vacated by graduation.


Click here to listen


As well as competition at runningback left open by graduation. Gone is Kyle Bauerkemper who rushed for 1,183 yards last season and scored 20-touchdowns. Also lost to graduation is running back Austin Fink, who rushed for 471 yards.


Click here to listen


The Vikings must also find a couple defensive linemen to replace Drew Young, third on the team in tackles last season and Nate Bauer.


Coach Pattee says the linebacking core should be a little better than a year ago and the defensive backfield is experienced.


The Vikings also return junior quarterback Nathan Herbst, who passed for 896-yards and rushed for other 921-yards a year ago as a sophomore.


The Vikings held their intra-squad scrimmage Thursday night and open up against Audubon at home on August 29.


Tom Robinson

August 22, 2014 


(State)  Three outstanding prep athletes and a veteran coach will be inducted into the Iowa Association of Track Coaches' Hall of Fame, December 6.


Joining the elite Hall are Atlantic's Cortney Jacobs, Oxford Junction's Phil Coppess and Okoboji's Kristen (Hansen) Dennis plus Dave Vogelgesang, Tipton's cross country-track coach and former athletics director .


The new honorees will be inducted at the noon IATC Banquet, in Ames, December 6, 2014.  Complete Hall of Fame info and banquet information is available at the IATC website:


Cortney Jacobs-Atlantic HS 2004
11 time state champion (combination of individual and relay titles)
4 time state champion in 400M.
Broke 3A state meet 400M record in 2003.
Anchored 7 Drake Relays winning relays (4 in SMR and 3 in 4x4)
Member of IGHSAU Hall of Fame
Three time top 10 finisher at state Cross Country meet.
Letter winner and All B12 performer at Kansas


Phil Coppess-Oxford Jct. HS 1972
1971 2 mile state champion
1971 Mile team race champion
1971 XC champion
1972 state indoor 2 mile champion
Set state Class C record for Indoor and Outdoor 2 mile in 1972
# 1 ranked US Marathoner in 1985 by Track and Field News
Once held World record for 30K and US Record for 20 miles
Ran 2:10.05 to win 1985 Twin Cities Marathon


Kristin (Hansen) Dennis-Okoboji HS 2002
State XC meet career placing: 4th, 1st, 1st, 1st.
State Track Meet career placing:
800M 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st.
1500M 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st.
3,000M 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st.
2002 Iowa Gatorade Female Track Athlete of the Year
7 time All Big 12 selection at Missouri
On 2 NCAA Qualifying XC teams at Missouri


Dave Vogelgesang-Tipton: Head Cross Country & Track and Field Coach and AD at Tipton for 31 years.
His Boys Track and Field teams won 4 team titles
His Boys Track and Field athletes won 12 state individual/relay titles.
His Boys/Girls Cross Country teams won 6 team titles and 4 individual titles.
He was nominated for High School Coach of the Year twice.
He was IATC 2A State Coach of the Year 3 times.
He won 13 IATC Region Coach of the Year Honors.


Iowa Association of Track Coaches


(Neola) After back to back playoff appearances to start off the John Tiarks era in Tri-Center, last year’s Trojan football team sputtered to just a 3-win season.


Coach Tiarks says the expectation is to get back in the playoffs and he realizes he may be in the minority with that line of thought. One of the reasons for optimism is the size of their offensive line. Coach John Tiarks says it’ll be the biggest he’s coached. Brandon Jensen, Adam McDermott, and Clayton Davis will be some of the big bodies up front.


Running behind them will be all new faces after Tri-Center’s top four rushers all graduated including 1st team all-state performer Ben Wellman who rushed for over 2,000 yards and averaged 8.3 yards per carry. Among those trying to fill the void will be Dillion Manhart.


Manhart ran for 97 yards last year on only 16 attempts. He’s also the team’s leading returning tackler with 97 stops as a sophomore.


Aiding the cause this season will be a handful of seniors that have come back out for football after a year or two away to focus on other sports. Among those are starting quarterback candidate Sam Sorenson along with Christian Pauley and Devin Heinen who look to split time at running back.  


Tri-Center's first game of the season is next Friday against Underwood. Their district slate features road games at MVOA, Westwood, Logan-Magnolia and Griswold. Home games in the playoff hunt include St. Albert, Audubon, and Riverside.


Click for the interview with coach John Tiarks


(Harlan) The Harlan Community football team is reloading for the 2014 football season. The Cyclones directed by head coach Curt Bladt entering his 38th season must rebuild the entire offensive line that helped the Cyclone offense grind out 2,048 rushing yards for a season average of 4.4 yards per carry.


Click here to listen


Center Max Langenfeld is the only returning starter from last year’s District 1 championship team that bowed out with a loss to Heelan in the quarterfinals and to finish the season with a 10-2 record. Coach Bladt says replacing last year’s senior dominated team will be difficult.


Click here to listen


The Cyclones must also replace Quarterback Adam Juhl who passed for 1689-yards and 18-touchdown passes a year ago. Coach Bladt says currently Kyle Juhl is the front runner for that position.


Click here to listen 


Coach Bladt says Juhl’s size is one reason he is currently the number one QB.


Click here to listen 


The last time the Cyclones played in the dome was in 2011, but coach Bladt says they don’t talk about that or winning for that matter.


Click here to listen 


Coach Bladts describes the district as wide open.


Click here to listen 


The Cyclones will also have to replace tailback Nate Getty’s who averaged 5.9 yards a carry for a total of 1,470, and 16 touchdowns.


Harlan opens up against Denison/Schleswig on August 29.


Tom Robinson

August 20, 2014


(Avoca) The AHSTW cross country program has more athletes out this year than ever before.


Coaches Ashley Maassen and Emily Lechtenberg are teaming up to lead the gropu. Coach Maassen says following their camp, they officially got practice started on August 11th.


The numbers are up from past years with 9 girls and 11 boys marking the first time they’ve been able to have a full boys and full girls team in the same year.


Coach Maassen says so far the two leaders on the boys side are Briar Clay and Cole Fischer with Sophie Cook and Josie Denning leading the charge for the girls team.


AHSTW’s first meet of the year will be Spetember 2nd at Logan-Magnolia. Until then, coach Maassen says the focus in practice is on building both speed and endurance. 


Click for the interview with coach Ashley Maassen


(Griswold) After a couple of years of years as Griswold’s wingback, senior Caleb Schaaf will move from second fiddle to Griswold’s featured running back.

Schaaf averaged over 10 yards per carry last season finishing just short of 1,000 yards for the season. He despite not being the primary ball carrier, he led the team with a dozen rushing touchdowns. Coach Andy Everett admits Schaaf is very ready for an expanded role.


It’ll be an experienced offensive line for Griswold with likely four seniors and a junior starting up front. The group will feature Joe Schoning at center, Tyler Wyman, Treighton Oakleaf, and Anthony Lappe could all see some time at the guard positions, and a couple of big tackles in Trevor Elwood and Garrett Beebe.


Walker Mundorf will likely take over as the starting quarterback. He returns from an injury last season. Mason Boucher and Jordan Vetter are at the tight ends. Coach Everett describes Boucher as a great big tight end who gets off the ball well. Derek Kerkhoff and Jacob Dickinson are working out at fullback, and James Reynolds will play wing back. 


Defensively coach Everett says things are looking really good defensively and the special teams will get a boost with freshman kicker Alex Dollen.


Griswold went 4-5 and narrowly missed the playoffs last year in an extremely competetive district that saw Logan-Magnolia also end up on the outside looking in. 


Click for the interview with Griswold coach Andy Everett


(Stanton) Thirty-one players are out for volleyball at Stanton. The Viqueens are coming off of an impressive 37-6 campaign in 2013.


With 31 girls out plus three managers, that leaves less than a handful of girls in the entire school that are not a part of the program. Head coach Jody Druivenga says the numbers are great (and sometimes overwhelming) She says the coaching staff is pleased with the hard work and effort so far in practice.


