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Latest Sports Stories Archives for 2012-03

Thursday, March 29

Glenwood 5 Tri-Center 0

Underwood 8 Missouri Valley 0

Harlan 3 Riverside 2

Sioux City West 5 Abraham Lincoln 0


Friday, March 30

Atlantic 2 AHST 0

ADM 1 St. Albert 0


(Perry) Guthrie Center placed 5th in the boys team standings and 4th in the girls team scoring at the Davis Relays in Perry on Thursday.


For the Boys team, Marcus Bolton (High Jump) and Tim Schachtner (200) each won individual events.


Individual winners for the girls team were Therese Frels (3,000) and Leah Courtney (1,500 and 800). The Guthrie Center girls also won the Shuttle Hurdle and Distance Medley Relays.


Click here for the results from the Davis Relays at Perry



1. Emma Konkler, Audubon, 13.42

2. Johnni Schueman, AHST 13.64

3. Chelsea Coooper, Treynor, 13.70



1. Emma Konkler, Audubon, 27.77

2. Chantel Blair, Jefferson-Scranton, 28.12

3. Kyrsten Lampman, Ar-We-Va, 28.22



1. Shelby Hall, Woodbine, 1:01.39

2. Megan Maaske, Woodbine, 1:06.01

3. Jen Neville, Exira-EHK, 1:07.00



1. Shelby Hall, Woodbine, 2:23.14

2. Ashtyn Alfers, Tri-Center, 2:40.68

3. Emily Baatz, Tri-Center, 2:46.36



1. Megan Maaske, Woodbine, 5:22

2. Megan Deist, Audubon, 5:24

3. Kaitlin Killinger, Treynor, 5:37



1. Megan Deist, Audubon, 11:18

2. Dana Johnson, Audubon, 11:50

3. Kaitlin Killinger, Treynor, 11:54


100 Meter Hurdles

1. Lacy Vokt, Audubon, 16/71

2. Kate Sandage, Jefferson-Scranton, 17.05

3. Sarah Sandage, Jefferson-Scranton, 17.92


400 Meter Hurdles

1. Chaley Rath, Treynor, 1:10.70

2. Eme Johnson, Jefferson-Scranton, 1:13.80

3. Paige Hackman, Woodbine, 1:14.18



1. Audubon, 53.91

2. Griswold, 54.71

3. Jefferson-Scranton, 54.75



1. Jefferson-Scranton, 1:56.76

2. Treynor, 1:57.29

3. Missouri Valley 1:58.45



1. Tri-Center, 4:17.97

2. Griswold, 4:20.32

3. Treynor, 4:29.10



1. Exira-EHK, 10:56

2. Woodbine, 10:58

3. Treynor, 10:59


Sprint Medley

1. Griswold, 1:56.13

2. Woodbine, 1:58.34

3. Tri-Center, 2:02.93


Distance Medley

1. Griswold, 4:18.39

2. Treynor, 4:34.33

3. Tri-Center, 4:42.67


Shuttle Hurdle Relay

1. Treynor, 1:12.63

2. Audubon, 1:13.11

3. Jefferson-Scranton, 1:13.86



1. Megan Housh, Missouri Valley, 31-07

2. Amy Lintner, Underwood, 31-04

3. Vicky Kinney, Tri-Center, 30-08



1. Meagan Andersen, Woodbine, 100-08

2. Beth Gunderson, Underwood, 96-09

3. Amy Lintner, Underwood, 93-05


Long Jump

1. Sydney Parker, Exira-EHK, 14-06

2. Chantel Blair, Jefferson-Scranton, 14-06

3. Johnni Schueman, AHST, 14-04


High Jump

1. Chaley Rath, Treynor, 5-04

2. Alec Brundgart, Ar-We-Va 4-10

3. Lacey Vokt, Audubon, 4-08


(Audubon) Competition will get underway on Monday for the Audubon Wheeler Girls Golf squad.

The Audubon girls golf team loses just two seniors and returns four letter winners from last year’s team. Head coach Paul Lynch tells KSOM/KS95.7 sports that sophomore Susy Bylund is back in the top spot.


Lexie Tiggeson returns as the Wheelers #2 golfer while Faith Fiflet, Rachel Flug and newcomer Teegan Albright are projected to round out the varsity lineup in the early portion of the seaosn.


Audubon takes on Tri-Center in their first meet of the season on Monday.


(Guthrie Center) Golf competition is right around the corner at Guthrie Center.
The Tiger boys golf team has a very large squad this year. Head Coach Lori McGiveny says there are 23 golfers on the roster.


The Varsity lineup is beginning to shape up with a mix of newcomers and returners. Coach McGiveny says Chris Shroyer heads the list right now while returners Gavin McGiveny and Patrick Ahrends will likely secure spots on the Varsity. Some spots remain up in the air.


Guthrie Center lost just one dual meet last year but failed to advance past the sectional meet. The Tigers begin the 2012 season on April 2nd against Van Meter.


(Council Bluffs) Harlan opend up the outdoor boys track and field season by racking up 133 points on their way to a win in the Hawkeye Ten North Division meet. Joey Foss and Austin Hess each won multiple events for the Cyclones.


Atlantic placed 2nd with a team total of 86. Tyler Hovey and Blake Esbeck each wone two events.


