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Latest Sports Stories Archives for 2013-03

(Winterset) Pella captured the team title at the Winterset Husky Invitational Track meet at Winterset Friday night. The Little Dutch placed in all 17-events and piled up 150-points. Norwalk finished second with 72-points, Mt. Ayr was third with 66, Earlham, fourth, 51, Green County, fifth, 47, Creston, sixth, 42 and ADM was sixth with 34-points. Nodaway Valley finished 10th place with 17 and Winterset came in 11th with 10-points.




Shot Put:

1. Jesse Bennett, ADM-47-04.00

2. Trey Mateer, Norwalk-45-08.00

3. Dalton Gilbert, Central Decatur-43-08.50

4. Cole Ridgely, Earlham-43-06.00

5. Cody DeKruff, Pella-43-00.50

6. Garrett Jansen, Pella-42-10.00

7. Nathan Clayberg, Pella-42-05.00

8. Riah Nelson, Green County-41-04.00



1. Nathan Clayberg, Pella-121-10

2. Garret Jansen, Pella-121-00

3. Ben Konfrst, Pella-120-02

4. Trey Mateer, Norwalk-118-03

5. Trevor Luther, Creston-117-09

6. Joe Rickder, Mount Ayr-112-00

7. Ryan Houghman, Earlham-111-08

8. Alex Rasmussen, Green County-108-09


Long Jump:

1. Luke Neitzel, Creston-20-10.50 (Record)

2. Reed Ostrander, Green County-20-6.75

3. Gordon Witt, Clarke-19-07.50

4. Kolby Greenslade, Norwalk-19-07.25

5. Zach Brewer, Nodaway Valley-19-07.00

6. Max Kasap, Earlham-19-01.50

7. Mitchell Gorsuch, Green County-19-00.00

8. Brandon Konfrst, Pella-18-11.25


High Jump:

1. Braydee Poore, Mount Ayr-6-


2. Alex Welsch, Nodaway Valley-6-02.00

3. Gordon Witt, Clarke-5-10.00

4. Briar Evans, Creston-5-08.00

5. Noah Clayberg, Pella-5-06.00

6. Nathan Henry, Pella-5-04.00

7. Mitchell Gorsuch, Greene County-5-04.00 8. Ethan Hanna, Central Decatur-5-02.00

8. Jacob Larsen, Winterset-5-02.00

8. Zach Rice, Earlham-5-02.00



1. Keegan Fitzsimmons, Pella-10:25.03

2. Matthew Klein, Pella-10:29.37

3. Salem Hildebrant, Norwalk-10:55.58

4. Jacob Simpson, Greene County-11:01.16

5. Chasen Selsor, Clarke-11:06.58

6. Derek Koster, Winterset-11:10.44

7. Colton Graham, Nodaway Valley-11:11.96

8. Landon Braun, Greene County-11:25.38



1. Pella-8:35.54

2. Mount Ayr-8:43.49

3. Creston-8:45.20

4. Greene County-8:49.90

5. Earlham-8:51.91 6. ADM-9:06.49

7. Martinsdale, St. Mary’s-9:06.57

8. Norwalk-9:26.90


Shuttle Hurdle:

1. Earlham-1:02.22

2. Norwalk-1:02.74

3. Pella-1:02.75

4. Mount Ayr-1:04.10

5. Martinsdale, St. Mary’s-1:04.65

6. Central Decatur-1:05.37

7. Creston-1:06.55

8. Winterset-1:07.77



1. Max Kasap, Earlham-11:79

2. Jordan Grove, ADM-11.80

3. Roman Phillips, Greene County-11.96

4. Logan Weers, Clarke-12.00

5. Cody Stackhouse, Mount Ayr-12.10

6. Grant Goeden, ADM-12.13

7. Nathan Henry, Pella-12.20

8. Dalton Gilbert, Central Decatur-12.28


400: 1. Lukas Steenhoek, Pella-51.66

2. Adam Purdy, Winterset-51.66

3. Nick Benson, Greene County-53.61

4. Beck Copeland, ADM-53.93

5. Kollin Schaudt, Pella-54.74

6. Gordon Witt, Clarke-54.74

7. Connor Dunn, Martinsdale, St. Mary’s-55.42

8. C.J. Caudle, Winterset-55:83



1. Pella-1:34.62

2. Norwalk-1:36.53

3. Greene County-1:37.99

4. Mount Ayr-1:38.16

5. Creston-1:38.59

6. Chariton-1:42.69

7. Central Decatur-1:42.82

8. Earlham-1:44.63


110 Highs:

1. Logan Weers, Clarke-15.82

2. Braydee Poore, Mount Ayr-15.98

3. Zach Rice, Earlham-16.26

4. Collin Schiltz, Norwalk-16.34

5. Kenny DuPre, Pella-16.37

6. Alex Welsch, Nodaway Valley-16.71

7. Caleb Klocko, Norwalk-16.76

8. Trevor McKee, CAM-16.77



1. Evan Jones, Pella-4:48.82

2. Trent Verwers, Martinsdale, St. Mary’s-4:51.94

3. Noah Larsen, Mount Ayr-4:51.98

4. Ben Warner, Pella-4:54.28

5. T.J. Bower, Nodaway Valley-5:05.85

6. Kyle Hovey, ADM-5:09.96

7. Josh Berger, ADM-5:10.48

8. Salem Hildebrandt, Norwalk-5:12.56



1. Ryan Shull, Pella-23.64

2. Lukas Steenhoek, Pella-23.72

3. Jodan Grove, ADM-23.81

4. Jacob Sobatka, Mount Ayr-24.02 5

5. Grant Goeden, ADM-24.43

6. J.C. Weitl, Green County-24.44

7. Reed Ostrander, Greene County-24.65

8. Baley Shantz, Nodaway Valley-24.87


400 Hurdles:

1. Jordan Pingle, Pella-57.39

2. Trevor McKee, CAM-57.89

3. Brandon Pevestorf, Norwalk-54.48

4. Wade Pngle, Pella-58.22

5. Philip Hand, Martinsdale. St. Mary’s-59.32

6. Spencer Faust, Earlham-59.46

7. Briar Evans, Creston-59.54

8. Collin Schiltz, Norwalk-1:01.06


Distance Medley:

1. Norwalk-3:41.51

2. Earlham-3:57.08

3. Mount Ayr-3:58.02

4. Pella-4:04.10

5. Martinsdale, St. Mary’s-4:04.70

6. Central Decatur-4:10.58

7. ADM-4:11.03

8. Greene County-4:17.47



1. Jay Wolfe, Creston-2:02.10 (Record)

2. Trent Verwers, Martinsdale. St. Mary’s-2:04.38

3. Keegan Fitzsimmons, Pella-2:08.97

4. T.J. Bower, Nodaway Valley-2:09.09

5. Alex Wetrich, Earlham-2:09.98

6. Christian Bengston, Chariton-2:15.28

7. Jack Murphy, Martinsdale, St. Mary’s-2:17.52

8. Andrew Marshall, Greene County-2:19.41



1. Mount Ayr-45.14

2. Norwalk-45.57

3. Earlham-45.62

4. Greene County-45.95

5. Pella-46.10

6. ADM-46.10

7. Creston-48.08

8. Martinsdale, St. Mary’s-48.36



1. Pella-3:34.64

2. Greene County-3:35.43

3. Creston-3:36.36

4. Norwalk-3:39.41

5. Mount Ayr-3:39.41

6. Winterset-3:42.02

7. ADM-3:47.52

8. CAM-3:48.30



March 30, 2013




(Ames)  Iowa State men’s basketball coach Fred Hoiberg has agreed to a 10-year, $20 million contract to remain the head coach at his alma mater.


Hoiberg met with Iowa State President Steven Leath and Director of Athletics Jamie Pollard Thursday night to finalize the deal, which runs through 2023.


“When I returned to the University three seasons ago, it was a dream comes true,” Hoiberg said. “The progress that we have made so far has been very rewarding, but there is more work ahead. I sincerely appreciate the support that President Leath and Jamie (Pollard) have given me. Ames is my home and Hilton Coliseum has given me countless memories as both a player and coach. I look forward to continue leading a program that Cyclone fans can be proud of.”


“We appreciate everything that coach Hoiberg has done for Iowa State University,” President Leath said. “I am delighted that he will continue to be our head men’s basketball coach and look forward to continue working with both he and Jamie in helping us build an athletics program that our alums can take great pride in.”


“I am very excited that we were able to put together a financial package that allows Fred to remain an integral part of our Cyclone family,” Pollard said. “Nobody is better suited to be our head men’s basketball coach and we wanted to show he and his family, along with all Cyclone fans, that we are committed to keeping him in Ames for the long term.”


After guiding the Cyclones to consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances (2012 and 2013) for the first time since 2000-01, several universities and NBA teams made inquiries to him about coaching their teams. Hoiberg, however, decided to strengthen his commitment to the Cyclones and continue building the Iowa State program.


Full terms of the contract will be available at a later date.


March 29, 2013


(Avoca) AHST improved their win total by five and picked up the first postseason win in school history during the 2012 boys soccer season.


With 12 letter winners back, coach James Johnson his looking to continue the momentum into 2013.


Offensive MVP Jake Oleson, Defensive MVP Dillon Kelley, and Overall MVP Jake Larson all return.


Depth is expected to be a strength for the Vikings. Twenty-two players are out which will allow for much more substituting than they could do last year when they only had 13 at times.


Coach Johnson says the main question mark is who will play goalie. Steven Jacobson and Mason Goode are vying for that spot.


The first game of the season is on Monday, April 1st against Nodaway Valley.


Click here for the interview with AHST soccer coach James Johnson


(Harlan) The Harlan girls track team was scheduled to compete at Boone Thursday, but that meet has been cancelled. Now the team’s first outdoor meet is slated for Tuesday at Panorama.


Harlan has competed in a couple of indoor meets so far. The team is exceeding what they had done last year at this time according to head coach Bill Hosack.


Coach Hosack says the team’s shotput, 400’s, 800’s, and hurdles have been solid. Noting he tries to build the team around 400 runners. He lists Marissa Klindt, Elle Kloewer, and Asia Kloewer as three bright spots. Jess Feldman has also had a good showing in the indoor meets.


He says the weather has not held the team back quite as much as you might think. They have been able to get some good workouts in outdoors despite temperatures being in the mid-30's.


The team has a busy stretch coming up with meets at Panorama, Harlan, and Urbandale over the next two weeks.


Click here for the interview with Harlan girls track coach Bill Hosack


(Boone) New guidelines for pre-season football practices have been explained to Iowa High School Athletic Association member school's athletic directors and administrators and will go into effect this fall. 

The new measures incorporate many of the recommendations from research and studies by the medical community relative to the length of practice, the amount of contact in pre-season drills, and the acclimization of young athletes.

In December, the new regulations were discussed and approved by the Football Playoff Committee, a group representing school administrators and the Iowa Football Coaches Association. The regulations were approved by the Board of Control and in March explained to the Representative Council.

Specifically, the new regulations during the acclimatization period that effect the state's 342 programs and 21,200 athletes addresses the following areas:

(1) There shall be no more than one practice per day.

(2) A practice is defined as a period of time in which a student participates in physical activity.

(3) A practice cannot exceed three (3) hours in length. Warm-up, stretching, speed and agility rules, strength training, and cool down are all considered part of a practice.  Optional weight training activities that are available to all students are not considered part of the practice.

(4) On the first two (2) days of practice helmets and mouth guards may be worn and no activities that require protective equipment shall be done.


(5) During days three through five (3-5), helmets, mouth guards, and shoulder pads may be worn and contact with blocking sleds, tackling dummies and technique drills for blocking and tackling may begin, but no full contact. Above the waist contact between players focusing on proper tackling and blocking techniques may occur.

(6) Starting on day six (6), all protective equipment may be worn and full contact drills may begin.

(7) The first two Sundays during the 14-day acclimatization period shall be days of complete rest (no practice, stretching, conditioning, speed and agility drills, strength training, etc.)

Todd Tharp, assistant executive director at the IHSAA and the administrator for football noted, "We had great discussions with the football committee and representatives of the coaches association", he said. "The health and safety of athletes is always everyone's number one priority and these new measures apply equally to all schools."

Several states implemented many of the above measures in 2012.

Iowa has been among the national leaders in addressing player safety and health issues including being among the first to define illegal helmet contact, heat and hydration issues, and addressing protocol for dealing with possible concussions/head injuries. 