The squad will be led by seven seniors, four of which were major contributors last season, but Stanton must replace eight seniors from a year ago including all-stater Carmen Subbert who was 2nd in Class 1A in kills.


Heidi Vanderholm and Haley Weis are the top two returning hitters on the team. They tallied 136 and 83 kills last year, respectively.


Coach Druivenga says she leaves the team goals open to the players, but says getting back to state is in the back of everyones minds. She believes hard work can lead you to wherever you want to get.


Stanton will scrimmage several other area teams at Red Oak on Thursday before heading to the Atlantic clinic on Saturday. Their first match of the year is Tuesday, August 26th, at Nishnabotna.


Click for the interview with coach Jody Druivenga


(Anita) A season ago the CAM football team averaged over 40 points per game, but had just 4 wins to show for it.


CAM football coach Joe Wollum says defense will be a major priority this year after giving up 51.7 points per game in 2013.



Coach Wollum says a lot of the inflated defensive numbers are due to their fast pace offensively. They’d still like to play fast this year unless they find out it hurts their defense too much.


The leader on both sides of the ball will be senior Trace Ticknor. He’s entering his fourth season as a starter on both sides and will make a major impact on games, especially on defense where's he's been among the team's leading tacklers for three straight years.



Offensively Trace Ticknor (1,850 yards passing 22 TD’s, rushing: 674 yards 17 TD’s) will be playing his fourth different position in four years. He’s gone from offensive line to fullback to quarterback and now as a senior will be the team’s starting running back. He makes room for his brother Drew to start at quarterback. 


Rounding out the starting offense will be Brandon Flathers at center with Levi Lank and Keagan Hosfelt at the guards. Hosfelt is a three year starter as a junior. Jared McKee and Connor Bell at the tight ends. Austin Williamson whose been a tight end and offensive lineman in the past at fullback.


Fremont-Mills and East Mills look to duke it out for the top spot in the district with tradition rich teams such as Lenox, CAM, Stanton and Sidney fighting for the remaining spots. Not to be counted out are Nishnabotna and Essex. 


Click for the comments from CAM coach Joe Wollum



(Atlantic) The Atlantic Football team will continue tuning up this week for their August 29 opener at Clarinda. First year Atlantic Head Coach Eric Waldstein brings a whole new offensive scheme into the system this year and he is impressed with how much the team was able to get done last week in practice.

Click to listen


Waldstein admits they have introduced a lot of new things to the team this year including the way they practice.


Click to listen


Coach Waldstein admits they are getting a pretty good idea of where people are going to play in some cases.


Click to listen


Coach Waldstein says they will probably have a few players going both ways.

Click to listen


The Trojans ran through a mini-scrimmage Saturday morning. They will hold an intra-squad scrimmage this Friday, August 22, at Trojan Bowl. Details and times will be released later this week.


(Audubon) With a good year in 2014, the Audubon football team could do what no other Wheeler squad has ever done. That’s make the playoffs three years in a row. The red and white has seen the postseason just a half dozen times in their history. Those playoff appearances have come in 1977, ’89, ’98, ’99,  2012 and 2013.


It won’t be easy to get back though as the defending district champion Wheelers are set to contend in a loaded district with Logan-Magnolia, St. Albert, Audubon and Griswold all in the top 10 of the Omaha World-Herald's Western Iowa preseason A/1A/2A rankings. The district also includes returning playoff qualifiers Riverside and Westwood. Rounding out the group are two teams moving down a class, MVAO and Tri-Center.


The Wheelers aren’t completely depleted by graduation, but the losses of Riley Jones, Colby Rattenborg, Lucas Smith-Peterson, Matt Fett, and Dylan Jensen won’t be easy to replace. Jones was a workhorse back last year averaging over 20 carries per game. The power rusher ended up with 25 of Audubon’s 31 rushing TD’s.  Smith-Peterson and Rattenborg combined for 53 of Audubon’s 83 pass receptions on the season. Include 2013 grad Chase Petersen in that group and only one player with double digit receptions from last year is back (Drew Christiansen 12 catches for 176 yards). 


Audubon also loses defensive standouts Dylan Jensen and Matt Fett. They were two of the key cogs in Audubon’s string of four shutouts in five games at the end of last season. Jensen’s 123 tackles led the squad. Fett was 2nd on the team with 89 stops, including 16 for loss. Each had four sacks.


The good news is dual-threat quarterback Trevor Smith returns for his third year as the signal caller. Smith has been consistent with is numbers the last two years, throwing for over 1,000 and rushing for over 400 each of the last couple of seasons. Jake Mulford should see more work in the backfield this season. As a backup to Jones last year, Mulford totaled 571 yards on 101 carries and 5 TD’s.


Mulford also had 4 interceptions on the defensive side of the ball last year. Matthew Smith-Peterson is the leading returning tackler for coach Dustin Christensen’s ‘D’. He racked up 82 tackles in 2013. Smith-Peterson will also likely play a much bigger role offensively this season.


Audubon’s season opener is against AHSTW. Of the Wheeler's three losses in 2013, two of them were to the Vikings.  That game will air on KSOM2.


Additionally, Wheeler football will air on 96.5 KSOM in Weeks 3 and 6 when they host Griswold and Riverside respectively. 


Click for the interview with co-coach Dustin Christensen


(Adair) To say this year’s version of the Adair-Casey Bombers will be eager to prove themselves might be an understatement. This season's senior class has gone a combined 31-6 over their careers with a pair of district titles, but some view new district foes such as Coon Rapids-Bayard, Glidden-Ralston, or Murray to be district powers. The new grouping also includes Guthrie Center moving down from Class A, along with NE Hamilton, Ankeny Christian Academy, and East Union.


The tempered expectations from some are because the Bombers must replace six key seniors including the state’s all-time leading rusher in Clayton Plowman, Traeton Jensen who threw for 24 TD’s and ran for 18 more, offensive line anchor Chris Draman, and leading sackman Logan Dinkla.


What they do have returning is a pair of great athletes Charlie Terry and Emmitt Wheatley. Terry is a bruising running back that coach Chris Bireline describes as just as strong as Plowman. 11 of Terry’s 49 carries a season ago went for scores and he averaged 11.0 yards per attempt. Additionally, Terry averaged 22.8 yards per catch on his 22 receptions. Wheatley, a state track medalist can help the Bombers in a variety of ways. A season ago. Wheatley’s 26 catches for 588 yards and 13 scores all ranked in the top five in the district. The former cross country standout is also valuable in the backfield (26 carries for 230 yards) and as a return man (20 total returns for 425 yards and 1 TD). 


In addition to all of the losses to graduation, the Bombers will also be replacing coach Wade Anderson on the sidelines. The signal-caller stepped down at the end of last year following 10 seasons as the head coach of his alma-mater. Taking over is another Bomber alum, Chris Bireline. Bireline has been in or around the program as either a player, volunteer, or assistant coach for over ten years. 


Click for the interview with coach Chris Bireline


Class 4-A/3-A
1. Sioux City Heelan, 14-0
2. Carroll, 8-3
3. Harlan, 10-2
4. Sioux City East, 7-4
5. Sioux City North, 4-6


Class 2-A/1-A/A

1. Logan-Magnolia, 5-4
2. Carroll Kuemper, 14-0
3. CB St. Albert, 10-1
4. Clarinda, 4-6
5. IKM-Manning, 4-5
6. A-H-S-T-W, 12-1
7. Audubon, 9-3
8. OA-BCIG, 4-5
9. Red Oak, 3-7
10. Griswold, 4-5



1. Fremont-Mills, 7-3
2. East Mills, 8-3
3. Exira-EHK, 12-1
4. Boyer Valley, 7-4
5. Coon Rapids-Bayard, 8-4


(Solon) After sending threatening letters about the Iowa City Regina Football team, a Solon man has plead guilty to charges of third-degree harrassment and interference with officials acts. The Omaha World-Herald says 44-year-old Daniel Stone accepted a plea deal Thursday, August 14th. 
In August of 2013 Iowa City Regina Administrators began receiving several letters stating the school's football coaches were providing student athletes with performance enhancing drugs. 
Stone reportedly had a list of demands in return for his silence on the matter, however an investigation showed his claims were false.