Boys Team Scoring

1. Harlan 133

2. Atlantic 86

3. Lewis Central 64

4. Denison-Schleswig 53

5. Kuemper Catholic 36



1. Tyler Hovey, Atlantic, 46-02

2. Joe Brummer, Harlan, 45-00

3. Jacob Barents, Lewis Central, 45-00



1. Tyler Hovey, Atlantic, 143-06

2. Andrew Overton, Denison-Schleswig, 141-10

3. Jacob Barents, Lewis Central, 136-05


Long Jump

1. Sam Markham, Atlantic, 21-03

2. Austin Hess, Harlan, 20-08

3. Conner Clayton, Harlan, 20-02


High Jump

1. Austin Hess, Harlan, 6-02

2. Riley Blay, Lewis Central 6-00

3. Chase Rupiper, Kuemper Catholic, 6-00


3,200 Meter Run

1. Parker Smith, Lewis Central, 11:26

2. Josef Rogers, Denison-Schleswig, 11:37

3. Garrett Anderson, Lewis Central, 11:57



1. Harlan, 9:09

2. Denison-Schleswig 9:40

3. Harlan, 9:51


Shuttle Hurdle

1. Harlan, 1:05.51

2. Denison-Schleswig, 1:08.06

3. Kuemper-Catholic, 1:08.67


100 Meter Dash

1. Joey Foss, Harlan, 12.08

2. Alex Reed, Lewis Central, 12.36

T3. Luke Hall, Denison-Schleswig, 12.58

T3. Zach Smith, Atlantic, 12.58


400 Meter Dash

1. Blake Esbeck, Atlantic, 53.85

2. Spencer Schultz, Denison-Schleswig, 55.45

3. Isaac Bruck, Harlan, 55.46


4X200 Meter Relay

1. Atlantic, 1:39.27

2. Harlan, 1:39.59

3. Kuemper Catholic, 1:40.50


110 Hurdles

1. Austin Hess, Harlan, 15.55

2. Jacob Rodgers, Lewis Central, 17.24

3. Tony Dawson, Harlan, 17.32


1,600 Meter Run

1. Dustin Werner, Kuemper Catholic, 4:51.58

2. Philip Sciranko, Harlan, 4:57.31

3. Blake Miller, Denison-Schleswig, 4:57.94


200 Meter Dash

1. Joey Foss, Harlan, 24.43

2. Ryan McDermott, Atlantic, 24.59

3. Alex Reed, Lewsi Centarl, 24.85


400 Meter Hurdles

1. Matt Evers, Harlan, 1:00.11

2. Conner Clayton, Harlan, 1:01.92

3. Bryce Wernimont, Atlantic, 1:03.51


Distance Medley Relay

1. Harlan, 4:04.08

2. Kuemper Catholic, 4:09.67

3. Atlantic, 4:16.53


800 Meter Run

1. Blake Esbeck, Atlantic, 2:11

2. Blake Miller, Denison-Schleswig, 2:16

3. Jacob Weltz, Denison-Schleswig, 2:22


4X100 Meter Relay

1. Harlan, 46.55

2. Atlantic, 46.87

3. Lewis Central, 47.21


4X400 Meter Relay

1. Harlan, 3:42.92

2. Atlantic, 3:55.51

3. Harlan, 4:07.08






(Audubon) Sixteen teams competed at the Audubon early-bird meet on Tuesday night. No team scoring was kept and unlimited entries were allowed in the events.


100 Meter Dash

1. Kyle Kuhlman, Woodbine, 11.73

2. Baron Norman, Missouri Valley, 11.89

3. Dane Livengood, Treynor, 11.91


200 Meter Dash

1. Tim Schachtner, Guthrie Center, 23.92

2. Baron Norman, Missouri Valley, 24.10

3. Gavin Laughery, Guthrie Center, 24.65


400 Meter Dash

1. Cade Cleaveland, Riverside, 52.81

2. Chase Jahnke, Griswold, 54.69

3. Clay Harris, Riverside, 55.81


800 Meter Run

1. Cade Cleaveland, Riverside, 2:11.70

2. Jacob Willey, West Monona, 2:12.99

3. Ed Tallbot, Treynor, 2:15.21


1,600 Meter Run

1. Jacob Willey, West Monona, 4:48

2. Cade Cleaveland, Riverside 4:50

3. Eddy Halbur, Guthrie Center 5:12


3,200 Meter Run

1. John Gunderson, Riverside, 10:52

2. Darrian Irlbeck, Tri-Center 11:25

3. Kellin Chambers, Treynor, 11:47


110 Meter Hurdles

1. Jared Schoning, Griswold, 16.35

2. Austin Konsor, Underwood, 16.45

3. Ryan Spiegel, Underwood, 16.77


400 Meter Hurdles

1. Trevor McKee, CAM, 56.46

2. Quentin Keuck, Treynor 57.54

3. Cole Anderson, Exira-EHK, 58.66


4X100 Meter Relay

1. AHST, 46.14

2. Underwood, 46.88

3. Tri-Center, 47.04


4X200 Meter Relay

1. Treynor, 1:36.65

2. Tri-Center, 1:37. 42

3. AHST, 1:38.18


4X400 Meter Relay

1. CAM, 3:39.36

2. Tri-Center, 3:40.83

3. Woodbine, 3:47.99


4X800 Meter Relay

1. Riverside, 8:55

2. CAM, 8:56

3. Missouri Valley, 9:06


Distance Medley

1. Treynor, 3:55.95

2. Riverside, 3:59.09

3. Griswold, 3:59.09


Shuttle Hurdle Relay

1. Treynor, 1:05.45

2. Giswold, 1:05.49

3. Underwood, 1:06.01


High Jump

1. Connor Meis, Treynor, 6'0"

2. Marcus Bolton, Guthrie Center, 5'10"

3. Ed Tallbot, Treynor, 5'8"


Long Jump

1. Reed Ostrander, East Greene, 19-04.5

2. Dane Livengood, Treynor 19-04.5

3. Brady Johnson, Underwood 19-02



1. Mitch Kearns, West Central Valley, 44-02

2. Nick Fett, Audubon, 42-10

3. Taylor Herman, Missouri Valley 42-08



1. Blake Gunderson, Underwood, 129-10

2. Bill Price, AHST, 125-05

3. Jordan Buss, Missouri Valley, 119-04



Girls Team Scoring


1. Harlan 181

2. Atlantic 88

3. Denison-Schleswig 69

4. Kuemper Catholic 28

5. Lewis Central 24


Click here for the full results of the Hawkeye 10 North Division Meet


(Elk Horn) Exira-EHK returns three members with varsity experience to the 2012 girls track team. Coach Tom Rasmussen says Codi Bissen, Kelsey Muhr, and Kara Collins have been the top three golfers so far. He says it'll be a wide open competition among the remaning golfers for the rest of the varsity spots.