IN OTHER Board of Control action related to football, four other items were approved effective this fall. They are:


(1) The IHSAA and the Football Coaches Association will work jointly to produce a football safety video;


(2) Schools are now allowed to have a scrimmage with another school prior to the first legal playing date and after 10 days of practice;


(3) In games where the continuous clock is being used the clock will stop for the administration of penalties; and


(4) The UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls will be used only for semifinal and championship round contests unless the host school uses the UNI-Dome as their primary home facility.


Press Release


(Des Moines) AIB College of Business men's golf coach Tony Giannetto has announced the signing of Travis Olsen to a National Letter of Intent to attend the college next fall and compete for the men's golf program.


Olsen, the son of Tad and Sarah Olsen, is a native of Atlantic, Iowa, and will graduate from Atlantic High School this spring. Olsen, is a four-time letter winner, who received First-Team All-Conference honors in the Hawkeye 10 conference. 


"Travis will be a great addition AIB and the golf program," Giannetto said.  "He student-athlete committed to the both game and classroom."


Olsen plans to major in Business Administration at AIB.



Press Release




(Elk Horn) Reigning Rolling Hills Conference Girls track and field champions Exira-EHK are scheduled to start the season Thursday night at Audubon.


The Spartans have a lot of key pieces returning such as Jen Neville and Grace Hoflen. Coach Ross Blake says those two put in a lot of time in the offseason.


Other key returners include Sidney Parker in the long jump. Throwers Rachel Smith and Megan Sontag should score some points plus the majority of their 4X800 meter relay team. Grace and Adriel Hoflen return for that group along with Chansea Nelson.


Coach Blake says the biggest strengths will be in the individual events because their numbers are down from last year. The Spartans have 15 competitors on the team.


Click here for the interview with Exira-EHK girls coach Ross Blake





(Griswold) The Griswold Tigers have 37 boys out for track and field including 10 seniors.


Coach Jane Chaillie is hoping that depth and experience can lead Griswold back to being a power in the Western Iowa Conference.


Griswold brings back a lot of experience amongst their distance runners. Tanner Potter, Xavier Olivio, Zach Vance, and Mason Anstey are all in that group.


Two of the Tigers top sprinters return from last season. Kenneth Clary and Taylor Briles will lead a young and deep group of sprinters.


Throwers Mason Boucher and Colin Fast each return following strong season’s last year.


Griswold is scheduled to compete at Treynor on Monday.


Click here for the pre-season interview with Griswold coach Jane Chaillie


(Harlan) The Harlan boys and girls track and field squads travelled to the University of South Dakota Monday to compete in the Dan Lennon Indoor Meet. The boys squad brought home three top ten finishes while the girls team landed seven events in the top ten.



-Matt Evers placed 6th in the 400 Meters in a time of 53.55.


-Harlan placed 10th in the 4X400 in 3:44.85


-Harlan placed 8th in the 4X200 in 1:38.25



-Dena Baughman placed 6th in the 60 Meter Hurdles


-Bailey Kuhl finished 3rd in the 800 (2:31.61)


-Jess Feldman placed 4th in the 400 (1:02.59)


-Harlan won the 4X400 (Feldman, Mikayla Evers, Ellie Kloewer, Marrisa Klindt)


-Dena Baughman placed 7th in the High Jump, 5'00''


-Danielle Weyer threw 35-09 to place 8th in the shotput


-Harlan won the Sprint Medley with (Kloewer, Evers, Feldman, and Lauren Larsen)


Click here for the link to the complete results from the meet 


(Spokcane, Washington)  The fifth-seeded Iowa State women’s basketball team fell to fourth-seeded Georgia, Monday by a final score of 65-60. The Cyclones finished the season 24-9.


The Cyclones were led by Chelsea Poppens’ 10th double-double of the season, scoring 14 points and grabbing 17 rebounds. Anna Prins led the team in scoring with 23. Junior Hallie Christofferson also added 12 points in the Cyclone effort.


The Lady Bulldogs were led by double-digit scoring efforts from Shacobia Barbee and Anne Marie Armstrong, scoring 20 and 13, respectively.


The Cyclones and Bulldogs battled back and forth for the entirety of the first half, with neither team gaining more than a four-point advantage. Iowa State was in control for the first 10 minutes, until Anne Marie Armstrong hit three straight shots to give the Lady Bulldogs a 22-18 lead. Georgia shot 44% (8-18) on three pointers, while the Cyclones only connected on 5-16 (31%) threes in the first half. Nikki Moody hit a clutch three pointer with three seconds left on the clock to tie the game at 32 going into halftime.


The Lady Bulldogs opened the half on a 12-4 run, taking an early eight point lead, 42-34. The Cyclones then answered with a 19-1 run to take a four point lead 56-52, capped off by a Prins’ three pointer. The teams traded leads until the final minute, when Georgia made key plays to seal the victory.



March 26, 2013




(Audubon) The Audubon girl’s golf team is scheduled to host AHST for their first meet on April 8th.


Between now and then the team would like to just be able to host a practice. Coach Paul Lynch says they’ve been able to go over their rules meetings that typically are set aside for a rainy day later on in the season. Other than that the team has been limited to putting and a couple of trips to the dome in Des Moines.


The team does not lose any of their varsity golfers from a year ago. That includes returning 7th place finisher at the state meet Susie Bylund.


Coach Lynch says if they can shoot in the 190-195 range they will be competitive with a lot of teams.


Click here for the interview with Audubon girls golf coach Paul Lynch




Class 4-A/3-A


First Team

Daniel Tillo, SC North, 6-4, sophomore, 22.5 ppg (captain)
Marcel Dunson, Sioux City East, 6-2, senior, 18.0 ppg
Dalton Franken, Atlantic, 6-6, senior, 16.0 ppg
Shane Graves, Sioux City Heelan, 5-11, senior, 18.4 ppg
Trey Lansman, Harlan, 6-6, junior, 16.4 ppg


Second Team

Derek Hall, Denison-Schleswig, 6-3, senior, 17.1 ppg
Kyle Heaton, Sioux City Heelan, 6-6, senior, 17.7 ppg
Sam Markham, Atlantic, 6-1, senior, 12.5 ppg
Grant May, Glenwood, 6-1, senior, 12.9 ppg
Luke Neitzel, Creston, 6-2, senior, 11.4 ppg


Honorable Mention

Corey Bertini, Glenwood

Nathan Cave, Harlan

Chad Christensen, Atlantic

Eli Cleveland, Carroll

Brian Collinson, Thomas Jefferson

Deontre Dean, Sioux City North

Carlos Elizalde, Sioux City North

Briar Evans, Creston

Trevor George, Sergeant Bluff-Luton

Nate Glisar, Sergeant Bluff-Luton

Greg Kirwan, Sioux City East

Cody Netusil, Carroll

Alex Reed, Lewis Central

Addison Ross, Carroll

Colby Taylor, Creston

Colton Tracy, Abraham Lincoln

Thomas Wisecup, Sergeant Bluff-Luton


Class 2-A


First Team

TJ Sterk, IKM-Manning, 6-4, senior, 17.5 ppg (captain)
Britton Barrier, Tri-Center, 6-1, senior, 22.8 ppg
Brad Baudler, Nodaway Valley, 5-10, senior, 16.0 ppg
Sam Brincks, Carroll Kuemper, 6-6, junior, 16.5 ppg
Alex Welsch, Nodaway Valley, 6-7, senior, 16.4 ppg


Second Team

Tanner Johnson, Red Oak, 6-3, senior, 12.9 ppg
Connor Moran, CB St. Albert, 6-1, senior, 14.3 ppg
Cole Neary, Carroll Kuemper, 6-6, junior, 15.3 ppg
Alec Sorensen, Treynor, 6-3, senior, 14.5 ppg
Pete Walker, Red Oak, 6-2, senior, 12.3 ppg


Honorable Mention

Jackson Baker, Shenandoah

TJ Bower, Nodaway Valley

Tucker Culjat, CB St. Albert

Dan Ehrsam, Nodaway Valley

Shawn Flanigan, Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto

Jacob Flathers, Treynor

Chris Halbur, Carroll Kuemper

Korey Kuhlmann, Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto

Jose Perez, Red Oak

Alex Rindone, CB St. Albert

Ed Talbott, Treynor

Christian Way, Tri-Center

Sam Wegner, IKM-Manning

Michael West, Missouri Valley

Dakota Woods, Clarinda

Austin Zobel, OA-BCIG


Class 1-A


First Team

Ricky Williams, Riverside, 6-7, senior, 26.7 ppg (captain)
Devin Bates, Griswold, 5-11, senior, 17.2 ppg
Travis Herzberg, Villisca, 6-0, senior, 17.3 ppg
Austin Konsor, Underwood, 6-4, junior, 14.9 ppg
Josh Westendorf, West Monona, 6-2, senior, 16.0 ppg


Second Team

Jameson Delaney, Woodbine, 6-2, senior, 16.7 ppg
Trevor McKee, CAM, 6-3, senior, 17.3 ppg
Brady Ryun, Riverside, 5-10, junior, 9.0 ppg
Kolten Sefrit, Bedford, 5-10, senior, 14.4 ppg
Damon Sunderman, Villisca, 6-1, senior, 14.9 ppg


Honorable Mention

Cole Anderson, Exira-EHK

Brennan Azinger, Logan-Magnolia

Schuyler Brennan, Nishnabotna

Thomas Hamilton, Glidden-Ralston

Michael Hanigan, Boyer Valley

Colden Hillyer, East Mills

Brandon Koch, Ar-We-Va

Devin Kopera, CB Heartland Christian

Wade Martian, Whiting

Noah McKeever, Sidney

Ean Patrick, Riverside

Jacob Peterman, South Page

Mason Peterson, Lenox

Austin Reitz, West Monona

Jake Roden, West Harrison

Ryan Spiegel, Underwood

Austin Stoelk, Ar-We-Va

Dakota Thomas, Fremont-Mills

Lee Whyte, A-H-S-T


Large School Girls

Aubrey Norville, Lewis Central

Natalie Madsen, Lewis Central

Grace Newman, Glenwood

Chelsey Van Ness, Denison-Schleswig

Rachel Koch, Denison-Schleswig

Lauren Meeker, Abraham Lincoln

Olivia Leisenger, Abraham Lincoln

Taylor Volentine, Abraham Lincoln

Brianna Maitlen, Creston


Small School Girls

Josie Esser, Harlan

Liz Riessen, Harlan

Kaylee Blake, IKM-Manning

Jordyn Sindt, Griswold

Molly Goltz, Nishnabotna

Emily Baatz, Tri-Center

Ragen Anderson, Stanton

Megan Ehlers, Ar-We-Va


Large School Boys

Dalton Franken, Atlantic

Sam Markham, Atlantic

Chad Christensen, Atlantic

Grant May, Glenwood

Tyler Jensen, Glenwood

Alex Reed, Lewis Central

Sean Smith, Abraham Lincoln

Colby Taylor, Creston

Briar Evans, Creston


Small School Boys

Britton Barrier, Tri-Center

Ricky Williams, Riverside

TJ Sterk, IKM-Manning

Alec Sorensen, Treynor

Tanner Johnson, Red Oak

Connor Moran, St. Albert

Devin Bates, Griswold

Noah McKeever, Sidney

Ryan Spiegel, Underwood

Colden Hillyer, East Mills


(Boone) The Iowa High School Athletic Association Board of Control, representing our 378 member schools and over 7,500 high school students participating in interscholastic wrestling, is concerned with the recent decision announced by the International Olympic Committee recommending that the sport of wrestling be dropped from the 2020 Olympic Games.


Wrestling has always been a high interest sport in Iowa which holds the largest high school State Tournament in America. Local meets and the IHSAA tournament series create tremendous fan and media support in Iowa. 


The educational values that wrestlers learn are significant in their development as future citizens. Many Iowans have benefited from high school, collegiate and international competition. The decision to exclude wrestling as an Olympic sport will have a negative effect on wrestling at all levels. Wrestling has been a prominent sport in the original and Modern Day Olympic Games and true to the Olympic Oath has inspired good will among competing nations.  The Iowa High School Athletic Association believes this decision should be reversed and that wrestling should remain a valued part of the Olympic Games.

(Adopted March 8, 2013)




(Oakland) Jason Shelangouski is leaving his post as head coach for the Riverside Bulldog Boys Basketball team.


Shelangouski helped guide Riverside to the state tournament in 2013. The Bulldogs finished the year with a 24-2 overall record and a split of the Western Iowa Conference Championship. In four seasons Shelangouski's head coaching record is 66-29.


He is reportedly resigning due to a job offer that his fiance has in Manhattan, Kansas.