(Atlantic) The Atlantic football team is winding down their first week of practice and it's been a critical week as new head coach Eric Waldstein is getting to know the personnel and they are getting to know him.


Click to listen


The team appears to have some good athletes at the skill positions but coach Waldstein says they lack size in the line.


Click to listen

Coach Waldstein goes over the approach to the first week of practice.


Click to listen


Atlantic's first game will be Friday, August 29th against Clarinda. The game will air on KS95.7FM. 


All State Super Team

Otis Roby, Twin Cedars

Sammy Lizarraga, CR Kennedy

Joseph Hietpas, Fairfield

Devin Raffensperger, IC West

Tyler Cropley, Bishop Heelan

Corey Bertini, Glenwood

Zach Daniels, CR Kennedy

Eric Willis, Waverly-Shell Rock (Player of the Year)

Spencer Halloran, West Fork

Robert Neustrom, SC North

Malique Ziegler, DM East

Spencer VanScoyoc, CR Jefferson

Jake Gervase, Davenport Assumption

Brandon Brittain, Van Meter

Logan Augustine, Urbandale

Eddy Kraber, Martensdale-St. Marys 


Class 1A

First Team

Kaden Wadle, Mason City Newman

Travis Havel, Don Bosco

Coy Moore, Twin Cedars

Hunter Embray, Twin Cedars

Luke Anctil, Martensdale-St. Marys

Corey Harrell, Twin Cedars

Josh Luna, Pleasantville

Garrett Saunders, Van Buren

Joe Burgmeier, Mason City Newman

Caylor Deeth, Coon Rapids-Bayard

Caleb Wichman, Underwood

Kyle Gritsch, BGM

Phil Zimmerman, Gladbrook-Reinbeck

Elliott Conover, Remsen-St. Mary's

Trent Roose, North Mahaska

Brendan Matthias, Denver


Second Team

Zac Freese, BGM

Zeb Adreon, Pleasantville

Matt Wesselmann, Remsen-St. Mary's

Mike Connor, Woodward-Granger

Dustin Gordon, Lenox

Spencer Pingle, Underwood

Brady Heyeing, LeMars Gehlen

Jack Fitzgerald, Mason City Newman

Robby Laughlin, Van Buren

Joey Verstegen, Mason City Newman

Connor Woodward, Lisbon

Mitch Gibson, Montezuma

Lucas Hunt, LeMars Gehlen

Brett Carstens, Coon Rapids-Bayard

Tanner Foster, Martensdale-St. Mary's

Patrick Sheehey, Pleasantville


Class 2A

First Team

Cole Jackson, North Polk

Zach Hovick, Roland-Story

Tanner Poor, Wilton

Tanner Felton, Monticello

Grant Lang, North Polk

Trey Robinson, Treynor

Jordan Rommes, South Winneshiek

Riley Dixon, Iowa City Regina

Javin Drake, Wilton

Mitch Steger, Beckman Catholic

Brett Leshen, Albia

Jake Brinkman, IC Regina

Reed Smith, North Polk

Luke Farley, Waterloo Columbus

Connor Klostermann, Beckman Catholic

Payton Raso, IC Regina


Second Team

Korey Kuhlmann, MVAO

Trevor Schweinefus, South Winneshiek

Adam Ketelsen, Mt. Vernon

Adam Ries, IC Regina

Todd Carter, Wilton

Corey Peters, Hinton

Grant Schlitz, North Polk

Ben Clark, Roland-Story

Zach Forret, Van Meter

Skyler Beller, Hinton

Nick Braun, MMCRU

Haris Takes, Cascade

Hanke Crimmins, St. Edmond

Luke Eldred, Mt. Vernon

Ketzalli Dondiego, NE Goose Lake

Alex Muhlenburg, Roland-Story


Class 3A

First Team

Weston Shaw, Algona

Jake Voss, West Delaware

Cody Selig, Sergeant Bluff-Luton

Kolton Smith, South Tama

Matt Hoffmann, Dubuque Wahlert

Brett Slight, Boone

Logan Holtz, Center Point-Urbana

Sean Houston, Denison-Schleswig

Jacob Holub, Williamsburg

Bryce Grimm, CR Xavier

Brady Mayo, Bishop Heelan Catholic

Austin Gridley, Fairfield

Trent Bollman, Maquoketa

Sean Westendorf, Waverly-Shell Rock

Cole Baker, Dallas Center-Grimes


Second Team

Michael Starcevich, Centerville

Elijah Wood, Washington

Andy Lambert, Winterset

Brent Lammers, West Delaware

Zach Adrian, Davenport Assumption

Walker Breard, Washington

Mick Baker, Davenport Assumption

Grant Goeden, ADM

Dallyn Putz, West Delaware

Mitch Keeran, Clear Lake

Jake Velky, Waverly-Shell Rock

Cameron Baumann, Fairfield

Jake Hovden, Decorah

Grant Judkins, Pella

Will Whiton, Perry

Tyler Frideres, Algona


Class 4A

First Team

Matt Mullenbach, Waukee

Nick Gallagher, IC West

Robert Hansen, DM East

JT Sole, Cedar Falls

Cody Hyler, SE Polk

Joe Bappe, Ames

Blake Mahoney, DM Lincoln

Matt Hoeg, Waukee

Matt Albert, Bettendorf

Connor Sorge, WDM Valley

Luke Fegan, Waukee

Jared Deines, Cedar Falls

Colin Kreiter, North Scott

Tyus Adkins, IC West

Connor Enochs, DM East

JC Hatcher, Fort Dodge


Second Team

Tommy Dorton, Davenport West

Nick Nelsen, WDM Valley

Chris Comito, Norwalk

Austin Simmons, Lewis Central

Matt Cox, Bettendorf

David Fitzgerald

Mitch Crimmins, Dubuque Hempstead

Anthony Schneider, SE Polk

Jake Lewton, Dowling Catholic

Mason Downing, DM Lincoln

Eric Dempsey, Ames

Joe Rebik, Marshalltown

Manny Jeffery, Linn-Mar

Nate Schweers, Ankeny

Austin Clemens, Dubuque Senior

Ben Olson, Dowling Catholic


(Neola) The main goal for the Tri-Center football team this season is to get back in the playoffs. Head coach John Tiarks says they are also trying to put more emphasis on improving at the freshman and junior varsity levels. 


Replacing Ben Wellman is an unenviable task that the Trojans are faced with. Wellman led the team on offense and defense a year ago and even broke a state single game rushing record. 


Coach Tiarks says the new district is strong. It includes St. Albert, Logan-Magnolia, Riverside, Audubon, Griswold, MVAO, and Westwood. The team only has three similar opponents from last year. 


Click for the comments from Tri-Center coach John Tiarks


(Greefield) Only 22 athletes are out for football at Nodaway Valley this season. For coach Steve Shantz it's a 2nd straight year of having to work around being very thin on numbers.  


Despite the low turnout, Shantz says he thinks they can put the people in place to be competetive in their district.  Nodaway Valley will play in Class A District 8 this season with Bedford, Clarinda Academy, Earlham, Martensdale-St. Marys, Mount Ayr, Pleasantville, and SE Warren. 


Nodaway Valley went 5-5 last year. The team won four of their last five regular season games to make the playoffs. In the first round they lost to Ogden 32-16.


Nodaway Valley will have to replace 8 seniors from last year including their leading rusher and top four receivers. 


Click for the comments with coach Steve Shantz


(Audubon) Monday, August 18th will mark the first day of practice for the Audubon Wheeler boys and girls cross country teams. Pete Damel is the new head cooach for the Wheelers, he takes over for long time head coach Bob Monahan. Monahan retired after over 30 years of teaching and coaching. 


Coach Damel says as of last spring about 18 athletes expressed intertest in being a part of the cross country program. That number includes boys and girls from grades 7-12. 