Like all teams, the Spartans have been working on their short game in the early season practices. Coach Rasmussen says they are also working on the psychology of golf to make sure they are relaxed on each shot.


April 5th marks the first competion against Guthrie Center. Coach Rasmussen plans to have his team put in a lot of short-game work between now and the first meet.


Click here for the interview with Exira-EHK girls golf coach Tom Rasmussen


(Jefferson) The Guthrie Center boys and girls track teams both competed at the Jefferson-Scranton early-bird meet Monday night.


For the girls team, Therese Frels placed 2nd in the 1,500 and 3rd in the 3,000. Leah Courtney ran 2:34 to earn 2nd place in the 800. The Shuttle Hurdle relay team also placed 2nd as did the Distance Medley relay. The girls next meet will be Thursday at Perry.


Click here for the interview with Guthrie Center girls track coach Dave Spratte


For the boys team, Tim Schachtner placed first in the 100 and teammate Gavin Laughery placed 4th in that event. Eddy Halbur placed 3rd in both the 1,600 and 3,200 meter runs. Guthrie Center also got third place finishes in a pair of relay events. The Tigers ran 9.23 in the 4X800 and 1:07.9 in the Shuttle Hurdle. Guthrie Center runs again tonight at the Audubon early-bird meet.


Click here for the complete results of the Jefferson-Scranton early-bird meet




(Audubon) Audubon will start the 2012 track season by hosting the boys early bird meet tonight. The Audubon boys track team has been hit hard by graduation. The Wheelers lose over half of their team now that last year’s senior class has moved on.

In addition to all of the seniors lost, Audubon will also be without state qualifier Colby Rattenborg who broke his leg during basketball season. Rattenborg made the state meet as a freshman last year in the long jump. His injury leaves Audubon with a very inexperienced group.


Coach Bob Monahan says the shuttle hurdle and medley relay teams should have a good showing at the early-bird meet. Riley Jones, Jesse Svoboda, Aaron Hoffman and Amos Weiland make up that distance medley relay team. Tonight’s early-bird meet starts at 4:30 p.m.


Click here for the interview with Audubon boys track coach Bob Monahan


(Greenfield) It’s a young group this year for the Nodaway Valley boys golf team and just seven golfers have reported for practice.

Head coach Steve Shantz says the returning golfers can compete pretty well. Juniors Unga Edwards and Jake Spear will lead the way while fellow junior Dalton Shultheis has improved greatly.


Sophomores Delson Grantham and Jacob Banks lead the underclassmen.

Mt. Ayr will be the first opponent of the season for Nodaway Valley. Those two clubs will square off on Tuesday, April 3rd at Mount Ayr. Coach Shantz says the goal is to finish in the top third of the Pride of Iowa Conference.


Click here for the interview with Nodaway Valley golf coach Steve Shantz


(Avoca) AHST will compete in their first outdoor meet of the season Tuesday night at the Audubon Early-Bird Meet. Head Coach Reece Grafft says he is excited to see what his team can do.

As far as strengths of this year’s team it appears to be the throwing events and hurdles. The Vikings return two members from last year’s shuttle hurdle relay team that placed 8th at state. (Josh Bryant and Kyle Bauerkemper)


Coach Grafft adds that newcomers Tyler Robinson and Ben Jacobsen along with returner Austin Fink will also be key members for the 2012 track team.


AHST is among the 16 teams that will compete at the Audubon Meet on Tuesday, March 27th.


Click here for the interview with AHST boys track coach Reece Grafft


(Anita) The CAM Cougars have 13 athletes out for girls’ track and field this spring including five freshmen.

CAM girls track coach Joe Wollum says that freshman group includes some pretty skilled runners. Along with the returning sophomores and juniors it’ll be a young squad for the Cougars.

Juniors Emily Beerman and Shelby Jacobsen make up the bulk of the experience on the team. As far as the strengths of the CAM girls track team, it appears to be in the sprints.


Coach Wollum looks for Exira-EHK and Adair-Casey to be the teams to beat in the conference this year. The first meet for CAM is April 12th at Guthrie Center.


Click here  for the interview with CAM girls track coach Joe Wollum




(Harlan) Harlan qualifed for 17 out of the 19 event at last year's Class 3A state meet. Harlan girls track coach Bill Hosack says that was one of the funnest times he has ever had because of the amount of events they were in. Many of those same athlete return for the 2012 track season. Harlan has three indoor meets under their belt and will have a busy week of outdoor meets coming up. The Cyclones compete in the Hawkeye Ten North Division Meet on Tuesday, March 27th and then will travel to Boone for another outdoor meet on Friday, March 30th.


Click here for the interview with Harlan girls track coach Bill Hosack


(AMES) Iowa State Cyclone Royce White will enter the 2012 NBA Draft. The star transfer from Minnesota made the announcement at a press conference this afternoon. Coach Fred Hoiberg who spent time as the Minnesota Timberwolvess Vice President of Basketball operations says White’s, “unique skill-set and big-time performances vs elite competition have positioned him to realize his professional dreams. His ball-skill abilities coupled with his strength and size is a rare combination.”

White thanked Iowa State University and the community of Ames at the press conference that was held on-campus earlier this afternoon. The Big 12 Newcomer of the Year led the Cyclones this year in scoring, rebound, assists, steals and blocked shots leading the Cyclones to the NCAA Tournament and a third place finish in the Big 12.


