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Team Scores
1.  Logan-Magnolia  283.5
2.  Missouri Valley  179.0
3.  East Mills  142.0
4.  A-H-S-T  118.0
5.  Woodbine  97.5
6.  Audubon  93.0
7.  Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton  80.0
8.  Southwest Valley  73.0
9.  Clarinda Academy  37.0
10.  East Sac County  6.0


Individual Results

106 Results
1st Place - Wyatt Crocker of Logan-Magnolia
2nd Place - Zayne Carrier of Missouri Valley
3rd Place - Seth Wright of Woodbine


113 Results
1st Place - Garret Thompson of Logan-Magnolia
2nd Place - Joel Becerra of A-H-S-T (28-10)
3rd Place - Ryan Guy of Woodbine
4th Place - Cole Wilhelms of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton
5th Place - Danny Martin of Missouri Valley


120 Results
1st Place - Bo Geise of Logan-Magnolia
2nd Place - Ben Christensen of East Mills
3rd Place - Kade Jensen of Audubon
4th Place - Reno Ramos of Clarinda Academy


126 Results
1st Place - Nick Rounds of Missouri Valley
2nd Place - Gabe Holben of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Beau Nickum of Audubon
4th Place - Tyler MacGregor of A-H-S-T
5th Place - Dayton Wood of Woodbine
6th Place - Stephen Malloy of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton


132 Results
1st Place - Alec Moorman of East Mills
2nd Place - Kaleb Reynek of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Tyson Partridge of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton
4th Place - Taylor Kuhn of Southwest Valley
5th Place - Jack Kyle of Missouri Valley
6th Place - Hikaru Hotta of Woodbine


138 Results
1st Place - Austin Haner of Logan-Magnolia
2nd Place - Skeeter Bostwick of Missouri Valley
3rd Place - Stevie Mitchell of A-H-S-T
4th Place - Trenton Pullen of East Mills
5th Place - Angel Weitkamp of Clarinda Academy
6th Place - Brittany Shumate of Woodbine


145 Results
1st Place - Brad Kerkhoff of Audubon (23-1)
2nd Place - Brady Wilson of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Luke Stortenbecker of East Mills
4th Place - Evan Skelton of Southwest Valley
5th Place - Jay Olthof of Clarinda Academy
6th Place - Evan Lenz of Woodbine


152 Results
1st Place - Brady Charbonneau of Logan-Magnolia
2nd Place - Josh Hopkins of East Mills
3rd Place - Trevor Smith of Audubon
4th Place - Nathan Haynes of Missouri Valley
5th Place - Zach Hagadorn of A-H-S-T
6th Place - Logan Calkins of Southwest Valley


160 Results
1st Place - Timmy Barr of A-H-S-T-W (29-8)
2nd Place - Colton Fisher of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Tyler Bissell of Southwest Valley
4th Place - Cole Bruns of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton
5th Place - Winston Veatch of Missouri Valley
6th Place - Jacob Soll of Audubon


170 Results
1st Place - Riley Wohlers of Logan-Magnolia
2nd Place - Dustin Engel of A-H-S-T (30-5)
3rd Place - Zane Harvey of Missouri Valley
4th Place - Cavin Darnold of East Mills
5th Place - Merik Gaule of Southwest Valley
6th Place - Elijah Zaiger of Audubon


182 Results
1st Place - Reide Meeker of Logan-Magnolia
2nd Place - Thomas Peasley of Missouri Valley
3rd Place - Joey Wolf of Woodbine


195 Results
1st Place - Evan Hansen of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton (48-0)
2nd Place - Drake Johnsen of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Erik Jorgensen of A-H-S-T
4th Place - Scott Palmer of Southwest Valley
5th Place - Jackson Winchester of Missouri Valley
6th Place - Alex Bullerman of Clarinda Academy


220 Results
1st Place - Tom Rief of Missouri Valley
2nd Place - Blake Barnum of Woodbine
3rd Place - Nick Perkins of East Mills
4th Place - Lane Ring of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton
5th Place - Jacob Stueve of Logan-Magnolia
6th Place - Christian Sousley of Clarinda Academy


285 Results
1st Place - Gabe Shafer of Woodbine
2nd Place - Anthony Ossman of East Mills
3rd Place - Seth Jimmerson of Missouri Valley
4th Place - Christian Jensen of Logan-Magnolia
5th Place - Isaiah Taylor of Audubon
6th Place - Taylor Duncan of East Sac County