Some changes will be made to the practice schedule from last year. Coach Damel says practices once school start will be held after shool instead of in the morning. Overall the main emphaisis will be on having fun and getting better throughout the year.


Click for the interview with Audubon coach Pete Damel


(Elk Horn) Practice got underway Monday for the Exira-EHK girls and boys cross country teams. The team will be made up of three athletes on the boys side and either six or seven runners on the girls team. 


Coach Terry Wiesenborn says the team is getting introduced to some shorter runs early on in practice. The girls cross country team was a state qualifier last year and has four members returning for this season. Athletes back from last year's state experience include Gabbie Bintner, Savannah Hayes, Emily Copic, and Grace Hoflen. 


The team's first meet of the season is tentatively set for September 4th. West Central Valley will be hosting a meet at the 5X80 Golf Course and the team is expecting to run there.


Click for the interview with Exira-EHK coach Terry Wiesenborn



(Adair) Football practice got started last night for the Adair-Casey Bombers. The team has 21 players out which is up from the 18 they had on the team last year.


There is a new head coach on the sideliens and it's former assistant Chris Bireline. Coach Bireline has been around the program as a player, assistant coach, and now head coach. He says the seniors have had a good mentality throughout the offseason and into the start of practice. 


Adair-Casey is coming off of a 12-1 season a year ago. Their season ended at the UNI-Dome with a semi-final loss to eventual state champion Don Bosco. 


Click to listen to Adair-Casey coach Chris Bireline


IHSAA Executive Director Rick Wulkow to Retire January 31


(Boone) One of the strongest athletic leaders in the nation, Rick Wulkow, the executive director of the Iowa High School Athletic Association for the past 10 years, is stepping down after 35 years of service to Iowa students and member schools.

In its monthly meeting held in Dubuque over the weekend, the Board of Control of the IHSAA accepted his formal resignation effective January 31, 2015. In the interim months he will work with the new executive director.

Tom Keating, Xavier, Cedar Rapids Principal and chairperson of the Board of Control, also announced that Alan Beste has been named as the new executive director. Beste joined the IHSAA staff in 1989 as a Wellness Coordinator and since July 1998 has been an Assistant/Associate Director.

Wulkow became the fourth executive director of the 109-year old Association when he accepted the leadership reins from Bernie Saggau, who served 37 years as executive director. It was Saggau who recruited him from the public school ranks in 1980 to join the IHSAA as an assistant executive director. He was appointed by the Board of Control to follow Saggau on January 1, 2005.


Wulkow’s successful record of service to the IHSAA has been marked by being an articulate spokesperson and leader for education-based activities and sportsmanship. He is a strong advocate of Iowa school administrators, teachers, coaches and students. In 2011-12 he was President of the Board of Directors of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and previously served on their Strategic Planning Committee.

As an assistant director, he held prominent leadership positions on national rules committees for football and chaired the basketball committee, two of the sports he administered as an assistant director of the IHSAA. He also administered track & field, tennis and swimming programs plus junior high activities, and officials’ registration.

He worked extensively with administrators, coaches associations and advisory groups in crafting and implementing changes regarding safety in sports, sportsmanship and improvement of officiating. Additionally he has served the NFHS with a term on its records committee. He has earned NFHS Service and Contribution honors in basketball, football, and spirit.

In addition he served as President of the National Association of Sports Officials, whose largest membership contingent is high school officials.


IHSAA Executive Directors

1906 – 1923  Board of Control with Board President George Marshall leading

1923 – 1941  George E. Brown (part time in 1923; full time in 1927)

1941 – 1967  Lyle T. Quinn

1967 – 2005  Bernie Saggau

2005 – 2015  Richard Wulkow

2015 –    Alan Beste


Alan Beste Named as New IHSAA Executive Director

Alan Beste, who has been on the IHSAA since 1989 and has served as an Assistant/Associate Director since 1998, has been chosen by the Board of Control to become the next IHSAA Executive Director.


Tom Keating, Xavier, Cedar Rapids Principal and chairperson of the Board of Control, announced Beste has been named as the new executive director, effective February 1, 2015.

The Sauk Centre, MN, native and graduate of St. Cloud State University and MS degree from Northwest Missouri State University came from to the association after serving Pleasant Valley Schools as a teacher and athletic trainer for seven years. 


His record of service to the IHSAA member schools and the NFHS is well documented in administering the areas of student wellness, safety, swimming, tennis, sports medicine, coaches’ education, and wrestling. His work in student wellness, particularly in concussion management is nationally renowned.

In his role as the Association’s first Wellness Coordinator he appeared on nationally televised programs addressing wellness issues for high school students and student athlete safety. He has also been active in the day-to-day services of the IHSAA, assisting school administrators in a variety of areas.

He has served on NFHS national rules committees in wrestling, swimming and sports medicine advisory/coach’s education. He has chaired the national rules committee on Swimming and Diving and currently chairs the national wrestling rules committee.


In addition, he has assisted in the state competitions in football, basketball, soccer and baseball, coordinating athletic trainers and sports medicine personnel for those events.





(Iowa City) The Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Association All-Star Series wrapped up on Sunday. The four day-event held in Iowa City was won by the Large School West team. They beat Small School West 2-0 in the championship game. 


Team MVP's are as follows: 


Large West, Nick Nelsen, WDM Valley

Small West, Nate Gettys, Harlan

Small East, Logan Holtz, Center Point-Urbana

Large East, David Fitzgerald, Dubuque Hempstead


The Small Schools West squad began the weekend on Thursday with a 6-1 loss to to Large West. Nate Gettys, of Harlan, went 2-4 in that game. On Friday they beat Large East 5-3, aided by a Nate Gettys double. Gettys went 2-5 at the plate in an 8-7 win over Small East on Saturday. In Sunday's championship rematch between Small West and Large West, each team managed just three hits. 


Other weekend scores include: 

Small East 7 Large East 6

Large West 7 Small East 5

Large East 8 Large West 4

Large East 2 Small East 1


Class 2-A/1-A

First Team
P Tyler Jacobsen, Exira-EHK, Jr.
P Korey Kuhlmann, Maple Valley-A-O, Jr.
P Caleb Lange, Lenox, Jr.
P Jared Vollstedt, IKM-Manning, So.
C Dustin Gordon, Lenox, Sr.
C Preston Jager, Underwood, Sr.
IF Brady Charbonneau, Logan-Magnolia, Jr.
IF Trevor Jameson, Nodaway Valley, Sr.
IF Shea Patterson, CB St. Albert, Sr.
IF Trey Robinson, Treynor, Jr.
OF Caylor Deeth, Coon Rapids-Bayard, Sr.
OF Brett Greenwood, Logan-Magnolia, Sr.
OF Jon Meyerring, CB St. Albert, Jr.
UT Jackson Baker, Shenandoah, Sr.
UT Brett Carstens, Coon Rapids-Bayard, Sr.
UT Zach Kliefoth, Exira-EHK, Jr.
UT Austin Konsor, Underwood, Sr.
Captain: Kuhlmann, Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto


Second Team
P Ben Dotzler, OA-BCIG, So.
P Josh Hecker, CB St. Albert, Sr.
P Nick Paulsen, Treynor, Sr.
P Jake Petry, CB St. Albert, Jr.
C Adam Schleisman, Carroll Kuemper, Jr.
C Austin Switzer, Fremont-Mills, Sr.
IF Brett Daley, Treynor, Fr.
IF CJ Kyle, Missouri Valley, So.
IF Drew Peppers, Exira-EHK, Jr.
IF Sam Wegner, IKM-Manning, Jr.
OF Ben Chapin, Treynor, Jr.
OF Jose Rendon, Shenandoah, Sr.
OF Caleb Wichman, Underwood, Jr.
UT Keaton King, West Harrison, Fr.
UT Mackenzy Lang, Fremont-Mills, Jr.
UT Jordan Thompson, Orient-Macksburg, Jr.
UT Riley Wohlers, Logan-Magnolia, So.