(Anita) CAM boys track coach Brian Fogleman says the Cougars bring back a good group of young track athletes. The group will be led by Junior Trevor McKee who is a returning state qualifier in the 400 Meter Hurdles. Coach Fogleman says CAM also features a strong group of sophomores. He adds that the overall numbers are down but the group has been working hard in practice thus far.


CAM will compete in for the first time this season on Tuesday, March 27th. The Cougars will be among the many area teams competing in Audubon's Early Bird Meet.


Click here for the interview with CAM boys track coach Brian Fogleman


(Harlan) Harlan Community senior basketball player Jarod Juhl has committed to play basketball at Buena Vista University.  Jarod was a 2nd team all H-10 selection his junior averaging 10 pts per game & 7 rebounds per game. Jarod came back from a devasting leg injured that occurred in the Sioux City Heelan football playoff victory.  He was out of action until Friday, Feb. 10th v. Red Oak and was able to play the last 4 regular season games plus 3 tournament games.  Jarod was named honorable mention all conference in his shortened senior season.  He averaged 8 pts per game and 6 rebounds per game playing at about 60% - 70%.  He helped lead the Cyclones in a stunning district final win over the H-10 champion Atlantic Trojans with16 points & 10 rebounds.


Jarod was also a first team all district football performer at tight end and is also a member of the student council and NHS.  Jarod is the son of Kelly & Julie Juhl.


(Cedar Falls) The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union held the State Indoor Championships Tuesday at the UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls.


Griswold freshman Rebekah Topham took home two gold medals as well as one second place finish and Corning's Caitlyn Stroud placed in the top six in two different events.


Topham's 4:46.75 in the 1500 Meter Run edged Dallas Center-Grimes sophomore Madison Waymire (4:50.50). Topham also won the 3,000 Meter Run in a time of 10:21.20. She also placed 2nd in the 800 (2:20.92).


Caitlyn Stroud placed sixth in the 200 Meter Dash with a time of 27.02. She clocked a 7.94 in the 60 Meter Dash to place 3rd.



(Guthrie Center) The Guthrie Center girls track team has just 12 athletes on the team this year but it’s a squad that expects to be strong in the distance events as well as the hurdles.

Guthrie Center’s 2012 girls track team features several returning state qualifiers including distance runners Therese Frels and Leah Courtney who were also state cross country qualifiers.


Guthrie Center head coach Dave Spratte says the shuttle hurdle relay team has a goal of returning to the state meet for the fourth straight year. Guthrie Center placed 5th at last years state meet in the shuttle hurdle relay.


Coach Spratte says the unseasonably warm weather has also helped the team to be ahead of schedule. The next meet for Guthrie Center will be Monday at Jefferson.


Click here for the interview with Guthrie Center track coach Dave Spratte


(Audubon) The Audubon boys golf team returns all of their varsity golfers from a team that finished as the Western Iowa Conference runner up last year.

The Wheelers enter 2012 with high expectations given the amount of varsity experience among their five seniors. Michael Bylund returns as the number one golfer and Andrew Irlmeier comes back as the Wheelers number two golfer.


Drew Keller, Andy Hoffman, Nick Fett, and Cameron Mennenoh round out the returning varsity lineup. Hofmann is the lone junior in the group. Coach Gary Keller says the short game has been the focus in early practices.


The Audubon boys begin competition on Monday, April 2nd against Tri-Center.


Click here for the interview with Audubon golf coach Gary Keller


(Elk Horn) The Exira-EHK Spartans enter year three in their Track and Field program history with a much younger team than they’ve had in the past two seasons. Exira-EHK has just three seniors returning from last year’s Rolling Hills Conference championship squad.

Exira-EHK Track coach Scott Yates says the experience of the teams three seniors, Spencer Smith, Preston Waymire, and Dylan Parker, will pay off this year. Another key leader will be junior Cole Anderson who coach Yates says has run better times in the hurle events that last year’s star Reid Zimmerman did at the same age.

In terms of overall numbers, the Spartans have another big squad out this year which is something that has helped land them back to back conference championships.


The Audubon early bird meet next Tuesday will give Exira-EHK a measuring stick heading into the 2012 season.


Click here for the interview with Exira-EHK co-head coach Scott Yates


(Avoca) The AHST Boys and Girls golf teams began practice Monday and the first meet of the season for AHST will be April 3rd.

The AHST Boys golf team returns several key pieces from last year’s team. They’ll be led by two seniors who have a lot of varsity experience. Todd Schmidt was a state qualifier last year while Ben Jacobsen came up just short of qualifying for state.

Outside of Schmidt and Jacobsen, Jake Larsen, Pat Rowe, Dalton Thies, and John Quist return while newcomers Dillon Kelley, Nate Eggers, Shay Campbell, and Shawn McCarthy are expected to vie for varsity spots according to coach Pete Schmidt.


After not having a team last year, the AHST girls golf team has ten golfers out this season. The group will be made up of mostly freshman who competed in the junior program last year.

Even though the golfers on the girls team don’t have any high school varsity experience, coach Schmidt says that doesn’t mean it will be a rebuilding year.


Click here for the interview with AHST golf coach Pete Schmidt



(Adair) The Adair-Casey boys track and field team is off and running with practice in preparation for the 2012 season.

Head coach John Wolf addresses says the strength’s of this year’s team will be similar to last year. The Bombers return three of the four members from last year’s 4X100 Meter Relay Team that set a new school record and placed 8th at the state meet.

Jordan Wheatley, Clayton Plowman and Traeton Jensen are the returning pieces on the 4X100 as Senior Dallas Wheatley graduated early and won’t be out for track.


Freshman Emitt Wheatley who will likely round out that 4X100 group is a versatile piece for Adair-Casey. Wheatley placed 41st at the state cross country meet this year.


One of the areas of improvement this year should be in the distance races. Emitt Wheatley will run some distance events along with a strong trio of returning pieces with Spencer Rochholz, Gunnar Dinkla, and Alex Umbaugh.


Adair-Casey’s first meet will be at East Union on April 3rd.