(Ames) Iowa State junior Hallie Christofferson was named a WBCA All-Region 5 nominee for the 2012 Division I Coaches’ All-America Team Thursday. Christofferson was one of seven players selected from the region.


Christofferson, a forward from Hamlin, Iowa, had a breakout season for the Cyclones, leading the team in scoring with 15.6 points per game. She also averaged 6.6 rebounds and was one of the nation’s top shooters at 52.4 percent from the field. Christofferson is also among the top free throw shooters in the country at 86.7 percent from the charity stripe. She is the only player ranked among the top-25 of both the field goal and free throw percentage charts.


Christofferson scored in double figures in 26 of Iowa State’s 31 games, including 11 games with 20 or more points. She posted seven double-doubles and shot better than 50 percent from the field in 20 games en route to being a unanimous selection to the All-Big 12 First Team.


The selection committee will determine the 10-member WBCA Division I Coaches’ All-America Team.


Region 5

Brittney Griner, Baylor

Odyssey Sims, Baylor

Hallie Christofferson, Iowa State

Brittany Chambers, Kansas State

Toni Young, Oklahoma State

Angel Goodrich, Kansas

Aaryn Ellenberg, Oklahoma


(Area) Several area track and field teams got a chance to compete for the first time over the weekend. Buena Vista held an indoor meet on Friday and Saturday. Among the area teams competing were IKM-Manning, Audubon, Harlan, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll and Denison-Schleswig. Boys and girls results can be viewed by following the link below.


Click here for Buena Vista indoor meet results


(Estherville) Iowa Lakes Community College will compete in the NJCAA Division II Men’s Basketball National Tournament this week. The 26-6 Lakers will play Owens Community College from Ohio tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 11:00 a.m.


Among the starting five for Iowa Lakes is former Harlan Cyclone Josh Schaben. The 6’8” sophomore is averaging 10.9 points per game and leads the team with his 7.1 rebounds per game average.


As a senior for Harlan, Schaben led the Cyclones with his 12.9 points per game average. He shot 60.2% from the field as a senior.


(Audubon) Five members of the Audubon Wheeler girls track and field team will compete at the Buena Vista Indoor Meet tomorrow (Saturday).


Emily Nelsen, Emma Konkler (picture), Kyra Obermeier, and Madison Hagedorn. Courtney Rudolph will compete in the long jump. All five will be thrown into various sprint events.


Audubon Wheeler track coach Pete Dammel says the team will put together a shuttle hurdle relay team for tomorrow’s indoor competition plus run in various sprint events. He says this season the Wheeler’s have a good group of seniors with Miranda Nelson, Emily Nelsen, and Kyra Obermeier.


Overall numbers are down from last year with just 19 out, but Coach Dammel says it’s a fun group to work with.


After Saturday’s indoor meet at Buena Vista, Audubon’s first outdoor meet will be Thursday, March 28th when they host the early-bird meet.


Click here for the interview with Audubon coach Pete Dammel


(Atlantic) Nineteen girls reported for practice last month for the Atlantic Girls Track program under new Head Coach Carrie Bredahl who takes over the helm after longtime Head Coach Bruce Henderson’s resignation last season. Bredahl went to high school at Orient-Macksburg and she says she is glad to be back in southwest Iowa.


Bredahl says they have been working on the fundamentals the last several weeks.


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Bredahl admits the small numbers will make it hard to score in some of the larger Hawkeye Ten Conference meets.


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Bredahl doesn’t pin point any particular strengths and feels this group is pretty well rounded.


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Freshman Tiffany Williams appears to be one of the top prospects this season after qualifying for the state cross country meet last fall.


The Trojanns open up the season Saturday at an indoor meet at Central College in Pella.


March 15, 2013   


(Elk Horn) Sixteen athletes make up the 2013 Spartan boys track team at Exira-EHK.


Among the top returners for the Exira-EHK this season will be senior Cole Anderson. Anderson finished 4th in the state last year in the 400 Meter Dash and missed qualifying for the state meet in the 100 Meter Dash on a photo finish. Co-head coach Scott Yates is looking for big things from Anderson this year especially after Anderson went out for cross-country this year to help him improve. Coach Yates says Anderson’s leadership role as a senior has already started to make an impact through the first week of practice.


A pair of junior sprinters could be in for big seasons as welll. Brett Johnson and Nick Peppers each ran on Exira-EHK’s state qualifying 4X100 Meter relay team last year. According to coach Yates Johnson is looking very healthy after a back injury last year and Peppers was 'flying' during 40-yard dashes in practice earlier this week.


Sophomore Drew Peppers (pictured) returns as one of the top 800 runners from last season. Drew Peppers will likely be utilized in a wide variety of events this year for Exira-EHK.


Exira-EHK’s first scheduled competition is set for March 26th at the Audubon early bird meet.


(Atlantic) Atlantic High School senior Chad Christensen has been honored by Rawlings in their pre-season All-American and All-Region selections.


Christensen, who will be entering his fifth season as a starter this summer, was named to the honorable mention team in the Central Region.


The NIACC signee enjoyed his best prep season as a sophomore when he hit .358 and drove in 24 runs. Christensen's selection to the All-Region team is also bolstered by his play in the Perfect Game League.


Chris Halbur of Kuemper Catholic is also on the honorable mention team for the Central Region. Halbur, a right-handed pitcher, is headed to Iowa Western Community College next year.





(Atlantic) The weather was not very cooperative for the first scheduled week of boys golf practice for the Atlantic Trojans this week. The Trojans are eager to get back onto the course after a promising 2012 season.


The group has nearly everyone returning from last season's district qualifying team. Junior Sam Renaud says the team has worked hard on their game throughout the offseason.


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The goal is to get to the state tourney.


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One of the strengths for this years team will once again be their depth as they a lot of varsity experience returning. Back this year are Renaud, Evan Schuler, Nick Barry, Sam Markham, Travis Olsen, and Ben Nelson.


Class 1A


Sub-State 7

Jason Shelangouski, Riverside (24-2, State Qualifier)


Class 2A


Sub-State 7

Darrell Burmeister, Nodaway Valley (23-2, State Qualifier)


Sub-State 8

Tyler Edwards, Kuemper Catholic (18-9, Third Place State Finish)


Class 3A


Sub-State 8

Steve Blazek, Atlantic (22-2, Sub-State Finalist)


Class 1A

First Team
Kennedy Drey, St. Mary's Storm Lake

Ricky Williams, Riverside

John Burns, Bishop Garrigan, Algona
Luke Lenhart, St. Mary's, Storm Lake
Steven Soukup, Danville
Austin Lefler, Lawton-Bronson
Bryan Forbes, Lone Tree
Brandt Van Roekel, Boyden-Hull

Second Team

Mitchell Boerm, North Tama, Traer
Colton Bormann, Preston
Kory Kuenstling, Dunkerton
Austin Halls, Murray
Eli Ihnen, Harris-Lake Park
Mitchell Boevers, Wapsie Valley
Vaclav Bujnoch, Sigourney
Michael Soukup, Danville

Third Team
Adam Courtney, Guthrie Center
Josh Westendorf, West Monona, Onawa
Braydee Poore, Mount Ayr
Brandon Snyder, West Lyon
Spencer Rochholz, Adair-Casey
Colin Henrich, Kingsley-Pierson
Dalton Anderson, Newell-Fonda
Josh Bagley, AGWSR, Ackley

Class 2A
First Team

Rylan Murry, West Branch
Dallas Ennema, Sheldon
Payton Plagge, West Fork, Sheffield
Reed Tellinghuisen, East Sac County
Britton Barrier, Tri-Center, Neola
T.J. Sterk, IKM-Manning
Sam Brincks, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
Alex Welsch, Nodaway Valley

Second Team
Marshall Shedeck, North Cedar Stanwood
Austin Ver Meer, Pella Christian
Sean Morgan, Dike-New Hartford
Brad Baudler, Nodaway Valley
CJ Mason, MFL-Mar-Mac
Jared Jones, Des Moines Christian
Michael DenHerder, Western Christian, Hull
Jordan Wagenbach, Mediapolis

Third Team

Cole Crawford, Wilton
Tanner Kellogg, Albia
Austin Glawe, Sioux Central, Sioux Rapids
Trevor Haaland, Osage
Duncan Ferch, West Marshall
Cole Neary, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
Park Mikels, Davis County, Bloomfield
Carson Parker, Dike-New Hartford

Class 3A

First Team
Grant Sagan, Vinton-Shellsburg
Casey Schlatter, Iowa Falls-Alden
Klint Carlson, Waverly-Shell Rock
Shane Graves, Bishop Heelan Catholic, Sioux City
Spencer Barnes, Anamosa
Tate Handsaker, Nevada
Faith Pope, Mt. Pleasant
Billy Daniel, Assumption, Davenport

Second Team
Trey Lansman, Harlan

Carson Miller, Norwalk
Dalton Franken, Atlantic
Max Kearns, Vinton-Shellsburg
Josh Jirak, Center Point-Urbana
Nick Drucker, Dallas Center-Grimes
Miles Wentzien, Fort Madison
Eli Dunne, Grinnell

Third Team
Kyle Heaton, Bishop Heelan
Matt Heitmann, Williamsburg

Justin Van Kalsbeek, MOC-Floyd Valley

Spencer Davidson, Clear Lake
Brook Thompson, Nevada
Sam Markham, Atlantic
Nate Cave, Harlan
Luke Neitzel, Creston

Class 4A
First Team
Jeremy Morgan, Iowa City, West
Peter Jok, Valley, West Des Moines
Daniel Tillo, Sioux City, North
T.J. Lake, Epworth, Western Dubuque
Wyatt Lohaus, Iowa City, West
Cortez Seales, North Scott, Eldridge
Kalehl Brown, Cedar Falls
Kyle Haber, Dubuque, Senior

Second Team
Michael Jacobson, Waukee
Ted Friedman, Ankeny
Chris Bennett, Des Moines, Roosevelt
Marcel Dunson, Sioux City, East
Cole Clearmann, Bettendorf
Jalen Jones, Clinton
Allen Lazard, Urbandale
Jay Knuth, Johnston

Third Team
Josh Weeber, Dubuque, Senior
Isaac Boettger, Cedar Falls
Justin Randall, Burlington
Peter Odia, Dowling Catholic, West Des Moines
Nick Jeffries, Southeast Polk
Chris King, Des Moines, Hoover
Kendall Jacks, Bettendorf
Jacob Olson, Cedar Rapids, Jefferson



(AMES) The Iowa State women's basketball team was handed their eighth loss of the season last night. Of those eight losses, three of them have come to #1 Baylor.


ISU finishes 2nd place in the 2013 Big 12 Women's Basketball Tournament with a 75-47 loss last night. Player of the year candidate Brittany Griner scored 31 points to lead the Bears. Hamlin native Hallie Christofferson had a rare game in which she struggled from the field. Christofferson hit just 1-7 from the field and finished with 5 points and five rebounds. The junior's season point per game average now stands at 15.6 points per game.


At 23-8 on the season, ISU now awaits their call for the NCAA Women's Tournament.


(Grimes) Dallas-Center Grimes High School will host the Iowa Basketball Coaches Association All-Star games. The day will be filled from with eight games (four girls, four boys).


SWI Boys Roster

Tate Hansaker, Nevada

Brad Baudler, Nodaway Valley

Peter Jok, WDM Valley

Austin Halls, Murray

Adam Courtney, Guthrie Center

Ben Taylor, ACA

Alex Welsch, Nodaway Valley

Donell Crawford-Begg, Ballard

Peter Odia, WDM Dowling

Jerad Jones, DM Christian

Ted Friedman, Ankeny


SWI Girls Roster

Caitlin Engle, SE Polk

Lauren Meeker, Abraham Lincoln

Aubrey Norville, Lewis Central

Katie Ahrnholtz, Ballard

Sadie Green, Central Decatur

Shelsey Van Ness, Denison-Schleswig

Jennifer Kennedy, Greene County

Tiffany Stubbs, DM Christian

Lexi Albrecht, Kuemper Cathlolic

Madison Eley, Colo-Nesco                           


(Atlantic) J. Robert Burrows was inducted into the Missouri Wrestling Association Hall of Fame on Sunday, March 3rd.  Robert was a 1981 graduate of Atlantic High School and was inducted into the first Atlantic/CAM Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2011.  The following speech was written and read by Coach Rick Wilkson, seen in the photo (above) with Robert, better known in Missouri as ‘Bob’.