Honorable mention: Noah Allmon, Missouri Valley; Kyle Bauerkemper, A-H-S-T; Tyler Beem, Nishnabotna; Kyle Blackledge, Treynor; Chad Blank, Nishnabotna; Spencer Brown, Lenox; Jacob Cain, Sidney; Clayton Christian, Glidden-Ralston; Michael Coates, Sidney; Cade Confer, Stanton; Logan Currin, East Mills; Shane Dansco, Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto; Cody Eischeid, IKM-Manning; Adam Ewoldt, Glidden-Ralston; Shawn Flanigan, Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto; Craig Fox, West Monona; Carlos Guerra, Red Oak; Broc Hansen, Fremont-Mills; Tanner Hedstrom, Woodbine; Michael Holste, CAM; Brandon Huebner, Tri-Center; Steven Humphrey, Missouri Valley; Steven Jacobsen, A-H-S-T; Eric Johnson, CB St. Albert; Jett Kettwick, Clarinda; Casey Ladd, Nodaway Valley; Jackson Lamb, Nodaway Valley; Kyle Liechti, Ar-We-Va; Keegan Longabaugh, Southwest Valley; Grant Mantell, Treynor; Wade Martian, West Monona; Travis Miller, CB St. Albert; Jameson Muxfeldt, Logan-Magnolia; Keenan Nunez, West Harrison; Tyler Oberreuter, OA-BCIG; Chris Osborn, Sidney; Devon Perkins, Shenandoah; Spencer Pingel, Underwood; Parker Rasmussen, OA-BCIG; Colby Rattenborg, Audubon; Austin Reitz, West Monona; James Reynolds, Griswold; Kyle Ryun, East Mills; Jacob Schafer, East Mills; Tucker Scott, Essex; Quentin Sefrit, Bedford; Baley Shantz, Nodaway Valley; Brodie Skinner, West Harrison; Rease Snyder, Carroll Kuemper; David Sorensen, Stanton; Todd Stoaks, Lenox; Michael Story, East Mills; Trace Ticknor, CAM; Sam Warden, Underwood; Cash Wilcke, OA-BCIG; Wes Zimmerman, Tri-Center.


Class 4-A/3-A

First Team
P Brett Croghan, Harlan, So.
P Cody Selig, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, Sr.
P Daniel Tillo, Sioux City North, Jr.
C Austin Simmons, CB Lewis Central, Jr.
C Spencer Wyant, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, Jr.
IF Corey Bertini, Glenwood, Sr.
IF Sean Houston, Denison-Schleswig, Jr.
IF Caleb Shudak, CB Lewis Central, So.
IF Tanner Wauhob, Sioux City West, Jr.
OF Nate Gettys, Harlan, Sr.
OF Kaleb Hanks, Sioux City East, Jr.
OF Brady Mayo, Sioux City Heelan, Sr.
UT Cob Baker, Glenwood, Sr.
UT Tyler Cropley, Sioux City Heelan, Sr.
UT Hayden Godfrey, Sioux City East, Sr.
UT Robert Neustrom, Sioux City North, Jr.
Captain: Cropley, Sioux City Heelan


Second Team
P Matt Brophy, CB Thomas Jefferson, Sr.
P Josh Jones, CB Lewis Central, Sr.
P Brayden Schurke, Denison-Schleswig, Sr.
C Dakota Blatchford, Sioux City East, Jr.
C Brady Wheeler, Glenwood, Sr.
IF Kyle Crowl, CB Abraham Lincoln, So.
IF Trent Solsma, Sioux City Heelan, Sr.
IF Cale Stork, Harlan, Sr.
IF Thomas Wisecup, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, Sr.
OF Trevor Luther, Creston, Sr.
OF Connor Niles, Sioux City Heelan, Sr.
OF Logan Steffens, Atlantic, Sr.
UT Bryce Hanson, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, Sr.
UT Taylor Neuroth, Sioux City West, Sr.
UT Peyton Renning, Carroll, Jr.
UT Zach Williamson, CB Thomas Jefferson, Sr.


Honorable mention: Ryan Admire, Sergeant Bluff-Luton; Trey Albert, Sioux City East; Gabe Barrera, Sioux City North; Alex Barrett, CB Abraham Lincoln; Davis Camarigg, Sioux City East; Kyle Christensen, Carroll; Spencer Franko, Sioux City East; Colby Hill, Sioux City West; Gabe Hoogers, Sioux City North; Philip Jacobson, Sioux City Heelan; Jacob Jones, CB Thomas Jefferson; Adam Juhl, Harlan; Drew Kasperbauer, Sioux City Heelan; Joe Keegan, Sioux City West; Cooper LaRue, Carroll; Derek Leinen, Harlan; Johnathan Love, CB Thomas Jefferson; Nick McCann, Sioux City Heelan; Nick Norton, Sioux City North; Nate O’Brien, Carroll; Zac Reynolds, Denison-Schleswig; Nolan Robinson, Glenwood; Ben Rodriguez, Sioux City North; Dalton Sauce, Sioux City Heelan; Connor Schlotfeldt, Sergeant Bluff-Luton; Wyatt Schulz, Glenwood; JJ Stephens, Sioux City East; Luke Sutherland, CB Lewis Central; Nick Tarney, Harlan; Joey Walker, Atlantic.


(Audubon) The Audubon Wheeler football squad will be getting the 2014 season underway Monday with the first official day of practice. Audubon is coming off of back-to-back state playoff qualifying seasons. 


Wheeler co-head coach Sean Birks says this year will bring a lot of new teams to the schedule. Audubon shifts to Class A District 1 where they will be grouped with Griswold, Logan-Magnolia, MVAO, Riverside, St. Albert, Tri-Center, and Westwood. 


Coach Birks says there will be a lot of open competition earlly on in practice. The team loses their top two tacklers, top two receivers, and leading rusher from last season's 9-3 team. Their first game is against AHST on August 29th. 


Click to listen to the comments from co-head coach Sean Birks


(Harlan) The Harlan Community Volleyball team is re-loading for the 2014 season following a Class 3A State Championship in 2013, with most of those players returning.


The Cyclones went 37-4, (90-14) in all sets, and captured the state title with wins over Le Mars, Charles City and Solon. So how do you top last season?


Cyclone Head Coach Angie Spangenberg says they start over again with three things in mind.


click here to listen 


The Cyclones must replace Tara Knudsen


Click here to listen


The Cyclones do return front line players Taylor Fredrick and Iowa State Recruit Jess Schaben.


Click here to listen 


And Taylor Fredrick…


Click here to listen 


Fredrick hit .367 at the net last season and Schaben finished the year hitting .456.

Volleyball practice for all Iowa teams officially starts on Monday, August 11.


August 7, 2014 



Class 4A - 1st Team All-State

C-Devin Raffensperger, Senior, Iowa City West
C-T.J. Sole, Senior, Cedar Falls
P-Colby Carmichael, Senior, Des Moines East
P-Sammy Lizarraga, Junior, Cedar Rapids Kennedy
P-Matt Mullenbach, Junior, Waukee
P-Ben Nelson, Senior, Dowling Catholic
P-Nicky Nelson, Senior, West Des Moines Valley
INF-Joe Bappe, Senior, Ames
INF-Zach Daniels, Junior, Cedar Rapids Kennedy
INF-Matt Hoeg, Senior, Waukee
INF-Derek Jacobus, Senior, Cedar Rapids Kennedy
INF-Lake Rosson, Senior, Burlington
INF-Anthony Schneider, Senior, Southeast Polk
OF-Colin Kreiter, Junior, North Scott (Eldridge)
OL-Daniel Tillo, Junior, Sioux City North
OF-Malique Ziegler, Senior, Des Moines East
UTL-Logan Augustine, Senior, Urbandale
UTL-Robert Hansen, Senior, Des Moines East
UTL-Robert Neustrom, Junior, Sioux City North