Click here for the interview with Adair-Casey boys track coach John Wolf



(Pella) The Atlantic Trojanns got their 2012 Track and Field season underway with a weekend meet at Central College in Pella.


Atlantic had three second place finishes in their first competition of the season. Senior Melanie Nielsen placed 2nd in the 200 with her time of 27.92. Nielsen also led off the 2nd place 4X200 team where she teamed up with Taylor Barry, Mackenzie Holmes, and Ali Siggins to place 2nd in a time of 1:56.00. The other 2nd place finish came from senior Ali Krogman in the 3,000. Krogman clocked an 11:25.26.


Up next for the Trojanns is a trip to the University of South Dakota for their second meet of the season on Saturday.


ISU sophomore Hallie Christofferson will play in the second NCAA Tournament of her career this weekend when the 18-12 Cyclones take on 30-1 Green Bay in the first round. 2012 marks the sixth straight year that Iowa State has made the NCAA Tourney.


Christofferson says the team came together well after struggling at the start of conference play. Despite a first round loss to Kansas State in the Big 12 Tournament she is still optomistic about the upcoming NCAA Tournament.


Christofferson is averaging over ten points and over six rebounds per game. She is hitting 37% of her three point attempts on the season. KSOM will have coverage of the Iowa State men's and women's basketball teams throughout their NCAA Tournament runs.


Click here for the interview with Exira native Hallie Christofferson



(Greenfield) Nodaway Valley Junior Alex Welsch is our final KSOM Athlete of the Week from the Winter Sports Season. The 6’7” Welsch averaged 14.5 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 4.3 blocked shots per game and helped lead Nodaway Valley to a 4th place finish at the state tournament. Welsch’s total of 117 blocked shots this season was #1 in the state for any class.


Welsch’s rebounding ability helped to accelerate the team’s fast break throughout the year and on the season Welsch made 60.8% of his field goal attempts.


Welsch increased his scoring from 8.9 points per game as a sophomore to 14.5 as a junior. Coach Burmeister says Welsch is already looking forward to the offseason to try gearing up for a big senior year.


In addition to being named 1st team all-conference, Welsch earned 2nd team all-state honors from the Iowa Newspapers Association and 3rd team all-state by the Des Moines Register.


Click here for the interview with Nodaway Valley coach Darrell Burmeister



(Iowa City) In the first round of the NIT on Tuesday it was Iowa edging Dayton 84-75. Iowa shot 56% in the game compared to Dayton’s 39% field goal shooting.

Freshman Aaron White led the way with a 25 point and 11 rebound double-double while Bishop Heelan Catholic graduate Zach McCabe made all nine of his shot attempts and scored 20 points.

The Hawks improve to 18-16 heading into the second round. Iowa is now matched up with the Oregon Ducks who are led by former Creighton head coach Dana Altman.


(Omaha) Last night in men’s college baseball, Tri-Center grad Kurt Spomer combined with five of his Creighton Bluejay teammates to shutout BYU in the Jay’s home opening win. Spomer pitched the final two outs of the 8th inning including a strike out to end the frame. Creighton is 8-6 on the year and Spomer has pitched in eight games this season with a 6.14 ERA and 2 saves. The former Tri-Center star led the Jays with 13 saves last season helping lead them to a 45-16 season.


(Ames) Griswold freshman distance running star Rebekah Topham (pictured winning a state cross country title) took home first place in two different events at the Iowa State High School Classic in Ames. Topham ran winning times of 2:16 in the 800 and 10:13 in the 3000.


Several schools in classes 1A through 4A competed at the meet including Corning who got a 4th place finish from Caitlyn Stroud in the 60 Meter Dash. Stroud clocked a 7.99.


Harlan showed well in several events including a 6th place finish in the 4X800 Meter Relay and a 7th place run in the 4X400 Meter Relay.


Click here for the full results from the Iowa State High School Girls Classic






ADAM WOODBURY, Sioux City East
MARCUS PAIGE, Linn-Mar (Marion)


Sam Norman, D.M. Roosevelt, 6-6, Sr.
Cole Myers, Ankeny, 6-2, Sr.
Ted Friedman, Ankeny, 6-9, Jr.
Dondre Alexander, Iowa City West, 6-3, Jr.
Joe Scott, Davenport West, 5-8, Sr.


Josh Weeber, Dubuque Senior, 6-5, Jr.
Dale Jones, Waterloo West, 6-6, Sr.
Zach Burnham, Davenport Central, 6-7, Sr.
Taylor Olson, Cedar Rapids Jefferson, 6-0, Sr.
Dwight Sistrunk, D.M. Hoover, 5-10, Sr.






KLINTON CARLSON, Waverly-Shell Rock
SHANE GRAVES, Sioux City Heelan


Billy Daniel, Davenport Assumption, 6-5, Jr.
Jake May, Dubuque Wahlert, 6-2, Sr.
Tyler Peyton, Dallas Center-Grimes, 6-3, Sr.
Jordan Ashton, Mount Pleasant, 6-3, Sr.
Zach Osborn, Harlan, 6-1, Sr.


Dalton Franken, Atlantic, 6-5, Jr.
JC Abrahamson, Grinnell, 6-4, Sr.
Casey Schlatter, Iowa Falls-Alden, 6-7, Soph.
T.J. Lake, Western Dubuque, 5-11, Jr.
Jeremy Flaws, Carlisle, 5-11, Sr.





JORDAN HAY, North Cedar
MADING THOK, Western Christian (Hull)
NICK CLARK, Fort Dodge St. Edmond
JESSE ERTZ, Mediapolis


Rylan Murry, West Branch, 6-8, Jr.
Trey Sathoff, Pekin (Packwood), 6-4, Sr.
Michael Newton, West Marshall, 6-6, Sr.
Adam Paulsen, South O’Brien, 6-2, Sr.
Brad Ripke, Sioux Central (Sioux Rapids), 6-1 Sr.