“Today I have the honor and privilege of introducing Bob Burrows for his induction into the Missouri Wrestling Association Hall of Fame as a Coach and Wrestler.  Mr. Burrows was a head coach for 21 years at Lathrop, Higginsville and Lexington High Schools, and was an assistant coach for four years at Warrensburg High School.   As a head coach, his teams won three District and one Conference title. He had numerous top ten state finishes, highlighted by a third place finish in 1999.  He also coached 52 State Medalists, 20 State Finalists and 12 State Champions, including 4X state Champion Brendon Fox.  As a wrestler, Bob won a state title his senior year at Atlantic High School in Iowa, and was a two-time NCAA Division Two All-American for Central Missouri State University, placing 8th as a junior and 6th as a senior. 
Coach Burrows was a great role model and mentor to countless students and athletes during the 25 years that he was an educator.  Not only was I fortunate enough to get to spend four years as an assistant for Bob, I also had him as a teacher and coach when I was in school.  Wrestling was never just about wins and losses to Bob.  It was about teaching life lessons.  And those same life lessons are what I try to pass on to the athletes that I have worked with, and to my own children as well.  Things like citizenship, hard work, discipline and accountability, just to name a few.  He wanted you to be the best you could be, in sports and in life, and to have fun while doing it. 

On behalf of all of the students and athletes that you have had such a positive impact on over you career, we thank you.  And to his wonderful wife Shelly, thank you for sharing him with us for all of those years Coach Burrows is a member of the Atlantic High School Athletics Hall of Fame, the University Of Central Missouri Wrestling Hall Of Legends, and now the Missouri Wrestling Association Hall of Fame.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Coach Bob Burrows.”

Robert’s proud parents are Jack & Florence Burrows, Atlantic, IA.


Press Release


(Cedar Rapids) Kirkwood Community College will host this year's senior all-star girls basketball contest. The Larry Niemeyer All-Star games will be played April 6th and 7th in Cedar Rapids.


Area All-Stars


Kaylee Blake, IKM-Manning

Sydney Reeves, Nodaway Valley

Brittany Stoelk, Ar-We-Va

Grace Newman, Glenwood

Amanda Focht, Villisca

Rachel Koch, Denison-Schleswig

Aubrey Norville, Lewis Central

Brittany Holdsworth, Carroll

Lexi Albrecht, Kuemper Catholic

Breanna Allely, Shenandoah

Emily Beerman, CAM

Ragen Anderson, Stanton

Katie Clarke, Adair-Casey




F -- DANIEL TILLO, Sioux City North, 6-4, Soph.

F -- CHRIS BENNETT, D.M. Roosevelt, 6-5, Sr.

C -- TED FRIEDMAN, Ankeny, 6-10, Sr.

G -- PETER JOK, W.D.M. Valley, 6-6, Sr.

G -- JEREMY MORGAN, Iowa City West, 6-6, Sr.



F -- Kalehl Brown, Cedar Falls, 6-4, Sr.

F -- Cortez Seales, North Scott, 6-4, Soph.

C -- Kyle Haber, Dubuque Senior, 6-7, Jr.

G -- TJ Lake, Western Dubuque, 5-11, Sr.

G -- Wyatt Lohaus, Iowa City West, 6-2, Jr.






F -- Marcel Dunson, Sioux City East, 6-2, Sr.

F -- Josh Weeber, Dubuque Senior, 6-5, Sr.

C -- Jay Knuth, Johnston, 6-6, Jr.

G --Peter Odia, W.D.M. Dowling Catholic, 6-4, Sr.

G -- Cole Clearmann, Bettendorf, 6-0, Jr.



F -- KLINTON CARLSON, Waverly-Shell Rock, 6-8, Sr.

F -- DALTON FRANKEN, Atlantic, 6-6, Sr.

C -- CASEY SCHLATTER, Iowa Falls-Alden, 6-8, Jr.

G -- SHANE GRAVES, Sioux City Heelan, 5-11, Sr.

G -- BILLY DANIEL, Davenport Assumption, 6-5, Sr.



F -- Grant Sagan, Vinton-Shellsburg, 6-4, Sr.

F -- Trey Lansman, Harlan, 6-6, Jr.

C -- Carson Miller, Norwalk, 6-8, Sr.

G -- Eli Dunne, Grinnell, 6-5, Jr.

G -- Spencer Barnes, Anamosa, 6-0, Sr.



F -- Kyle Heaton, Sioux City Heelan, 6-6, Sr.

F -- Tate Handsaker, Nevada, 6-3, Sr.

C -- Faith Pope, Mount Pleasant, 6-6, Sr.

G -- Matt Vonderhaar, Davenport Assumption, 6-4, Sr.

G -- Nick Drucker, Dallas Center-Grimes, 6-1, Jr.


F -- REED TELLINGHUISEN, East Sac County, 6-5, Jr.

F -- RYLAN MURRY, West Branch, 6-8, Sr.

C -- PAYTON PLAGGE, West Fork, 6-8, Sr.

G -- T.J. STERK, IKM-Manning, 6-4, Sr.

G -- C.J. MASON, MFL/Mar-Mac (Monona), 6-4, Sr.



F -- Austin Ver Meer, Pella Christian, 6-6, Sr.

F - Cole Crawford, Wilton, 6-5, Sr.

C -- Dallas Ennema, Sheldon, 6-7, Sr.

G -- Brad Baudler, Nodaway Valley (Greenfield), 5-10, Sr.

G -- Jared Jones, D.M. Christian, 6-2, Sr.



F -- Vaughn Wilson, Colfax-Mingo, 6-8, Sr.

F -- Sam Brincks, Carroll Kuemper, 6-6, Jr.

C -- Alex Welsch, Nodaway Valley (Greenfield), 6-7, Sr.

G -- Jordan Wagenbach, Mediapolis, 6-1, Sr.

G -- Britton Barrier, Tri-Center (Neola), 6-1, Sr.



F -- STEVEN SOUKUP, Danville, 6-5, Sr.

F -- KENNEDY DREY, Storm Lake St. Mary, 6-6, Sr.

C -- RICKY WILLIAMS, Riverside (Oakland), 6-7, Sr.

G -- LUKE LENHART, Storm Lake St. Mary, 6-0, Sr.

G -- AUSTIN HALLS, Murray, 6-2, Sr.



F -- Brandt Van Roekel, Boyden-Hull, 6-4, Sr.

F -- Mitchell Boerm, North Tama, 6-5, Sr.

C -- Vaclav Bujnoch, Sigourney, 6-7, Sr.

G -- Bryan Forbes, Lone Tree, 6-3, Sr.

G -- Michael Soukup, Danville, 6-5, Sr.



F -- John Burns, Algona Garrigan, 6-5, Sr.

F -- Jeremy Deemer, Lamoni, 6-6, Jr.

C -- Kory Kuenstling, Dunkerton, 6-10, Jr.

G -- Kasey Lasack, Midland (Wyoming), 6-0, Sr.

G -- Austin Lefler, Lawton-Bronson, 5-11, Sr.


(Iowa City) As a sophomore it was .01 that seperated Atlantic High School graduate Jordan Mullen from a chance to run in the 60M Hurdle Finals at the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships. Mullen says that near miss is something that continues to motivate him as a senior for the Iowa Hawkeyes.


On Friday, Mullen had a chance at redemption. Having run a 7.70 two weeks ago to win a Big 10 title, Mullen went into the 2013 NCAA Championships with high hopes of becoming an All-American. That goal though fell short by an even slimmer gap than his sophomore season. Mullen missed the finals by .002. He ran 7.726, but needed 7.724 to advance.


This marks the 2nd time in his career that Mullen has earned 2nd team All-American honors. He now turns his attention to the outdoor season which begins March 22nd.


Class 4A

1st Team
G-Cole Clearmann, Junior Bettendorf
G-Peter Jok, Senior, West Des Moines Valley
G-Wyatt Lohaus, Junior, Iowa City West
F-Jeremy Morgan, Senior, Iowa City West
F-Daniel Tillo, Sophomore, Sioux City North
C-Kyle Haber, Junior, Dubuque Senior


2nd Team
G-Tayontae Jenkins, Junior, Des Moines North
G-TJ Lake, Senior, Western Dubuque (Epworth)
F-Chris Bennett, Senior, Des Moines Roosevelt
F-Kahehl Brown, Senior, Cedar Falls
F-Allen Lazard, Junior, Urbandale
C-Ted Friedman, Senior, Ankeny


3rd Team
G-Nick Jeffries, Junior, Southeast Polk
G-Chris King, Sophomore, Des Moines Hoover
G-Cortez Seals, Sophomore, North Scott (Eldridge)
F-Marcel Dunson, Senior, Sioux City East
F-Michael Jacobson, Sophomore, Waukee
C-Jay Knuth, Junior, Johnston


Class 4A Player of the Year: Peter Jok, West Des Moines Valley
Class 4A Coach of the Year: Cody Fisher, Sioux City North


Class 3A

1st Team
G-Billy Daniel, Senior, Davenport Assumption
G-Shane Graves, Senior, Bishop Heelan (Sioux City)
F-Grant Sagen, Senior, Vinton-Shellsburg
F-Klinton Carlson, Senior, Waverly-Shell Rock
F-Dalton Franken, Senior, Atlantic
C-Casey Schlatter, Junior, Iowa Falls-Alden


2nd Team

G-Spencer Barnes, Senior, Anamosa
G-Maxton Kearns, Senior, Vinton-Shellsburg
F-Kyle Heaton, Senior, Bishop Heelan (Sioux City)
F-Trey Lansman, Junior, Harlan
F-Faith Pope, Senior, Mount Pleasant
C-Justin Van Kalsbeek, Senior, MOC-Floyd Valley


3rd Team
G-Payton Busch, Senior, Centerville
G-Derek Hall, Senior, Denison-Schleswig
F-Tate Handsaker, Senior, Nevada
F-Josh Jirak, Senior, Center Point-Urbana
F-Logan Losh, Senior, Boone
C-Carson Miller, Senior, Norwalk


Class 3A Player of the Year: Klinton Carlson, Senior, Waverly-Shell Rock
Class 3A Coach of the Year: Joe Johnson, Vinton-Shellsburg


Class 2A

1st Team
G-Brad Baudler, Senior, Nodaway Valley (Greenfield)
G-Jordan Wagenbach, Senior, Mediapolis
F-*Dallas Ennema, Senior, Sheldon
F-Rylan Murry, Senior, West Branch
C-C.J. Mason, Senior, MFL, Mar-Mac (Monona)
C-Payton Plagge, Senior West Fork


2nd Team
G-Jacob Hadaway, Senior, North Polk
G-TJ Sterk, Senior, IKM-Manning
F-Sam Brincks, Junior, Kuemper Catholic (Carroll)

F-Cole Crawford, Senior, Wilton
F-Reed Tellinghuisen, Junior, East Sac County
C-Alex Welsch, Senior, Nodaway Valley (Greenfield)


3rd Team
G-Britton Barrier, Senior, Tri-Center (Neola)
G-Trevor Haaland, Junior, Osage
F-Jared Jones, Senior, Des Moines Christian
F-Kyle Smith, Junior, New Hampton
F-Austin Ver Merr, Senior, Pella Christian
C-Austin Glawe, Senior, Sioux Central (Sioux Rapids)


Class 2A Player of the Year: Dallas Ennema, Senior, Sheldon
Class 2A Coach of the Year: Claude Struve, Sheldon


Class 1A

1st Team
G-Austin Halls, Senior, Murray
G-Luke Lenhart, Senior St. Mary’s (Storm Lake)
F-Michael Soukup, Senior, Danville
F-*Steven Soukup, Senior, Danville
C-Kennedy Drey, Senior, St. Mary’s (Storm Lake)
C-Ricky Williams, Senior, Riverside (Oakland)


2nd Team
G-Adam Courtney, Senior, Guthrie Center
G-Eli Ihnen, Senior, Harris Lake Park
G-Austin Lefler, Senior, Lawton-Bronson
F-Bryan Forbes, Senior, Lone Tree
C-Vaclav Bujnoch, Senior, Sigourney
C-Jeremy Deemer, Junior, Lamoni


3rd Team
G-Mitchell Boevers, Sr., Wapsie Valley (Fairbank)
G-Kasey Lasack, Senior, Midland (Wyoming)
G-Spencer Rochhloz, Senior, Adair-Casey
F-Ben Taylor, Senior, Ankeny Christian Academy

F-Andrew Van Ginkel, Junior, Rock Valley
C-Elias Nissen, Junior, Springville


Class 1A Player of the Year: Steven Soukup, Senior, Danville
Class 1A Coach of the Year: Jason Shelangouski, Riverside (Oakland)


(AMES) After topping Kansas and Oklahoma over the weekend, the ISU women's basketball team has advanced to the Big 12 Tournament final for the first time since 2007.