Class 4A – 2nd Team All-State
C-Davin Janes, Senior, Dubuque Senior
C-Austin Simmons, Junior, Lewis Central (Council Bluffs)
P-Tommy Dorton, Senior, Davenport West
P-TJ Fetters, Senior, Southeast Polk
P-Blake Hargens, Junior, Cedar Rapids Kennedy
P-Chris Tompkins, Senior, Dubuque Hempstead
P-Jeremy Vaassen, Senior, Dubuque Hempstead
INF-Chino Alcala, Junior, Des Moines East
INF-Connor Enochs, Junior, Des Moines East
INF-Nick Gallagher, Senior, Iowa City West
INF-Brice Plein, Senior, Burlington
INF-Tyler Wood, Junior, Newton
OF-Jared Denies, Senior, Cedar Falls
OF-Luke Fegen, Senior, Waukee
OF-Spencer VanScoyoc, Sophomore, Cedar Rapids Jefferson
UTL-Tyus Adkins, Senior, Iowa City West
UTL-Hayden Godfrey, Senior, Sioux City East
UTL-Ezra Skoog, Senior, Urbandale


Class 3A - 1st Team All-State
C-Tyler Cropley, Senior, Bishop Heelan (Sioux City)
C-Zach Adrian, Senior, Davenport Assumption
P-Cole Baker, Junior, Dallas-Center-Grimes
P-Joseph Hietpas, Senior, Fairfield
P-Brandon Hodges, Senior, Saydel
P-Cody Selig, Senior, Sergeant Bluff-Luton
P-Jake Voss, Senior, West Delaware (Manchester)
INF-Corey Bertini, Senior, Glenwood
INF-Tyler Frideres, Senior, Algona
INF-Peter Swenson, Senior, Clear Lake
INF-Trent Solsma, Senior, Bishop Heelan (Sioux City)
INF-Eric Willis, Senior, Waverly-Shell Rock
OF-Jake Gervase, Senior, Davenport Assumption
OF-Brett Slight, Senior, Boone
OF-Sky Holmgren , Senior, Waverly-Shell Rock
UTL-Brock Adams, Senior, Clear Lake
UTL-Sean Westendorf, Senior, Waverly-Shell Rock
UTL-Austin Gridley, Senior, Fairfield

Class 3A – 2nd Team All-State
C-Logan Essy, Senior, A-D-M (Adel)
C-Weston Shaw, Senior, Algona
P-Austin Gridley, Senior, Fairfield
P-Chris Comito, Junior, Norwalk
P-Eli Dunne, Senior, Grinnell
P-Vic Malloy, Senior, Williamsburg
P-T.J. Sikkema, Sophomore, Central Clinton (DeWitt)
INF-Alex Davis, Senior, Boone
INF-Jared Hansen, Senior, Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley
INF-Devin Porter, Freshman, Saydel
INF-Michael Starcevich, Senior, Centerville
OF-Jake Hovden, Junior, Decorah
OF-Brady Mayo, Senior, Bishop Heelan (Sioux City)
OF-Nolan Timp, Senior, Dubuque Wahlert
UTL-Michael Miller, Senior, Saydel
UTL-Brenden Schnell, Junior, Humboldt
UTL-Will Whiton, Junior, Perry


Class 2A - 1st Team All-State
C-Tanner Felton, Senior, Monticello
C-Christian Rozeboom, Junior, Sioux Center
P-Zach Hovick, Senior, Roland-Story
P-Cole Jackson, Senior, North Polk
P-Blake Kamerman, Sophomore, Sioux Center
P-Korey Kuhlman, Junior, Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto
P-Zac Lyon, Senior, Beckman (Dyersville)
INF-Brandon Brittain, Senior, Van Meter
INF-Riley Dixon, Senior, Iowa City Regina
INF-Trevor Jamison, Senior, Nodaway Valley (Greenfield)
INF-Jordan Rommes, Junior, South Winneshiek (Calmar)
INF-Trey Ryan, Senior, Mount Vernon
OF-Jake Brinkman, Junior, Iowa City Regina
OF-Reed Smith, Senior, North Polk
OF-Mitch Steger, Senior, Beckman (Dyersville)
UTL-Spencer Halloran, Senior, West Fork
UTL-Javin Drake, Sophomore, Wilton
UTL-Grant Lang, Senior, North Polk Kolton Rose, Senior, Alburnett


Class 2A – 2nd Team All-State

C-Casey Dorhout, Senior, Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn
C-Bryce Paul, Sophomore, Alburnett
P-Collin Connelly, Junior, Clayton Ridge/Central
P-Austin Bohling, Senior, Louisa-Muscatine (Letts)
P-Ian Boline, Pre-Freshman, Alburnett
P-Luke Eldred, Sophomore, Mount Vernon
P-Bryce Kearns, Junior, West Central Valley (Stuart)
INF-Zach Forret, Sophomore, Van Meter
INF-Jackson Baker, Senior, Shenandoah
INF-Shea Patterson, Senior, St. Albert (Council Bluffs)
INF-Dylan Preston, Senior, Clayton Ridge/Central
INF-Trey Robinson, Senior, Treynor
OF-Zach Forret, Sophomore, Van Meter
OF-Brett Leshen, Senior, Albia
OF-Haris Takes, Senior, Cascade (Western Dubuque)
UTL-Luke Farley, Junior, Columbus Catholic (Waterloo)
UTL-Drew Kortlever, Senior, Sioux Center
UTL-Nick Long, Sophomore, East Marshall (LeGrand)


Class 1A - 1st Team All-State
C-Luke Anctil, Senior, Martensdale-St. Marys
C-Hunter Embray, Senior, Twin Cedars (Bussey)
P-Zeb Adreon, Sophomore, Pleasantville
P-Otis Roby, Junior, Twin Cedars (Bussey)
P-Kaden Waddle, Junior, Newman Catholic (Mason City)
P-Matt Wesselmann, Senior, St. Marys (Remsen)
P-Blake Wiltgen, Senior, Gehlen Catholic (LeMars)
INF-Joe Burgmeier, Senior, Newman Catholic (Mason City)
INF-Corey Harrell, Senior, Twin Cedars (Bussey)
INF-Patrick Sheehey, Senior, Pleasantville
INF-Jack Kline, Senior, B-G-M (Brooklyn)
INF-Garrett Saunders, Junior, Van Buren (Keosauqua)
OF-Caylor Deeth, Senior, Coon Rapids-Bayard
OF-Kyle Gritsch, Senior, B-G-M (Brooklyn)
OF-Eddy Kraber, Senior, Martensdale-St. Marys
UTL-Drew Carlson, Senior, Twin Cedars (Bussey)
UTL-Jack Fitzgerald, Senior, Newman Catholic (Mason City) 
UTL-Coy Moore, Senior, Twin Cedars (Bussey)


Class 1A – 2nd Team All-State
C-Brady Harpenau, Sophomore, St. Marys (Remsen)
C-Tanner Jansen, Sophomore, B-G-M (Brooklyn)
P-Robert Barker, Junior, Van Buren (Keosauqua)
P-Travis Havel, Senior, Don Bosco (Gilbertville)
P-Spencer Hoyka, Sophomore, Martensdale-St. Marys
P-Tyler Jacobsen, Junior, Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton
P-Jason Zinnel, Senior, West Bend-Mallard
INF-Brett Carstens, Senior, Coon Rapids-Bayard
INF-Zach Kliefoth, Junior, Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton

INF-Dillon Lain, Senior, Wayne (Corydon)
INF-Robbie Laughlin, Senior, Van Buren (Keosauqua)
INF-Garrett Pettyjohn, Senior, Twin Cedars (Bussey)
OF-David Earhart, Junior, Burlington-Notre Dame
OF-Brent Parker, Senior, Twin Cedars (Bussey)
OF-Joey Verstegen, Junior, Newman Catholic (Mason City)
UTL-Brady Heying, Senior, Gehlen Catholic (LeMars)
UTL-Austin Konsor, Senior, Underwood
UTL-Josh Luna, Junior, Pleasantville
UTL-Trent Roose, Senior, North Mahaska (New Sharon)



(Neola) The Tri-Center Volleyball team returns a lot of experience from a year ago. Head Coach Brian Wedemeyer says the team worked out June, took July off, attended the ISU Volleyball camp last week and will take the next few days off before starting practice August 11.