C.J. Mason, MFL/Mar-Mac (Monona), 6-3, Jr.
Tyler Steeve, Clarinda, 6-3, Sr.
Payton Plagge, West Fork, 6-9, Jr.
Michael Carney, D.M. Christian, 6-0, Sr.
Jake Timm, Mount Vernon, 6-1, Sr.





RICKY WILLIAMS, Riverside (Oakland)
LUKE LENHART, Storm Lake St. Mary
CLAY HARRELD, Northeast Hamilton


Jeremy Deemer, Lamoni, 6-6, Soph.
Tim Daniel, Morning Star (Bettendorf), 6-4, Sr.
Casey Sieren, Keota, 6-4, Sr.
Austin Halls, Murray, 6-1, Jr.
Austin Lefler, Lawton-Bronson, 5-11, Jr.


Connor Meis, Treynor, 6-3, Sr.
Bryce Moss, Boyden-Hull, 6-5, Sr.
Alex Welsch, Nodaway Valley (Greenfield), 6-7, Jr.
Ben Knake, Lisbon, 6-1, Sr.
Bryan Forbes, Lone Tree, 6-3, Jr.



First Team

Wyatt Henkenius* Corning 12

Brody Brownlee* Interstate 35 12
Jordan Reed* Lenox 12

JD NIelsen M-SM 12

Zeb Noel M-SM 12

Braydee Poore Mount Ayr 11

Brad Baudler Nodaway Valley 11

TJ Bower Nodaway Valley 10

Alex Welsch Nodaway Valley 11

Hunter Van Haalen* Pleasantville 12

Austin Allen* Southeast Warren 12

Bryce Carpenter Wayne 12



Second Team


Kolten Sefrit* Bedford 11

Michael Weinkoetz East Union 12

Mason Peterson Lenox 11

Jake Still Mount Ayr 11

Dusty Lyden* Mount Ayr 12

Dean Frank Nodaway Valley 11

Collin Thomas* Pleasantville 12

Brent Banks Wayne 12

Bryson Durrow * Central Decatur

Reggie Perrin Corning 12

David Kennedy Interstate 35 12

Dan Ehrsam Nodaway Valley 11


1st Team

*Dalton Franken   Atlantic   11
 Zach Osborn    Harlan   12
*Josiah Shepherd   Lewis Central  12
Tyler Steeve    Clarinda   12
Derek Hall     Denison   11
Sam Markham    Atlantic   11
David Hicks    Kuemper   12
Colby Taylor    Creston   11


2nd Team

Chad Christensen   Atlantic   11
Alex Reed     Lewis Central  11
Trey Lansman    Harlan   10
Carter Daniel    Kuemper   12
Grant May     Glenwood   11
Austin Eller    Denison   12
Jared Stansbury    Clarinda   12
Luke Neitzel    Creston   11



Honorable Mention

Harrison Hoegh    Atlantic   11
Seth Lansman    Harlan   12
Jared Juhl     Harlan   12
Brandon Sweet     Clarinda   12
Matt Anderson    Lewis Central  12
Brian Dentlinger   Kuemper   12
Trey Thomsen    Creston   11
Grant Stivers    Glenwood   12
Tanner Johnson    Red Oak   11
Pete Walker    Red Oak   11
Drew Bayless    Shenandoah  12
Drew Nielsen    Shenandoah  12



(Clarinda) Tyler Steeve capped off his great Clarinda career with an outsanding game in the Class 2A Consolation Final on Friday afternoon at Wells Fargo Arena. Steeve, one of eight seniors, hit 15-18 from the free throw line and scored 27 points to lead Clarinda to a win over #1 seed MFL/Mar-Mac, 69-52.


Clarinda had never won a tournament game in their previous seven appearances. Clarinda's only loss in the tournament this year was in overtime against Ft. Dodge St. Edmond in the semi-finals on Thursday afternoon. Clarinda's final record for the 2011-12 season is 21-5.


(Des Moines) It didn't take long for 2011 state champion Storm Lake, St. Mary's to seperate themselves from Nodaway Valley in Friday morning's Class 1A Consolation Final. The Panthers who had been undefeated coming into the state tournament took a 28-8 first quarter lead and kept on the gas the rest of the way, winning 81-46.


Nodaway Valley heads back home with a fourth place trophy. The Wolverines finish the year with a 23-4 record. It was Nodaway Valley's fourth appearance at the boys state basketball team. They placed 2nd in 2005, 1st in 2006, 3rd in 2007, and now 4th in 2012.


(Lincoln) After 7-years at the helm Doc Saddler has been fired as the University Nebraska men’s Head basketball coach.


Athletic Director Tom Osborne made the announcement Friday afternoon at a news conference at Memorial Stadium.


Click here to listen


The Huskers finished the season at 12-18. It was the team's lowest win total since 2003.  Osborne says that he gambled and Doc gambled on this being a good year, and unfortunately, for whatever reason, it didn't work out that way.


Click here to listen


Osborn says expectations are for the Nebraska program to be competitive in the conference.


Click here to listen


An emotional Doc Sadler says when he came in August 2006, he thought he would coach the first Nebraska basketball team that would win its first NCAA Tournament basketball game.


Click here to listen


Sadler met with Tom Osborn at around 1:30 this afternoon.


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Nebraska finished in a tie with Penn State for last place in the conference in it's first season in the Big Ten. Sadler's overall record at Nebraska was 101-89, with three NIT appearances. He was just 34-64 in conference games.



March 9, 2012





(Des Moines) Nodaway Valley gave #1 seed Danville all they wanted for three and a half quarters before the undefeated and defending state runner-up Bears were able to close the game out and punch their ticket to a second straight state championship game. Nodaway Valley scored the games first two points but Danville answered right back with a 4-0 run and the game would go back and fourth over the next 25 minutes with neither team ever leading by more than six points until the late stages of the fourth quarter.