Hallie Christofferson had 10 points and 9 rebounds in ISU's semi-final win at the Big 12 Tournament in Dallas. ISU improves to 23-7 overall and will matchup up with defending national champion Baylor in the conference tourney's championship game. In an interview with KSOM/KS95.7 Sports, Christofferson stated that the team has worked hard to put themselves in this position and looks forward to getting another shot at Baylor.


Baylor has defeated ISU twice this season. The Bears won 67-39 in Waco and 66-51 in Ames.


KSOM will air the Big 12 Conference Tournament championship game Monday night. The contest tips at 7:00 p.m.


(Area) Two teams represented the Hawkeye 10 Conference very well at the 2013 state basketball tournament.


Kuemper Catholic, despite being the number 7 seed, placed third in the Class 2A field.


#8 seed Harlan made a run all the way to the state finals where they placed 2nd to Waverly-Shell Rock.


Atlantic won the Hawkeye Ten regular season title followed by runner-up Creston.


First Team

Sam Markham, Atlantic*

Dalton Franken, Atlantic*

Trey Lansman, Harlan*

Luke Neitzel, Creston

Cole Neary, Kuemper Catholic

Grant May, Glenwood

Derek Hall, Denison-Schleswig

Alex Reed, Lewis Central


Second Place

Tanner Johnson, Red Oak

Sam Brincks, Kuemper Catholic

Nathan Cave, Harlan

Colby Taylor, Creston

Chad Christensen, Atlantic

Cory Bertini, Glenwood

Pete Walker, Red Oak

Briar Evans, Creston


Honorable Mention

Payden Anderson, Shenandoah

Jackson Baker, Shenandoah

Jordan Peterman, Clarinda

Dakota Woods, Clarinda

Lincoln Rodenburg, Lewis Central

Zac Johnson, Denison-Schleswig

Jose Perez, Red Oak

Tyler Jensen, Glenwood

Gabe Ferry, Harlan

Chris Halbur, Kuemper Catholic

Trey Thomsen, Creston

Stuart Hoegh, Atlantic


(Des Moines) In their sixth shot at a boys state basketball tournament championship since 1998, the Harlan Cyclones fell to Waverly-Shell Rock 48-41. Harlan took top honors in 2004 and 2006, but were unable match that in 2013.


Despite holding Waverly-Shell Rock leading scorers Klinton Carlson and Jake Velky scoreless in the first quarter, the Cyclones still found themselves down two after the first eight minutes. The Cyclones saw their own leading scorer, Trey Lansman, take a seat late in the first with two personal fouls. The Cyclones though showed no signs of concern without Lansman as they built an eight point second quarter lead. That eight point advantage would not last long however as Waverly-Shell Rock closed out the 2nd quarter with an 11-2 run that gave them a three point cushion.


Harlan's second half shooting cooled considerably hitting just 6/20 from the field and only 3/13 from three. A 5-0 run by Waverly-Shell Rock stretched the Harlan deficit from 4 to 9. Harlan wouldn't get any closer until the final minute of play.


Click here for postgame comments from Harlan coach Mitch Osborn


Juniors Trey Lansman and Gabe Ferry each scored 14 points for runner-up Harlan. Lansman and teammate Adam Juhl, who scored 17 in the semi-finals, were named all tournament team selections.


Click here for postgame comments from Harlan junior Trey Lansman


(Harlan) One week ago the Harlan Cyclone girls basketball team came up just short of their state championship aspirations. Now the girls team will watch as the Harlan boys basketball squad attempts to take top honors at the state tourney Saturday.


Joining the KSOM broadcast at halftime of the boys championship game will be Cyclone girls basketball coach Zach Klaassen. Coach Klaassen will share his reaction to the closing seconds of his team's loss to Cedar Rapids Xavier. He'll also talk about the impressive turnaround his team made from a 10-11 season ago. Another topic coming up in the halftime interview during Saturday's championship game will be Coach Klaassen's thoughts on his team's bright future and comments on All-State selections Taylor Wagner and Jess Schaben.


To get a sneak preview of the interview follow the link below:


Click here for the interview with Harlan girls coach Zach Klaassen


(Des Moines) One day after going down to the wire in a semi-final loss to Sheldon the Kuemper Catholic Knights bounced back in a big way Friday morning. Kuemper Catholic secured a third place trophy at the 2013 state tournament with an 80-52 drubbing of MFL, MarMac.


Kuemper Catholic buried 59% from the field in the 2A consolation game including 72% in the second half (18/25). A pair of seniors posted big games in the final game of their career. Going out as winner's are Riley Bach and Chris Halbur who scored 10 and 15 points respectively. A fantastic junior duo of Sam Brincks and Cole Neary take a lot of momentum into what whould be a big senior season. Brincks poured in a team-high 18 points and Neary finished with 11.


Kuemper Catholic took control of the game in the third quarter. They turned a five point cushion into a 14 point game with a 20-11 advantage out of the break. The fourth quarter brought more of the same with Kuemper outscoring the opposition 25-11 in the final frame.


Kuemper Catholic ends the season with 18 wins and 9 losses.


(Harlan) On one hand Harlan's run to the 2013 boys state basketball championship game could seem improbable. Harlan lost three games in a row at one point in the regular season and and have had to beat the #1 and #2 ranked teams in the state along the way. They entered the postseason with a 15-6 record.

On the other hand though, Harlan has been there time after time. Over the last three year's alone the Cyclones have made state tournament runs in football, baseball, and basketball that have seemed, at one point or another, to be highly unlikely. 

Saturday night Harlan will play in their 6th basketball state championship game in the last 16 years. For the Harlan fans, cheering a team on in a state title game is nothing new.

Harlan Boys Sports Championship History


Baseball (2 State Titles, 2 Runner-up)
1996, Champion
2003, Champion
2008, Runner-up
2011, Runner-up


Basketball (2 State Titles, 3 Runner-up)

1998, Runner-up

2003, Runner-up

2004, Champion

2006, Champion

2008, Runner-up


Football (12 State Titles, 8 Runner-up)
1972, Champion
1981, Runner-up
1982, Champion
1983, Champion
1984, Champion
1985, Runner-up
1986, Runner-up
1988, Runner-up
1989, Runner-up
1992, Runner-up
1993, Champion
1995, Champion
1997, Champion
1998, Champion
2000, Runner-up
2001, Runner-up
2003, Champion
2004, Champion
2005, Champion
2009, Champion


Cross Country State Qualifications


1999 Runner up
Individual Medalists
Morris Somerville, 1940
Brett Gallinger 1998


Doubles Teams (all finished as runner-up)
Pete Ruesher and David Thomsen 1985
Dan Newlin Jamie Burmeister, 1988


Track and Field (2 Team Titles)
1954 Class A Champion
2003 Class 3A Champion


Wrestling (1 Team Title)
Team Champion in 1967
*3 separate individual champions in program history



Class 1A

1st Team
Lexi Ackerman, Central Lyon
Renee Maneman, Newell Fonda
Dia Keahna, Meskwaki Settelment
Kayla Lindemeyer, Bedford
Samantha Meyers, Grundy Center
Paige Danner, Ar-We-Va
Jade Lynn Vlotho, West Sioux
Andrea Christensen, Newell Fonda


2nd Team
Morgan Myers, Burlington, Notre Dame
Alee Hugen, Twin Cedars
Madison Eley, Colo Nesco
London Vais, Adair Casey
Kameo Pope, Belle Plaine
Amanda Focht, Villisca
Kelsey Ackerman, Central Lyon
Danielle Bender, Marquette Catholic


3rd Team
Kori Schulte, Central Lyon
Morgan Johnson, Earlham
Taylor Hickey, Burlington Notre Dame
Kate Patton, Murray
Jasmine Demers, Storm Lake St Marys
Katelynn Tracy, Moravia
Hannah Poppe, Clarksville
Rachel Smith, Exira-EHK


Class 2A

1st Team
Brooke Wolterstorff, Western Christian

Kaylee Blake, IKM-Manning
Ellie Herzberg, Manson-NW Webster
Nicole Miller, North Linn
Josie Kopal, Lawton-Bronson
Mallory Boyle, North Mahaska
Kelsey Ernst, Bellevue
Olivia Godfrey, Panorama


2nd Team
Anna Mallen, West Hancock
Lexi Albrecht, Carroll Kuemper
Alissa Pollema, Western Christian
Jenna Lehman, Regina, Iowa City
Hannah Haynes, Van Buren
Ashley Williams, Lawton-Bronson
Lauren Hedlund, Hinton
Paige Engbers, Pella Christian


3rd Team
Haleigh Hempen, Aplington-Parkersburg
Cori Uitermarkt, Pella Christian
Alex Yoerger, Hinton
Renee Huber, Maquoketa Valley
Tiffany Stubbs, Des Moines Christian
Casey Miles, Hudson
Morgan Muhlbauer, IKM Manning
Rachel Freland, West Marshall


Class 3A

1st Team
Alexis Conaway, MOC-Floyd Valley
Paige Greiner, Williamsburg
Danielle Moore, Davenport, Assumption
Miranda Murphy, North Polk
Hailey Schneden, Davenport, Assumption
Allie Sievert, Estherville Lincoln Central
Daneshia Snitker, Waukon
KJ Veldman, Spirit Lake


2nd Team
Taryn Barz, Hampton-Dumont
Ashley Burrows, Bondurant-Farrar
Miranda Chapman, Mount Vernon
Jennifer Kennedy, Greene County
Emily Kirchner, Estherville Lincoln Central
Andrea Larson, Mediapolis
Addie Oberman, Northeast, Goose Lake
Arika Wooldridge, Center Point-Urbana


3rd Team
Haley Birks, South Central, Calhoun
Kate Fennelly, Davenport, Assumption
Jessica Helton, Nevada
Sara Heywood, Estherville Lincoln Central
Traci Keller, Central Lee, Donnellson
Emily McDonald, MOC-Floyd Valley
Megan Murphy, North Polk
Kennedy Salow, Center Point-Urbana


Class 4A

1st Team
Madison Weekly, Benton
Kena Veldhuizen, Oskaloosa
Aftin Phyfe, Waverly-Shell Rock
Aubrey Norville, Lewis Central
Claire Marburger, Perry
MaKayla Augustine, Heelan
Taylor Benshoof, Winterset
Rachel Dunlap, Keokuk


2nd Team
Katie Ahrenholtz, Ballard
Grace Newman, Glenwood
Mariah Criswell, Winterset

Logan Lynch, Wahlert
Deja Jackson, Grinnell

Kirstin Martindale, Spencer
Brittany Holdsworth, Carroll
Jess Schaben, Harlan


3rd Team
Kayla Armstrong, Xavier
Sidney Baumann, Fairfield
Megan McCarthy, Heelan
Dani Heritage, Dallas Center-Grimes
Ashley Stulken, Xavier
Naomi Phillips, Waverly-Shell Rock
Evan Hundley, North Scott
Michalyn Mohr, Marion


Class 5A

1st Team
Jadda Buckley, Mason City
Caitlin Ingle, SE Polk
Ally Disterhoft, IC West
Shaya Kellogg, Ames
Haley Lorenzen, IC High
Lettie Lerma, Muscatine
Blaire Thomas, Waterloo West
Dani Franklin, CR Washington


2nd Team
Britney Boland, Waukee
Audrey Faber, Dowling Catholic
Brittany Hedrick, Ankeny
Roichelle Marble, DM East
Shareece Burrell, DM East
Mickey Hansche, IC High
Jaali Winters, Ankeny
Grace Vander Weide, West Des Moines Valley


3rd Team
Meredith Burkhall, DM Roosevelt
Haley Puk, Waterloo West
Madi Dellamuth, CR Prairie
Cortni Rush, Mason City

Emily Clemens, Muscatine
Madi Robson, Ankeny
Annie Penquite, SE Polk
Tanya Meyer, Sioux City West 


(Des Moines) Only two teams remain alive in Class 3A boys basketball and the Harlan Cyclones are one of them.


The unranked Cyclones entered the postseason with a 15-6 record, but now stand at 20-6 heading into the state championship game Saturday night. In the last three games Harlan has defeated 2nd ranked Atlantic, #1 ranked Vinton-Shellsburg, and 4th seeded MOC-Floyd Valley.