Click here to listen


The Trojans lost just one starter from last year’s team.


Click here to listen


Wedemeyer says the Middle blocker prospects include; Hannah Larson and Danielle


Elliott, and an upper classman that is competing for the left side blocker position.


Click here to listen


As far as the  Western Iowa Conference?


Click here to listen


Tri-Center opens up with a triangular with Thomas Jefferson and Glenwood, on August 28.


August 5, 2014 


(Area) The Iowa Newspaper Association released its’ annual post season all-state baseball team and several southwest Iowa players are on the list.


According to the Omaha World Herald, Corey Bertini, of Glenwood was named to the Class 3A first team as a first baseman. In 2A, Trey Robinson of Treynor was named to the team as a first baseman, and Caylor Deeth, of Coon Rapids-Bayard, was named to the Class 1A first team as an outfielder.


The second team selections included; Caleb Shudak, Lewis Central in 4A, and Nate Getty’s of Harlan in Class 3A. In 2A, Shea Patterson, of St. Albert and in Class 1A, Caleb Lange, of Lenox, Brett Carsten’s, Coon Rapids-Bayard, Brett Greenwood, Logan-Magnolia, Caleb Wichman, Underwood and Zach Kliefoth, of Exira-EHK.


Third team selections were; Austin Simmons, Lewis Central in Class 4A, and Brett Croghan, Harlan, Sean Houston, Denison/Schleswig, Trevor Luther, Creston, in Class 3A, and in Class 2A, Jon Meyerring, St. Albert. In 1A, the list includes; Tyler Jacobsen, Exira-EHK, Dustin Gordon, Lenox, Trevor Jameson, Nodaway Valley, and Austin Konsor, of Underwood.


August 5, 2014 



(Iowa City) The Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Association has released the rosters for the 2014 IHSBCA All-Star Series to be held August 7-10, at Duane Banks Field on the campus of the University of Iowa.


Small Schools West Squad:

Pitchers:  Cody Selig – Sgt. Bluff-Luton, Grant Lang – North Polk, Nick Paulsen - Treynor, Weston Shaw - Algona.    Catchers:  Tyler Cropley – SC Heelan, Preston Jager - Underwood.   Infield:  Grant Goeden - ADM, Zach Hovick – Roland-Story, Patrick Sheehey - Pleasantville, Jackson Baker - Shenandoah, Brandon Brittain – Van Meter.   Outfield:  Brett Greenwood – Logan-Magnolia, Nate Gettys - Harlan, Caylor Deeth – Coon Rapids-Bayard, Eddy Kraber – Martensdale-St. Mary’s.  Utility:  Luke Anctil – Martensdale-St. Mary’s.  Coaches:   Andy VanFossan(HC)-Underwood, Bob Mantell - Treynor, Jon Fitzpatrick – Martensdale-St. Mary’s.


Small Schools East Squad:

Pitchers:   Austin Bohling – Louisa-Muscatine, Joseph Hietpas - Fairfield, Tanner Poor - Wilton, Trevor Schweinefus – South Winneshiek.   Catchers:   Tanner Felton - Monticello, Grant Henning – Central Clinton.   Infield:   Jack Fitzgerald – Newman Catholic, Corey Harrell – Twin Cedars, Logan Holtz – Center Point-Urbana, Trent Roose – North Mahaska, Trey Ryan – Mount Vernon.  Outfield:   Kolton Gonnerman - Centerville, Austin Gridley - Fairfield, Coy Moore – Twin Cedars,  Mitch Steger – Beckman Catholic.  Utility:  Brenden Matthias - Denver.   Coaches:  Bruce Wall (HC) – Jesup,  Ben Grier - Williamsburg, Derek Anderson - Benton.


Large Schools West Squad:

Pitchers:  Nick Nelson – WDM Valley, Logan Augustine - Urbandale, Nate Schweers - Ankeny, JC Hatcher – Ft. Dodge.   Catchers:   Toran Shahidi - Ames, Cody Hyler – SE Polk.   Infield:   Joe Bappe - Ames, Brent Jones – Ankeny Centennial, Matt Hoeg - Waukee, Anthony Schneider – SE Polk, Blake Mahoney – DM Lincoln.   Outfield:   Conner Sorge – WDM Valley, Luke Fegan - Waukee, Brett Slight - Boone, Dylan Diveney - Marshalltown.   Utility:   Zach Morrissey - Ankeny.   Coaches:   Eric Bappe (HC) Ames, Troy Rood – Mason City, Fritz Keeling - Urbandale.


Large Schools East Squad:

Pitchers:  Austin Clemens – Dubuque Senior, Tyus Adkins – IC West, Sam Noel – Dubuque Senior, Chris Tomkins – Dubuque Hempstead.   Catchers:   JT Sole – Cedar Falls, Devin Raffensperger – IC West.  Infield:   Trent Bollman - Maquoketa, Derek Jacobus – CR Kennedy,      Brandon Rheingans – North Scott, Lake Rosson - Burlington, Eric Willis – Waverly-Shell Rock.   Outfield:   Jared Deines – Cedar Falls, Bryce Grimm – CR Xavier, David Fitzgerald – Dubuque Hempstead, Quinn Cannoy - Marion.  Utility:   Matt Hoffman – Dubuque Wahlert.  Coaches:   Jack Sole (HC) – Cedar Falls, Casey Bryant – Western Dubuque, Pat Bollman – Maquoketa.


August 5, 2014


 (Ames)  – Iowa State head football coach Paul Rhoads announced his captains for the 2014 season after the first practice of fall camp this morning.

Returning senior All-Big 12 performers Tom Farniok (OL), E.J. Bibbs (TE) and Cory Morrissey (DE) were voted by their teammates to lead the Cyclones during the 2014 campaign.

“Being elected captain at Iowa State is an important responsibility and it’s a huge compliment to Cory, E.J. and Tom,” Rhoads said. “First of all, it’s elected by their peers. Secondly, we take the time to discuss what goes in to it. We want leadership.


We want decision-making and that capability. These are guys that have to stand up sometimes to their teammates and not just pat them on the back all the time. It’s a great responsibility and a great honor to be elected captain here at Iowa State University.”

Farniok, a native of Sioux Falls, S.D., has the most career starts of any returning Cyclone (35) and is considered one of the top centers in the nation. A two-time honorable mention All-Big 12 selection, Farniok is on the 2014 Rimington Award Watch list, given annually to the nation’s best center.

Bibbs, who hails from Chicago, Ill., is one of the nation’s top returning tight ends after catching 39 passes for 462 yards as a junior in 2013. Bibbs, who earned All-Big 12 Second-Team honors last year, is a preseason First-Team All-Big 12 pick and is on the John Mackey Award and CFPA Award watch lists for the nation’s best tight end.

A native of Ames, Iowa, Morrissey led all Cyclones down linemen in tackles (52) and had 6.5 tackles for loss en route to honorable mention All-Big 12 honors in 2013. Morrissey is on the Lott Impact Award Watch list.

“To be chosen by my teammates to represent this program, it means everything to me, especially being around this program as a kid and loving it so much,” Morrissey said. “I will take great pride in leading all of the younger guys in the program and teach them how to step up.”


August 4, 2014



Newman Catholic 7, BGM 1 
Don Bosco 2, Martensdale-St. Marys 1

Twin Cedars 7, Underwood 0
Gehlen Catholic 3, Lone Tree 0
Thursday, July 31

Newman Catholic 5, Don Bosco 4
Twin Cedars 11, Gehlen Catholic 0 (five innings)
Saturday, August 2

Noon-Twin Cedars 8 Newman Catholic 2

TOP SEEDS: 1. Newman; 2. Twin Cedars; 3. Gehlen; 4. Don Bosco.
RANKED TEAMS: 1. Twin Cedars; 2. Newman; 5. Gehlen; 6. Don Bosco; 7. BGM; 8. MSTM.