Alex Welsch led Nodaway Valley with a 17 point, 11 rebound and  5 blocked shot effort that included a crowd pleasing dunk in the third quarter. Sophomore T.J. Bower contributed 15 points and 7 rebounds, but it wasn't enough to top Danville, a team that has now won 54 of their last 55 games. The Bears were led by the twin brother combination of Steven (25) and Michael (13) Soukup who combined for 38 points. 6'6" post man Collin Bartsch scored 15 for 27-0 Danville. Danville's largest lead of the game was 16 which was the final margin at 65-49.


Nodaway Valley will play in the consolation game game at 10:00 a.m. Friday morning. The Wolverines draw defending state champion Storm Lake St. Mary's. The winner of Friday's consolation matchup will go home with a 3rd place trophy.


(Des Moines) Nodaway Valley squares off with Danville Thursday morning in a Class 1A semi-final that will air on KSOM.


Defending state runner-up Danville has won 53 of their last 54 games including going a perfect 26-0 so far this season. Nodaway Valley is the #5 seed and has been ranked in the top 10 all season long. The Wolverines come in with a 23-2 record. Both teams cruised through the quarterfinals with Danville winning by 29 over St. Albert and Nodaway Valley by 22 over North Iowa. Nodaway Valley junior Alex Welsch is embracing the underdog role heading into the semi-final against #1 seed Danville.


Click here to listen


A Nodaway Valley win Thursday would put them in the state championship game for the third time in program history. A Nodaway Valley loss Thursday morning means the Wolverines would complete in the consolations game for 3rd place on Friday morning. Here’s Nodaway Valley sophomore TJ Bower.


Click here to listen


Danville averages 75.8 points per game which is the most of any team in any class in the state. If any team can slow down the Bears perhaps it could be Nodaway Valley. The Wolverines have held opponents this season to an average of 40 points per game. Head coach Darrell Burmeister weighs in on the matchup with undefeated Danville.


Click here to listen


Nodaway Valley ranks 4th offensively in Class 1A with their 69.6 point per game output. Nodaway Valley and Danville square off at Wells Fargo Arena in the Class 1A State Semi-Finals at 10:30 Thursday morning.


Bennett Blake


10:47 a.m.


(Des Moines) Coming into the 2012 boys state basketball tournament the Clarinda Cardinals had zero wins to show for their seven trips to state. The Cardinals changed that with a convincing win over Roland-Story Tuesday afternoon at Wells Fargo Arena.


Clarinda turned a 22-16 lead at the break into a 50-31 blowout win. 6'7" senior Jared Stansbury connected on 5-7 from the floor in addition to 5-6 from the free throw line to lead the way with 15 points.Clarinda shot 51.5% from the field as a team while the Cardinal defense was able to hold Roland-Story to just 30% shooting.


#6 seed Clarinda improves to 20-4 this season. They head into a semi-final matchup with #7 seed Ft. Dodge St. Edmond on Thursday afternoon at 3:45. 19-6 St. Edmond eliminated PCM, Monroe with a 53-52 win on Tuesday.


Pride of Iowa Girls Basketball All-Conference Teams


1st Team:

Caila Raymond-11             Bedford

Kendyl Gruttemeyer-11     Bedford

Kayla Lindenmeyer-11      Bedford

Bailey Boswell-12             Central Decatur

Sadie Green-11                 Central Decatur

Ella Akin-11                      Corning

Olivia Sulentic-12               Interstate 35

Meagan Streyffeler-12        Martensdale-St. Mary’s

Morgan Halverson-12         Martensdale-St. Mary’s

Taylor Still-11                     Mount Ayr

Paige Jones-12                   Nodaway Valley

Sara Kerber-12                  Nodaway Valley


2nd Team:

Brittany Binning-11           Central Decatur   

Adalina Morales-12           Corning

MacKenzie Barton-12       Corning

Katie Rice-12                     East Union

Staci Morris-12                  Interstate 35 

Kennedy Core-9                 Pleasantville

Amy Williams-11              Southeast Warren

Hannah Lain-12                 Wayne

Savanna Thornton-11         Bedford

Hailey Sweet-12                 Martensdale-St. Mary’s

Claire Andresen-12            Mount Ayr

Sydney Reeves-11              Nodaway Valley

Mariah Zoss-12                  Pleasantville



(Des Moines) #8 seed St. Albert was overwhelmed by #1 seed Danville Monday afternoon in the first round of the Class 1A boys state basketball tournament. Despite entering the postseason with just a 9-10 overall record, St. Albert reeled off five straight wins to get to state but the magic would run out Monday as the Falcons fell 68-39.


Connor Thomas finished with 15 points and JD Culjat pitched in with 10, but Danville's twin combination of Steven and Michael Soukup combined for 34 points and the Bear's 6'6" inch Collin Bartsh tallied 15 points of his own to end St. Albert's run. Danville scored 44 points in the paint compared to St. Albert's 16.


(Des Moines) The Nodaway Valley Wolverines improved to 23-3 on the season and 4-0 in program history in state quarterfinal games with their 62-40 victory over North Iowa, Buffalo Center on Monday morning.


Nodaway Valley raced out to a 7-0 lead and forced North Iowa to try to play catch-up the rest of the way. Junior Dan Ersham hit three of his four three-pointers in the first quarter on his way to a 20 point game. Teammates T.J. Bower (14) and Alex Welsch (11) also contributed with double figures scoring with Welsch adding 10 rebounds and 4 blocked shots. The Wolverines let by 13 at the half after Dean Frank made a three-pointer from the right quarter. The lead would never get below 10 in the second half.


Nodaway Valley will take on #1 seed Danville in the Class 1A state semi-finals on Thursday. The semi-final matchup will air on KSOM beginning at 10:30 Thursday morning.