The most recent win, 45-42 over MOC-Floyd Valley in last night's semi-final matchup, came thanks in large part to senior Nate Kloewer. Kloewer has been an unsung hero throughout the tournament trail holding the opposing teams top scorers well below their average over the last three games. Last night it was MOC-Floyd Valley's 6'6" Justin Van Kalsbeek that Kloewer held in check. Offensively the senior provided his team with a boost as well scoring seven points including the go ahead layup with around :15 seconds left.


Click here for comments from Harlan's Nate Kloewer


Neither team ever led by more than seven points in the game and the lead changed hands eight times in the fourth quarter. Junior Trey Lansman paced Harlan with 15 points and 12 rebounds. Nathan Cave buries three of Harlan's six three-pointers and finished with 11 points. Adam Juhl poured in two from long range including a deep three that gave Harlan a 38-36 lead late in the fourth.


Click here for postgame audio from Harlan coach Mitch Osborn


For the sixth time in school history the Harlan Cyclones will play for a boys state basketball tournament championship. Head coach Mitch Osborn improves his all-time state tournament record to 30-16. Harlan will play Waverly-Shell Rock in a game that will air on KSOM Saturday night at 6:05 p.m.




(Des Moines) A cold shooting day brought Kuemper Catholic's state championship hopes to an end Thursday afternoon in their semi-final loss to Sheldon. The Knights hit just 25% from the field in the first half and wer fighting an uphill battle the rest of the way in their 49-42 loss.


After facing a six point halftime whole, the Knight's did they best they could to climb out of it. Then with Sheldon's leading scorer leaving the game with an ankle injury in the fourth, the Knights closed the gap to three points, but never got closer. Kuemper Catholic made just 8/15 free-throws (53.3%) in the second half compared to Sheldon's 11/16 (68.8%).


Sam Brincks led Kuemper Catholic with 19 points and Riley Bach scored 10, but Kuemper made just 1/12 from three point range in the game. The Knights will take on MFL, MarMac in the consolation matchup Friday morning.


Click here for postgame audio from Kuemper coach Tyler Edwards


Sheldon's storybook season continues into the state championship game against 2011 state champ West Fork. This is the final season for Sheldon longtime head coach Claude Struve and he has led his team to the championship game in their first state appearance since 1977.


Click here for postgame audio from Sheldon coach Claude Struve


(Cedar Falls) The 41st Annual Iowa Shrine Bowl will be held July 27th. The location of the game has been changed this year from Iowa State University in Ames to the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. Student-athletes, cheerleaders, and dance team members will participate in a week's worth of activities.


Among those activities is spending time with children in Shriner's Hospitals and helping to raise money.


Area Athletes on the South Roster

Cody Kahl, IKM-Manning

Seth Phillips, Fremont-Mills

Jose Zambrano, Carroll

Noah Kaldenberg, Winterset

Britton Barrier, Tri-Center

Garrett Mleyneck, Panorama

Alex Reed, Lewis Central

Luke Neitzel, Creston/OM

Caden McDonald, Logan-Magnolia


AMES, Iowa – Iowa State junior Hallie Christofferson and senior Chelsea Poppens have been named to the All-Big 12 First Team, while sophomore Nikki Moody was an honorable mention selection. It marks the first time in school history that Iowa State has had two All-Big 12 first team selections.


Christofferson, a forward from Hamlin, Iowa, was a unanimous first-team pick after averaging 16 points and 6.8 rebounds. In conference play, Christofferson averaged 16.1 points and was second in the league in field goal percentage at 53.4 percent. She was also second in the league with an 85.3 percent clip at the free-throw line.


Christofferson, who shot 50 percent or better in 19 games, was in double figures in 24 of 28 games, including 10 games with 20 or more points.


Iowa State is the only Big 12 school to have a unanimous All-Big 12 First Team selection in each of the last four seasons.


Poppens, a forward from Aplington, Iowa, earned first-team honors for the second season in a row. She averaged 13.1 points and 9.4 rebounds per game this season. Earlier this season, Poppens became the 14th player in Big 12 history to record 1,000 career points and 1,000 career rebounds. Poppens also ranks fourth in free-throw shooting at 83.5 percent. She recorded three games this season with at least 20 points and 15 rebounds. Poppens posted seven double-doubles this season.


Moody has enjoyed a breakout season, leading the Big 12 and ranking third nationally with 7.4 assists per game. The Euless, Texas native has 201 assists, which broke Iowa State’s sophomore record and is just 28 shy of the Big 12’s record for sophomores. She needs 16 assists to break Iowa State’s overall record, which was set by Lyndsey Medders in 2007.


Moody also averaged 8.5 points and 3.5 rebounds and has posted double-digit dimes in a Big 12-best seven games.


2012-13 Phillips 66 All-Big 12 Awards
Coach of the Year: Kim Mulkey, Baylor
Player of the Year: Brittney Griner, Baylor**
Co-Newcomers of the Year: Portia Durrett, Oklahoma and Jackie Patterson, Texas Tech
Freshman of the Year: Imani McGee-Stafford, Texas
Defensive Player of the Year: Brittney Griner, Baylor**
Sixth Man Award: Destiny Williams, Baylor
Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Brittany Chambers, K-State
** Denotes Unanimous



Press Release



(Atlantic) An Atlantic High School graduate and University of Iowa senior is gearing up for a run at a national championship.


After a record breaking high school career at Atlantic, the fiercely competitive hurdler Jordan Mullen went off to the University of Iowa where for three years he showed flashes of greatness but also had a series of injuries slow his progress.


As a senior though, Mullen’s injury problems, much like his competition, appear only in the rear view mirror. The senior has lowered his own school record three times during the 2012-13 indoor season including most recently in his sprint to the Big 10 title two weeks ago when he finished in 7.70. Now Mullen looks to close out his first fully healthy season as a first team all-American.


Click to listen


Mullen says people who have doubted he would ever get to this point have increased his competitive drive. He also points to a near miss of the finals as a sophomore as something that continues to motivate him.


Click to listen


While Mullen will be a serious contender, he will likely have to post career best to win a national title. He says he expects it will take a low 7.50 to win the event as University of Florida Junior Eddie Lovett just set a new SEC record with a 7.54. According to Mullen and Iowa assistant coach Joey Woody, a fast start is the biggest key in the quest for a national championship. The NCAA meet is being held Friday and Saturday in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


First Team

Kolten Sefrit, Bedford

Bryson Durrow, Central Decatur

Jaylan White, I-35

Mason Peterson, Lenox

Garrett Gehringer, Martensdale-St. Marys

Braydee Poore, Mount Ayr

Jacob Still, Mount Ayr

Alex Welsch, Nodaway Valley

Brad Baudler, Nodaway Valley

T.J. Bower, Nodaway Valley

Dylan Lauer, Pleasantville

Dillon Lain, Wayne


Second Team

Noah Thornton, Bedford

Peyton Pedersen, Central Decatur

Jamal White, I-35

Caleb Lange, Lenox

Eddy Kraber, Martensdale-St Marys

Gage Gavin, Martensdale-St. Marys

Dan Ehrsam, Nodaway Valley

Dean Frank, Nodaway Valley

Trever Zoss, Pleasantville

Josh Luna, Pleasantville

Sawyer Steenhoek, SE Warren


Class 5A

1st Team
G-Jadda Buckley, Senior, Mason City
G-Ally Disterhoft, Senior, Iowa City West
G-Caitlin Ingle, Senior, Southeast Polk
F-Danielle Franklin, Junior, Cedar Rapids Washington
F-Haley Lorenzen, Junior, Iowa City High
C-Blair Thomas, Senior, Waterloo West

2nd Team
G-Madi Robson, Senior, Ankeny
G-Roichelle Marble, Junior, Des Moines East
F-Britney Boland, Senior, Waukee
F-Shaya Kellogg, Senior, Ames
F-Leti Lerma, Senior, Muscatine
C-Abby Herb, Senior, Cedar Rapids Washington

3rd Team
G-Mickey Hansche, Senior, Iowa City High
G-Brittany Hedrick, Senior, Ankeny
G-Katie Sommer, Junior, Dubuque Senior
F-Audrey Faber, Sophomore, Dowling Catholic
C-Tanya Meyer, Senior, Sioux City West
C-Haley Puk, Junior, Waterloo West


Class 5A Coach of the Year: Bob and Sharon Hanson, Dowling Catholic


Class 4A

1st Team
G-MaKayla Augustine, Senior, Bishop Heelan (Sioux City)
G-Madison Weekly, Senior, Benton Community (Player of the year)
G-Madalyn Welty, Senior, Western Dubuque (Epworth)
F-Mariah Criswell, Sophomore, Winterset
F-Claire Marburger, Sophomore, Perry
C-Aftin Phyfe, Senior, Waverly-Shell Rock

2nd Team
G-Kena Veldhuizen, Senior, Oskaloosa
G-Taylor Wagner, Sophomore, Harlan
F-Katie Ahrenholtz, Senior, Ballard (Huxley)
F-Rachel Dunlap, Senior, Keokuk
F-Aubrey Norville, Senior, Lewis Central (Council Bluffs)
C-Brittany Holdsworth, Senior, Carroll

3rd Team
G-Dani Heritage, Junior, Dallas Center-Grimes
G-Logan Lynch, Senior, Dubuque Wahlert
F-Sidney Baumann, Senior, Fairfield
F-Ally Orwig, Senior, Indianola
F-Kirsten Martindale, Junior, Spencer
C-Ashley Stulken, Senior, Cedar Rapids Xavier


Class 4A Coach of the Year: Derek Archer, Lewis Central (Council Bluffs)


Class 3A

1st Team
G-Danielle Moore, Senior, Davenport Assumption
G-Paige Greiner, Junior, Williamsburg
G-KJ Veldman, Senior, Spirit Lake
F-Alexis Conaway, Junior, MOC-Floyd Valley (Player of the Year)
F-Daneshia Snitker, Senior, Waukon
C-Allie Sievert, Senior, Estherville-Lincoln Central

2nd Team
G-Traci Keller, Senior, Central Lee (Donnellson)
G-Miranda Murphy, Junior, North Polk
F-Tayrn Barz, Senior, Hampton-Dumont
F-Ashley Burrows, Junior, Bondurant-Farrar
F-Emily Kirchner, Senior, Estherville-Lincoln Central
C-Addie Oberman, Sophomore, Northeast (Goose Lake)

3rd Team
G-Kylie Vogel, Junior, Camanche
G-Kate Walker, Sophomore, Red Oak
F-Rylee Eakins, Junior, Davis County (Bloomfield)
F-Jennifer Kennedy, Senior, Greene County
C-Haley Birks, Sophomore, South Central Calhoun
C-Andrea Larson, Sophomore, Mediapolis


Class 3A Coach of the Year: Mike Sconsa, Cascade (Western Dubuque)


Class 2A

1st Team
G-Mallory Boyle, Senior, North Mahaska (New Sharon)
G-Nicole Miller, Sophomore, North Linn (Troy Mills)
F-Ellie Herzberg, Junior, Manson-NW Webster
F-Josie Kopal, Senior, Lawton-Bronson
F-Brooke Wolterstorff, Senior, Western Christian (Player of the year)
C-Kaylee Blake, Senior, IKM-Manning

2nd Team
G-Lexi Albrecht, Senior, Kuemper Catholic (Carroll)
G-Anna Mallen, Senior, West Hancock (Britt)
F-Olivia Godfrey, Junior, Panorama (Panora)
F-Jenna Lehman, Junior, Iowa City Regina
F-Kelsey Ernst, Senior, Bellevue
C-Hannah Haynes, Senior, Van Buren (Keosauqua)

3rd Team
G-Kari Fitzpatrick, Sophomore, Edgewood-Colesburg
G-Casey Miles, Junior, Hudson
G-Lindsay Moore, Senior, Cardinal (Eldon)
F-Heidi Hoeger, Senior, Maquoketa Valley (Dehli)
F-Lauren Hedlund, Junior, Hinton
C-Rachel Struve, Junior, South O’Brien (Paulina)


Class 2A Coach of the Year: Dan Druivenga, Panorama (Panora)


Class 1A

1st Team
G-Paige Danner, Junior, Ar-We-Va (Westside)
G-Kayla Lindenmeyer, Senior, Bedford

G-Ranee Maneman, Junior, Newell-Fonda
F-Lexi Ackerman, Senior, Central Lyon (Player of the Year)

F-London Vais, Junior, Adair-Casey
C-Samantha Meyers, Senior, Grundy Center

2nd Team
G-Taylor Hickey, Sophomore, Burlington-Notre Dame
G-Dia Keahna, Senior, Meskwaki Settlement (Tama)
F-Madison Eley, Senior, Colo-Nesco
F-Amanda Focht, Senior, Villisca
F-Kameo Pope, Junior, Belle Plaine
C-Jade Lynn Vlotho, Senior, West Sioux (Hawarden)

3rd Team
G-Molly Goltz, Senior, Nishnabotna
G-Kate Patton, Junior, Murray
G-Morgan Myers, Senior, Burlington-Notre Dame
F-Julie Isenhour, Senior, Prince of Peace (Clinton)
F-Alee Hugen, Junior, Twin Cedars (Bussey)
C-Katelyn Tracy, Senior, Moravia


Class 1A Coach of the Year: Larry Siebert, Ar-We-Va (Westside) in Honor of Davey Kock


(Des Moines) The official mascot for Kuemper Catholic High School is the Knights. For the boys basketball team this season though the mascot may as well be the avengers. With the 61-54 win over Nodaway Valley in the state tournament the Knights have avenged six of their eight losses.