North Polk 7, Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto 1
Roland-Story 4, South Winneshiek 1
Beckman Catholic 6, Hinton 3
Van Meter 2, Iowa City Regina 1
Thursday, July 31

North Polk 6, Roland-Story 2
Beckman Catholic 8, Van Meter 5
Saturday, August 2

2 p.m. — North Polk 2  Beckman Catholic 0

TOP SEEDS: 1. North Polk; 2. Beckman; 3. Van Meter; 4. South Winn
RANKED TEAMS: 1. North Polk; 2. Van Meter; 3. Beckman; 5. Roland-Story; 8. South Winn

Waverly-Shell Rock 3, Solon 1
Assumption 8, Harlan 7
Sergeant Bluff-Luton 2, Algona 1
Dallas Center-Grimes 3, Fairfield 0 (nine innings)

Assumption 8, Waverly-Shell Rock 5
Dallas Center-Grimes 2, Sergeant Bluff-Luton 1
6 p.m. — Assumption 1 Dallas Center-Grimes 0

TOP SEEDS: 1. W-SR; 2. SB-L; 3. Fairfield; 4. Harlan
RANKED TEAMS: 1. W-SR; 5. Fairfield; 6. Harlan; 9. Algona


Johnston 8, Waukee 3
Iowa City West 4, Dowling Catholic 2
Dubuque Hempstead 4, West Des Moines Valley 2
Southeast Polk 1, Cedar Rapids Kennedy 0
Iowa City West 7, Johnston 6 
Southeast Polk 5, Dubuque Hempstead 2
8 p.m. —. Southeast Polk 2 Iowa City, West 0 

TOP SEEDS: 1. Waukee; 2. Hempstead; 3. Kennedy; 4. IC West
RANKED TEAMS: 1. Hempstead; 2. Waukee; 3, Kenn


Pitchers: Peyton Gross (8)................. IKM-Manning
Abby Straight (10)..................Logan-Magnolia
Catchers: Taylor Frain (11) ....................Riverside (Oakland)
Lexie Dooley (12).................. Missouri Valley
1st Base: Kayli Christensen (11) ............. Treynor
Infield: Baily Janssen (11) ............. Missouri Valley
Lexi Killinger (10)........................ Treynor
Andy Nulle (11)............... IKM-Manning
Lea Crouse (12)............... Underwood
Outfield: Shae Henkelman (12)............ IKM-Manning
Danikah Grobe (11) .............AHSTW (Avoca)
Reahgan Stueve (8)............... Missouri Valley
Utility: Abbey Youngren (10).............. IKM-Manning
Pitchers: Tobey Yates (11) ........................ Underwood
Brooke Hansen (12)....................... Griswold
Catchers: Carley Irlmeier (11)................ IKM-Manning
Emma Bonnet (9)................ Underwood
1st Base: Rebecca Taylo (12) ............. Missouri Valley
Infield: Laura Hempel (11)................. Treynor
Gracie Meyers (12)................. Treynor
Jayna Olesen (10) ...........AHSTW (Avoca)
Emma Town (10) ............. Missouri Valley
Outfield: Erin Shapcott (11)............... Underwood
Alyx Flippen (11)............... Griswold
Maddie Jacobsen (12) .............. Treynor
Utility: Chelsea Lautrup (12).............Logan-Magnolia
AHSTW: Marissa Kay (11) & Jaycie Schuemann (9)
Audubon: Faith Fliflet (12) & Kasey Porsch (11)
Griswold: Marlia Rossell (11) & Jackie Rush (11)
IKM-Manning: Sarae Evans (12) & Courtney Manson (12)
Logan-Magnolia: Kylan Straight (8) & Megan Wilson (8)
Missouri Valley: Bailey Anderson (10) & Paige Livermore (8)
Riverside: Bri Alff (10) & Bailey McCready (12)
Treynor: Sarah Duysen (10) & Jennifer Owens (12)
Tri-Center: Brooklyn Lehan (10) & Brenna Rodenburg (11)
Underwood: Madeline Stephens (10) & Shay Tiarks (11)
Pitchers: Jared Vollstedt (10).............. IKM-Manning
Nick Paulsen (12) ......................... Treynor
Catcher: Preston Jager (12).................. Underwood
 Base: Trey Robinson (11)................... Treynor
Infielders: Sam Wegner (12) ................ IKM-Manning
Austin Konsor (12).................. Underwood
Brady Charbonneau (11) .............Logan-Magnolia
Brett Daley (9)................ Treynor
Outfielders: Brett Greenwood (12) .............Logan-Magnolia
Ben Chapin (10)........................ Treynor
Caleb Wichman (11).................. Underwood
Utility: Kyle Bauerkemper (12)..............AHSTW (Avoca)
C.J. Kyle (10).................. Missouri Valley
Pitchers: James Reynolds (10).................. Griswold
Steven Jacobsen (11)...............AHSTW (Avoca)
Colby Rattenborg (12) ...........Audubon
Catcher: Riley Wohlers (10) ............Logan-Magnolia
1st Base: Spencer Pingel (12)................ Underwood
Infielders: Noah Allmon (10)............. Missouri Valley
Kyle Blackledge (12)................... Treynor
Grant Mantell (10).................... Treynor
Cody Eischeid (11) .............. IKM-Manning
Outfielders: Brandon Huebner (9)............. Tri-Center (Neola)
Sam Warden (12) ..................... Underwood
Steven Humphrey (12)................ Missouri Valley
Utility: Jameson Muxfeldt (10) ...............Logan-Magnolia
Wes Zimmerman (12)............... Tri-Center (Neola)
Audubon: Riley Jones (12) & Dustin Mennenoh (10)
AHSTW: Jay Heiny (10) & Lee Whyte (11)
Griswold: Morgan Kimpson (12) & Drake Rieber (10)
IKM-Manning: Reid Stracke (12) & Kyle Wagner (10)
Logan-Magnolia: Austin Haner (9) & Wyatt Oviatt (10)
Missouri Valley: Jeffrey Doty (12) & Derek Hansen (9)
Riverside: David Andersen (12) & Conner Rankin (12)
Treynor: Michael Wesley (12) & Kyle Young (10)
Tri-Center: Dion Coffey (10) & Jake Schneckloth (12)
Underwood: J.J. Martin (9) & Drew McDonough (11)


2014 RVC All Softball Teams
  First Team  
School Players Name Grade
AWV Paige Danner  Sr
AWV Kyrsten Lampman Jr
CAM Tehya Hansen So
COU Annie Henderson So
COU Emily Meadows So
COU Ashley Ewoldt So
COU Abby Dobernecker Sr
E/EHK Kennedy Madsen Jr
E/EHK Rachel Smith Jr
E/EHK Mara Burmeister Fr
WH Morgan Shearer So
WOOD Bailee Meyer Sr
  Second Team  
AWV Alyssa Buren Jr
BV Holly Brock Sr
CAM Erin Dougherty Sr
COU Mariah Meseck Sr
COU Taylor McCall Sr
CRB Kelsey Winnett Jr
CRB Hailey Cook Sr
E/EHK Sophia Peppers 8th
GR Meredith Grossman Fr
WH Alexia Pettid Sr
WH Bre Nuzum Sr
WOOD Amanda Trierwieler Sr



2014 RVC All Baseball Teams


First Team



Players Name



Kyle Liechti



Michael Holste



Trace Ticknor



Brett Carstens



Caylor Deeth



Tyler Jacobsen



Zach Kliefoth



Drew Peppers



Clayton Christian



Adam Ewoldt



Keenan Nunez



Keaton King



Second Team



Jake Danner



Travis Freese



Keagan Hosfelt



Drew Ticknor



Isaac Mcalister



Zach Evans



Jared Hansen



Brady Danner



Noah Borkowski



Tyler Birdsall



Brodie Skinner



Tanner Hedstrom