Boys First Team South Division

TJ Sterk, IKM-Manning

Austin Haubrich, IKM-Manning

Nate Fender, Logan-Magnolia

Jake Roden, West Harrison

Jacob Willey, West Monona

Jamesoon Delaney, Woodbine

Cole McAllister, Boyer Valley

Nick Miller, Boyer Valley


Boys Second Team South Division

Cody Kahl, IKM-Manning

Adam Brant, IKM-Manning

Zach Powley, Logan-Magnolia

Tyler Birdsall, West Harrison

Josh Westendorf, West Monona

Gabe Madsen, West Monona

Taylor Pratt, West Monona

Ross Pawletzi, Ar-We-Va

Wade Martian, Whiting


Girls First Team South Division

Kaylee Blake, IKM-Manning

Tember Schechinger, IKM-Manning

Paige Danner, Ar-We-Va

Dani Kock, Ar-We-Va

Kendall Corbitt, Charter Oak-Ute

Amanda Goodier, West Monona

Nisha Hall, Boyer Valley

Shelby Hall, Woodbine


Girls Second Team South Division

Lynsie Sievertsen, IKM-Manning

Liz Halbur, IKM-Manning

Brittany Stoelk, Ar-We-Va

Paige Framke, West Monona

Shelby Rodman, Whiting

Tarin Clausen, Charter Oak-Ute

Emilee Earlywine, West Harrison

Maysen Jones, Logan-Magnolia

Alyssa Blum, Woodbine

Megan Ehlers, Ar-We-Va


First Team

Ricky Williams, Riverside

Britton Barrier, Tri-Center

Chris Zimmerman, Treynor

Connor Meis, Treynor

Devin Bates, Griswold

Sean Blakely, Underwood


Second Team

Cole Chapin, Treynor

Jared Schoning, Griswold

Austin Konsor, Underwood

Deven Moore, Riverside

Steven Humphrey, Missouri Valley

Brady Ryun, Riverside


Honorable Mention

Bill Price, AHST

Ean Patrick, Riverside

Todd Schmidt, AHST

John Gunderson, Riverside

Cody Cunard, Missouri Valley

Ryan Spiegel, Underwood

Collin Fast, Griswold

Kyle Ticer, Treynor


First Team

Lacy Vokt, Audubon

Courntey Cunard, Missouri Valley

Carlee McKee, Missouri Valley

Amy Lintner, Underwood

Tracy Purdy, Treynor

Courtney Kardell, AHST


Second Team

Kaylee Grote, Tri-Center

Emily Baatz, Tri-Center

Jordyn Sindt, Griswold

Chaley Rath, Treynor

Molly Cunard, Missouri Valley

Emily Nelsen, Audubon

Anna Hildebrand, Riverside


Honorable Mention

Marissa Haubrich, Audubon

Hailey Hellstrom, Missouri Valley

Alex Snyder, Treynor

Emily Vandovort, Underwood

Brooke Hansen, Griswold

Shelby Sullivan, Tri-Center

Casey Peters, AHST




1st Team All West Central Conference
Michael Carney (DMC) SR*
Cody Good (OGD) JR
Josh Turner (OGD) SR
Dallas Jackson (WA) SR
Adam Courtney (GC) JR
Gage Reis (CRB) SR



2nd Team All West Central Conference

Jared Jones (DMC) JR
Sean Glenn (DMC) SR
Byron Klauenberg (OGD) SR
Michael Brown (WG) JR
Michael Folkerts (VM) SR
Tyler Book (EARL) SR


Coach of the Year
Seth Poldberg, Guthrie Center



Honorable Mention

Robert Hein (DMC) SR
Keaton Anfinson (DMC) JR
Gabe Summerhays (OGD) SR
Adam Adreon (OGD) SR
Cory Crnkovich (WG) SR
Jake Musser (WG) SR
Jerry Glover (WA) SR
Ivan Johnson (WA) SO
Marcus Bolton (GC) SR
Caleb Courtney (GC) JR
Jake Zanders (CRB) SR
Keaton Schlatter (CRB) JR
Austin Waldorf (VM) SR
Brandon Brittain (VM) SO
Kyle Weber (EARL) SR
Zack Rice (EARL) JR
Josh Calmer (PAN) SR
Garrett Mleynek (PAN) JR
Sean Loew (MD) SR
Mark Nehring (MD) SR
Mason Hasty (WCV) SR
Alex Arnburg (WCV) JR


(Des Moines) In its third state tournament appearance, Bedford has a chance to win its first championship.

The third-ranked Bulldogs got outstanding balance on offense, played solid defense and beat No. 9 Le Mars Gehlen Catholic 45-36 to reach the Class 1A title game.

Bedford held Gehlen Catholic to one field goal during a 14-minute stretch while building a nine-point lead, then held off the Jays' comeback attempts down the stretch.

Savanna Thornton led Bedford with 11 points, while Caila Raymond scored 10 and grabbed 12 rebounds. Kayla Lindenmeyer added nine points for the Bulldogs, Peyton Russell scored eight and Kendyl Gruttemeyer scored seven to go with 10 rebounds.

Katelin Langel scored 21 points for Gehlen Catholic. Amber Timmins added six points, nine rebounds four assists and four steals.

Gehlen Catholic jumped to a 7-0 lead and was up 11-4 after one quarter. But Bedford shut down the Jays for a long stretch after that and moved into the lead, going up 25-16 early in the second half on Thornton's 3-pointer.

Bedford maintained a lead of five to nine points until Gehlen Catholic made a late charge, drawing to 37-36 when Steph Rohe's two free throws capped a 6-0 run. But the Bulldogs stopped the threat there.

Russell drove for a layup to put the Bulldogs up three and they secured their big victory at the free throw line, Gruttemeyer sinking three, Thornton making two and Russell hitting one.

Bedford will take a 26-1 record into the championship game at 6 p.m. Friday. In its two previous state tourney trips, in 2007 and last year, Bedford lost in the first round.

Gehlen Catholic, in the tournament for the first time, finished 21-5.



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