The lone exceptions are Bishop Heelan who they have only played once and Atlantic who the Knights beat the first time around, but then lost to the 2nd time at the buzzer. The win over Nodaway Valley puts Kuemper Catholic into the semi-finals with a 17-8 overall record. Sam Brincks scored a game high 24 points against the Wolverines.


Thursday's semi-final opponent will be Sheldon. The Orabs of Sheldon are 23-3 after defeating Pella Christian 63-56 in the first round. Coach Tyler Edwards says the Hawkeye Ten Conference schedule helped prepare his team very well for the tourney run. His postgame comments following the Nodaway Valley win can be heard in the interview below.


Click here for the postgame with Kuemper Catholic coach Tyler Edwards


Class 1A


First Team

Jade Vlotho, West Sioux Hawarden

Samantha Meyers, Grundy Center

Kori Schulte, Central Lyon

Lexi Ackerman, Central Lyon

Renee Maneman, Newell-Fona

Paige Danner, Ar-We-Va

Kayla Lindenmyer, Bedford

Danielle Bender, Bellevue Marquette


Second Team

Alee Hugen, Twin Cedars Bussey

Kameo Pope, Belle Plaine

Katelin Langel, LeMars Gehlen Catholic

Taylor Hickey, Burlington Notre Dame

Dia Keahna, Meskwaki Settelment

Jasmine Demers, St. Mary's Storm Lake

Macy Williams, Fremont-Mills

London Vais, Adair-Casey


Third Team

Hannah Poppe, Clarksville

Andrea Christensen, Newell-Fonda

Amanda Focht, Villisca

Kate Patton, Murray

Cassie Aldis, Preston

Shayla Dean, Colo-Nesco

Sadie Wyborny, Rockford

Morgan Johnson, Earlham


Class 2A


First Team

Brooke Wolterstorff, Western Christian

Josie Kopal, Lawton-Bronson

Kelsey Ernst, Bullevue

Lexi Albrecht, Kuemper Catholic

Nicole Miller, North Linn

Ellie Herzberg, Manson NW Webster

Kaylee Blake, IKM-Manning

Mallory Boyle, North Mahaska New Sharon


Second Team

Jenna Lehman, Iowa City Regina

Olivia Godfrey, Panorama

Alissa Brown, Jesup

Anna Mallen, West Hancock Britt

Renee Huber, Maquoketa Valley Delhi

Casey Miles, Hudson

Paige Engbers, Pella Christian

Kari Fitzpatrick, Edgewood-Coleswood


Third Team

Halie Hempen, Aplington-Parkersburg

Kellie Schmit, West Hancock Britt

Heidi Hoeger, Maquoketa Valley Delhi

Anna Yung, St. Edmond Ford Dodge

Alex Yoeger, Hinton

Heather Poula, West Branch

Morgan Muhlbauer, IKM-Manning

Jennifer Davis, West Marshall State Center


Class 3A


First Team

Alexis Conaway, MOC-Floyd Valley

Miranda Murphy, North Polk

Emily Kirchner, Estherville-Lincoln Central

Danielle Moore, Davenport Assumption

Daneisha Snitker, Waukon

K.J. Veldman, Spirit Lake

Paige Greiner, Williamsburg

Taryn Barz, Hampton-Dumont


Second Team

Serena Parker, Shenandoah

Hailey Schneden, Davenport Assumption

Allie Sievert, Estherville-Lincoln Central

Miranda Chapman, Mount Vernon

Addie Oberman, NE Goose Lake

Kate Fennelly, Davenport Assumption

Arika Wooldridge, Center Point-Urbana

Kassidy DeJong, Unity Christian


Third Team

Haley Birks, South Central Calhoun

Ashley Burrows, Bondurant-Farrar

Andrea Larson, Mediapolis

Kylar McCann, Osceola Clarke

Abbey Meyer, Cascade

Shelby Graves, Davis County

Sam Barz, Union LaPorte City

Jennifer Kennedy, Greene County


Class 4A


First Team

Aubrey Norville, Lewis Central

Aftin Phyfe, Waverly-Shell Rock

Megan McCarthy, Bishop Heelan

Madison Weekly, Benton Community

MaKayla Augustine, Bishop Heelan

Claire Marburger, Perry

Ashley Stulken, Cedar Rapids Xavier

Taylor Benshoof, Winterset


Second Team

Michayln Morh, Marion

Katie Ahrenholtz, Ballard

Jess Schaben, Harlan

Madalyn Welty, Western Dubuque

Kena Veldhuizen, Oskaloosa

Logan Lynch, Dubuque Wahlert

Naomi Phillips, Waverly-Shell Rock

Mariah Criswell, Winterset


Third Team

Brittany Holdsworth, Carroll

Rachel Kaale, Indianola

Maliah Figg, Clear Creek-Amana

Deja Jackson, Grinnell

Dani Heritage, Dallas Center-Grimes

Jenna Bork, Bishop Heelan

Maggie Lowe, Perry

Kirsten Martindale, Spencer


Class 5A


First Team

Haley Lorenzen, Iowa City High

Shaya Kellogg, Ames

Blaire Thomas, Waterloo West

Ally Disterhoft, Iowa City West (named Miss Basketball)

Caitlin Ingle, SE Polk

Jadda Buckley, Mason City

Leti Lerma, Muscatine

Dani Franklin, CR Washington


Second Team

Tanya Meyere, Sioux City West

Britney Boland, Waukee

Jaali Winters, Ankeny

Emily Clemens, Muscatine

Madi Robson, Ankeny

Micky Hansche, Iowa City High

Audrey Faber, Dowling Catholic

Shareece Burrell, DM East


Third Team

Abby Herb, CR Washigton

Cortini Rush, Mason City

Meredith Burkhall, DM Roosevelt

Myah Mellman, Mason City

Madison Dellamuth, CR Prairie

Roichelle Marble, DM East

Haley Pak, Waterloo West

Paige Hendrickson, CR Kennedy


(Des Moines) The Harlan Cyclones improve to a perfect 9-0 in first round state tournament games under current head coach Mitch Osborn. The Cyclones most recent win came yesterday afternoon against #1 ranked Vinton-Shellsburg.

Vinton-Shellburg game in at 24-0 but the battle-tested Harlan Cylclones six losses were by a combined 24 points. In the end it was the team that had the tougher road to get to the state tourney that stayed in contention.

Harlan held Vinton-Shellsburg leading scorer Grant Sagan to just one field goal attempt in the first half on their way to a 27-26 halftime edge. A 10-0 Harlan run to start the third quarter not only gave the 8th seeded Cyclones a double-figures lead but it also gave them the confidence that they could knock off the #1 seed.

In the second half Harlan held Vinton-Shellsburg to just 24.1% field goal shooting to help build a 17 point lead. Any comeback hopes for Vinton-Shellsburg were wiped out by Harlan’s 18-25 free throw shooting. Adam Juhl hit 9/10 from the line and finished with 17 points. Trey Lansman contributed 13 points, 11 rebounds, and 6 blocks. Also scoring in double figures were Nathan Cave with 13 and Gabe Ferry with 11.


19-6 Harlan will play 21-4 MOC-Floyd Valley in the semi-finals. Harlan beat MOC-Floyd Valley in their last meeting which was for the 2006 state championship. This season's semi-final game will be played at 6:35 p.m. on Thursday.


Click here for the comments from Harlan coach Mitch Osborn


(Des Moines) For the 2nd straight season the Nodaway Valley boys basketball team sees their season come to an end at the state tournament. The Wolverines fell in the first round to Kuemper Catholic 61-54.

Nodaway Valley hit 4 first quarter three-pointers and led by as much as seven in the first half before foul trouble and Kuemper Catholic’s offensive rebounding prowess allowed the Knights to come back. Kuemper Catholic tied the game up at 27 by halftime and took control early in the second half with a 21-11 third quarter advantage. The Knights ended up with 16 offensive rebounds in the game and outrebounded Nodaway Valley 37-27 in the game. That’s something Nodaway Valley coach Darrell Burmeister pointed two as a decisive factor.

In the second half Kuemper Catholic got big three point makes from Chris Halbur and Carter Ludwig plus more low post scoring from Sam Brincks who finished with a game high 24 points. Nodaway Valley did make a late run to cut a 12 point deficit down to 3 with just over five minutes to play, but never got the big shot to put them over the hump.

Despite the loss it has been an impressive run for a talented group of Nodaway Valley players. Over the last two years they have combined to go 46-6 with half of those losses coming at the state tournament. Alex Welsch posted 16 points, 12 rebounds, 8 blocked shots, and 3 crowd-pleasing dunks. Fellow seniors Dean Frank and Brad  Baudler each scored 11.


Click here for the postgame comments of coach Darrell Burmeister



(AMES) Hallie Christofferson capped off the final regular season game of her junior season with a 21 point outing in a Cyclone victory. The win came Monday night in Ames as ISU edged Oklahoma State 73-70.


Christofferson's 21 came on 6-15 field goal shooting, 2-6 from thee-point range, and 7-7 at the free-throw line. The Hamlin native and Exira star also grabbed 6 rebounds.The Cyclone women close out the regular season with a 21-7 overall record and 12-6 conference mark.


Christofferson is one of two players to start all 28 games. She leads the squad with her 16.0 point per game average. The Big 12 Tournament will be played March 8th through the 11th in Dallas, Texas.


First Team
Ricky Williams (Sr., Riverside)

Britton Barrier (Sr., Tri-Center)

Alec Sorensen (Sr., Treynor)

Austin Konsor (Jr., Underwood)

Devin Bates (Sr., Griswold)

Brady Ryun (Jr., Riverside)

Second Team
Michael West (Sr., Missouri Valley)

Ryan Spiegel (Sr., Underwood)

Christian Way (Sr., Tri-Center)

Ed Talbott (Sr., Treynor)

Ean Patrick (Sr., Riverside)

Lee Whyte (Soph., AHST) 

Honorable Mention
Jacob Flathers (Soph., Treynor)

Andy Hoffmann (Sr., Audubon)

Drew Young (Jr., AHST)

Nick Paulsen (Jr., Treynor)

Tyler Robinson (Sr., AHST)

Mitchell Nelsen (Fr., Audubon)

Tyrel Peters (Jr., Griswold)

Ryan Gochenour (Sr., Missouri Valley)

Malachi Dillon (Jr., Riverside)

Trey Robinson (Soph., Treynor)

Marty Dollen (Sr., Tri-Center)

Jake Starnes (Jr., Underwood) 


First Team
Susie Bylund (Jr., Audubon)

Tracy Purdy (Jr., Treynor)

Kaylee Grote (Jr., Tri-Center)

Kayli Christensen (Soph., Treynor)

Jordyn Sindt (Sr., Griswold)

Danika Grobe (Soph., AHST)

Second Team
Taylor Gardner (Sr., Missouri Valley)

Emily Baatz (Sr., Tri-Center)

Sheyenne Smith (Soph., Riverside)

Rachelle Housh (Jr., Missouri Valley)

Emily Nelsen (Sr., Audubon)

Nikki Paulson (Jr., Tri-Center)

Honorable Mention

Allison Waters (Jr., AHST)

Hailey Hellstrom (Sr., Missouri Valley)

Shelby Sullivan (Sr., Tri-Center)

Kyra Obermeier (Sr., Audubon)

Rachel Faga (Sr., Riverside)

Casey Peters (Sr., AHST)

Marissa Haubrich (Sr., Audubon)

Marquel Brunk (Jr., Griswold)

Baily Janssen (Soph., Missouri Valley)

Dani Turner (Sr., Riverside)

Lexis Rogers (Sr., Treynor)

Haley Larsen (Sr., Tri-Center)

Lea Crouse (Jr., Underwood). 


(Des Moines) The Riverside boys basketball season is in the books with 24 wins and 2 losses. The year came to an end with a 73-51 loss to St. Mary's, Storm Lake in the first round of the Class 1A state tournament Monday morning.


Riverside hung with the 2011 state champion Panthers for two and a half quarters, but an 11-2 St. Mary's run late in the third quarter buried the Bulldogs. St. Mary's pair of two time all-tournament team selections Kennedy Drey and Luke Lenhart combined for 61 of St. Mary's 73 points while Riverside's duo Rickey Williams and Brady Ryun posted 34 of Riverside's 51.


St. Mary's ability to close out quarter's provided seperation thoughout the game. Riverside was within one point with late in the first quarter before giving up a 4-0 run to trail by 5 heading into the 2nd period. St. Mary's was equally if not more impressive closing out the third quarter as Riverside had chipped a double digit deficit down to six points late in the third only to see St. Mary's turn the tide and lead by 17 heading into the fourth. St. Mary's put the game out of reach early in the fourth with their agressive play on both ends of the floor.


St. Mary's season continues on to the semi-finals with a 25-1 record. They will see two time defending state finalist Danville in what should be a great semi-final game on Thursday morning.


Riverside says good bye to a pair of seniors that have been apart of one of the most successful runs in school history. Ean Patrick fouled out early in the fourth quarter and finished scoreless in the quarterfinal loss. Patrick though averaged nearly 10 points per game on the season and came up big at times during the tourney trail. Williams final stat line showed 21 points, 17 rebounds, 4 steals, 1 blocked shot, and 1 assist.


Click here for the postgame audio from Riverside senior Ricky Williams


Click here for the postgame audio from coach Jason Shelangouski


First Team

Aubrey Norville, Lewis Central

Jess Schaben, Harlan

Lexi Albrecht, Kuemper Catholic

Grace Newman, Glenwood

Chelsey Van Ness, Denison-Schleswig

Serena Parker, Shenandoah

Kate Walker, Red Oak

Jenny Bair, Clarinda


Second Team

Paige Beacom, Lewis Central

Natalie Madsen, Lewis Central

Josie Esser, Harlan

Taylor Wagner, Harlan

Bailey Startner, Glenwood

Rachel Koch, Denison-Schleswig

Sydney Nielsen, Shenandoah

Blake Bergren, Red Oak


Honorable Mention

Kye Madsen, Lewis Central

Liz Riessen, Harlan

Hanna Dentlinger, Kuemper Catholic

Maria Dentlinger, Kuemper Catholic

Emily Blum, Glenwood

Alyssa Rihner, Denison-Schleswig

Breanna Allely, Shenandoah

Brianna Maitlen, Creston

Ellie Shane, Clarinda

Mackenzie Holmes, Atlantic

Shelby Worth, Atlantic


(Des Moines) Round two of Nodaway Valley vs. Kuemper Catholic in boys basketball takes place today. Round one was played just over three weeks ago in Greenfield and was won by Nodaway Valley 64-60.


Heading into the 2012 boys state basketball tournament the 23-1 Wolverines have won 9 straight games and their 73.6 point per game average is the highest in 2A. Nodaway Valley’s average margin of victory is a whopping 39.5, ten better than any other team in the state.


16-8 Kuemper though has played a rugged Hawkeye 10 Conference schedule and the Knights have not lost to the same team twice all year. They have already avenged five of their eight losses and hope to make Nodaway Valley their sixth.


This is Nodaway Valley’s 5th trip to state. They’ve won one state title and head coach Darrell Burmeister has never lost a first round game. Kuemper Catholic’s state tournament history includes 13 appearances counting this year. Their highest finish came in 1985 when they won it all and they have placed 10 times.


South Division
1st Team
T.J. Sterk (Sr., IKM-Manning)
Sam Wegner (Soph., IKM-Manning)
Josh Westendorf (Sr., West Monona)
Austin Reitz (Soph., West Monona)
Jake Roden (Jr., West Harrison)
Michael Hanigan (Sr., Boyer Valley)
Jameson Delaney (Sr., Woodbine)
Wade Martian (Soph., Whiting).
2nd Team
Cody Kahl (Sr., IKM-Manning)
Mark Eberly (Sr., IKM-Manning)
Jacob McLaughlin (Sr., West Monona)
Tyler Birdsall (Jr., West Harrison)
Brandon Koch (Sr., Ar-We-Va)
Austin Stoelk (Soph., Ar-We-Va)
Mitchell Putnam (Sr., Boyer Valley)
Brennan Azinger (Sr., Logan-Magnolia)
Dylan Beeck (Sr., Charter Oak-Ute).


(AMES) Exira High School graduate Hallie Christofferson's 13 points were not enough in Iowa State's 61-58 loss to TCU Saturday. The unranked Horned Frogs upset the 23rd rated Cyclones dropping ISU's overall record to 20-7. It was TCU's 9th win of the season.


Christofferson scored in double figures, blocked two shots, grabbed five rebounds, and dished out three assists in the upset. She shot 4-15 from the field and 2-8 from three point range.


The ISU women have a quick turnaround before their next game. They'll take on Oklahoma State on Monday night for their final regular season game this year. 


South Division
1st Team
Kaylee Blake (Sr., IKM-Manning)

Kali Rasmussen (Soph., IKM-Manning)

Morgan Muhlbauer (Soph., IKM-Manning)

Paige Danner (Jr., Ar-We-Va)

Brittany Stoelk (Sr., Ar-We-Va)

Shelby Rodman (Jr., Whiting)

Ciera Carlson (Jr., Charter Oak-Ute)

Amanda Goodier (Sr., West Monona)

Emilee Earlywine (Sr., West Harrison)

2nd Team
Alyssa Blum (Sr., Woodbine)

Amy Klein (Soph., Boyer Valley)

Kenzie Cast (Sr., IKM-Manning)

Megan Ehlers (Sr., Ar-We-Va)

Abby Straight (Fr., Logan-Magnolia)  

Alex Dudley (Jr., Whiting)

Ashley Goslar (Sr., Charter Oak-Ute)  

Lindsey Butler (Jr., West Monona)

Stephanie Jenson (Sr., West Harrison)

Shelby Behrendt (Jr., Woodbine)


(Sioux City) It was a successful weekend for Tri-Center graduate Monte Larsen at the NAIA Indoor Track & Field National Championships held in Geneva, Ohio.


One day after anchoring the winning 4X800 meter relay, the Morningside College senior claimed an individual championship in the 800.


Larsen posted a winning time of 1:52.21 in the 800 Meter run. He was named the Most Valuable Performer of the meet. He finishes his indoor career as a 9-time All-American.


(Harlan) For the second time in school history the Harlan girls basektball team places 2nd at the state tournament. The 8th ranked Cyclone's dropped a nail biter to #5 Cedar Rapids Xavier Saturday night in the 4A title matchup.


Xavier claimed their 4th state championship with a 53-52 win. Harlan fell behind 7-0 early on and would face a 16-8 deficit after the first quarter. A 10-3 Harlan run to start the second quarter turned the tide. The spurt was capped off by a Taylor Wagner three-pointer that gave the Cyclones their first lead at 20-19. Wagner's three was one of two that she hit in a 13 point first half. The Cyclones held a 28-23 lead in the closing minutes of the first half, but a 4-0 run by Xavier to close out the first half made it a one point Harlan lead at the break.


The second half featured even less breathing room for either team and a number of lead changes. Neither team held more than a four point edge in 3rd or 4th quarter. Harlan appeared to have grabbed some momentum with back-to-back Taylor Frederick baskets late in the third to take a three point advantage, but Xavier closed the quarter on a 6-0 run to lead 44-41 heading into the fourth.


The bulk of Harlan's offense down the stretch came from post players Frederick and Jess Schaben who combined for 19 second half points. Fourth quarter free-throw shooting though went a long ways in determining the winner. The Cyclones were 6-14 at the line in the second half and Harlan would miss their final four free throws of the game while Xavier got pair of free throws from reserve Morgan Brightbach in the final minute to go up by one.


Immediately following those free-throws, Wagner delivered a big shot for Harlan on a driving layin down the right side of the lane to put Harlan on top 52-51 with :15 left. Wagner finished with team-high 16. Xavier's Kayla Armstrong, who finished with a game high 23 points, answered right back just seven seconds later with an off-balance layup to put Xavier ahead 53-52. Harlan had 6.1 seconds left to try and work the ball up the length of the floor for a last second attempt, but had the ball stolen away before they reached half court. The steal came as time was running out giving Harlan no opportunity to foul and get the ball back.


Harlan's state championship aspirations which were just dream last spring came within an eyelash of reality Saturday night. The Cyclones finish a spectacular season with 23 wins, 3 losses, and a 2nd place trophy. They say goodbye to two senior starters (Liz Riessen and Josie Esser) who came up big throughout the postseason. Returning are juniors Taylor Leinen and Hannah Havick plus a promising group of underclassmen. Sophomores Taylor Wagner, Elle Kloewer, and Jess Schaben all made valuable contributions at the state tourney. Freshmen Jordyn Moser and Taylor Frederick shined at state as well givng Harlan fans reason to believe trips to Wells Fargo Arena will become common over the next few years.


Schaben and Wagner were each named to the All-Tournament team. Wagner averaged 11 points per game and led the tourney field in 3-point % at .444 on 4/9 shooting. Wagner was also a leader in assists with 12. Schaben's biggest impact came defensively where she averaged 10.7 rebounds and 2.7 blocked shots per game.


Click here for the postgame audio with Harlan coach Zach Klaassen


(HARLAN) Tuesday afternoon will mark the 16th state tournament appearance in Harlan basketball history and a record setting 17th trip to state for head coach Mitch Osborn. Osborn made six appearances with Pomeroy-Palmer and two with Elk Horn-Kimballton before taking over the Harlan program during the 1997-98 season.


As the #8 seed in the tournament, 18-6 Harlan draws the only undefeated team in Class 3A. 24-0 Vinton-Shellsburg is first round opponent, but the good news according to coach Mitch Osborn is that the Cyclones will get a full week to prepare. Osborn led teams have gone 14-2 in first round games including a perfect 8-0 in first round state tournament games as head coach of the Harlan Cyclones.


At 69.7 points Vinton-Shellsburg is the highest scoring team in the 3A state tournament field, but coach Osborn says it’s been his team’s defense that has carried them through the postseason thus far. Harlan gave up 53 points to Glenwood in the first round and 43 each to Carroll in the district final and Atlantic in substate.


Click here for the interview with record-setting coach Mitch Osborn



(Oakland) Riverside will take on St. Mary’s, Storm Lake at 12:15 Monday afternoon on KSOM. Both teams come in at 24-1 on the season.


St. Mary’s of Storm Lake is making their third straight tournament appearance. The Panthers won a state title in 2011 and finished 3rd last year. Oakland qualified in 1985 and ’86, but Riverside is making their first tournament appearance in school history.


St. Mary’s is led by a pair of seniors who are each two-time all-tournament team selections.  Luke Lenhart and Kennedy Drey combine to average 48.0 points per game, 17 rebounds, 6.4 assists, and 8.5 steals per game.


Riverside is led by Ricky Williams who has exhausted all superlatives during his senior year. Williams posts a state leading 14.6 rebound per game average and the Briar Cliff recruit ranks 2nd in the state in scoring at 26.9.


Click here for the interview with Riverside coach Jason Shelangouski




(Griswold) Rebekah Topham ran her fastest mile ever at the Brooks PR Invitational held in the Dempsey Center at the University of Washington. Running against many of the top high school milers in the country, she placed fourth with a 4:48.


She is currently listed #8 nationally for high school girls and #1 for 10th graders. Rebekah has qualified to run at the U.S. World Youth Trials at Southern Illinois on June 25-26 with the opportunity to qualify for the World Youth Championships at Donetsk, Ukraine on July 10-14.


Press Release


*Rebekah Topham is a sophomore for the Griswold Tigers. She helped lead the team to a state track and field championship last spring and a cross country title in the fall.





Wednesday, March 6th


1:05 p.m.

#4 Sioux City North (21-2) vs #5 Cedar Falls (19-4)


2:45 p.m.

#1 Bettendorf (23-0) vs #8 Urbandale (17-6)


6:35 p.m.

#3 Dubuque Senior (22-1) vs #6 DM Roosevelt (18-5)


8:15 p.m.

#2 Iowa City West (23-0) vs #7 Dowling Catholic (18-5)