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Team Scores
1.  Clarion-Goldfield  242.5
2.  Manson Northwest Webster  167.0
3.  Ogden  113.0
4.  Riverside  112.5
5.  Humboldt  111.0
6.  Panorama  107.0
7.  Guthrie Center  100.5
8.  Southeast Valley  98.0
9.  Greene County  92.0
10.  Woodward-Granger  78.0
11.  Tri-Center  73.5
12.  Moravia  64.0
13.  Underwood  60.0
14.  Interstate 35  55.5
15.  Griswold  48.0
16.  East Union  47.0
16.  Nodaway Valley  47.0
18.  West Central Valley  40.5
19.  Coon Rapids-Bayard  39.0
20.  Nevada  32.5


Individual Results


106 Results
1st Place - Justin Portillo of Clarion-Goldfield
2nd Place - Levi Sawyer of Humboldt
3rd Place - Tatem Bluml of Riverside
4th Place - George Appleseth of Panorama
5th Place - Joey Jennings of Underwood
6th Place - Kane Borgeson of Greene County
7th Place - Koby Hanson of Manson Northwest Webster
8th Place - Zach Fees of Guthrie Center


113 Results
1st Place - Alex Thomsen of Underwood (37-0)
2nd Place - Spencer Johnson of Southeast Valley
3rd Place - Nicholas Martin of Moravia
4th Place - Zac Willey of Interstate 35
5th Place - Wayne Beard of Nevada
6th Place - Tye Joint of West Central Valley
7th Place - Elijah Torres of Humboldt
8th Place - Kyler Duis of Manson Northwest Webster


120 Results
1st Place - Hadley Ogg of Griswold (40-5)
2nd Place - Ben Freese of Nodaway Valley
3rd Place - Chase Bulten of Manson Northwest Webster
4th Place - Nathan Phillips of Interstate 35
5th Place - Sheldon McMain of Ogden
6th Place - Daylen Fenton of Moravia
7th Place - Corey Kasperbauer of Humboldt
8th Place - Danny Nordquist of Panorama


126 Results
1st Place - Josh Portillo of Clarion-Goldfield
2nd Place - Briar Cochran of Moravia
3rd Place - Christian Polley of Tri-Center
4th Place - Austin Pontier of Interstate 35
5th Place - Austen Gargano of Humboldt
6th Place - James Lyman of Nodaway Valley
7th Place - Matthew Wittstock of East Union
8th Place - Harvey Roberts of Ogden


132 Results
1st Place - Joel Haberman of Clarion-Goldfield
2nd Place - Tucker Bluml of Riverside (44-5)
3rd Place - Abe Yoder of Greene County
4th Place - Eric Wedemeyer of Manson Northwest Webster
5th Place - Patrick McAlister of Coon Rapids-Bayard
6th Place - Zach McCloud of Ogden
7th Place - Trey Lawrence of Southeast Valley
8th Place - Dallas Price of Moravia


138 Results
1st Place - Jordan Challen of Greene County
2nd Place - Jacob Vogel of Riverside (37-4)
3rd Place - Tanner Abbas of Clarion-Goldfield
4th Place - Tom Jennings of Underwood
5th Place - Chance Rice of Manson Northwest Webster
6th Place - Tyler Paulson of Tri-Center
7th Place - Liam McAlister of Coon Rapids-Bayard
8th Place - Hunter Lynch of Guthrie Center


145 Results

1st Place - Brady Brott of Clarion-Goldfield
2nd Place - Kaleb Simacek of Manson Northwest Webster
3rd Place - Tommy Bradshaw of Greene County
4th Place - Lane Rumelhart of Guthrie Center
5th Place - Zach Evans of Coon Rapids-Bayard
6th Place - Tyler VanHouten of Panorama
7th Place - Caleb Hemmestad of Southeast Valley
8th Place - Harrison Haglund of Ogden


152 Results
1st Place - Skyler Michalski of Manson Northwest Webster
2nd Place - Race Brant of Woodward-Granger
3rd Place - Scott Ruffcorn of Tri-Center
4th Place - Dakota Hennigar of Clarion-Goldfield
5th Place - Traye Pelzer of Nevada
6th Place - Jacob Dickenson of Griswold
7th Place - Gunnar Grunsted of Panorama
8th Place - Josh Allsup of Nodaway Valley


160 Results

1st Place - Riley Rittgers of Southeast Valley
2nd Place - Logan Nelson of Clarion-Goldfield
3rd Place - Brock Bentley of Riverside
4th Place - John Askren of West Central Valley
5th Place - Collen Gibbons of Woodward-Granger
6th Place - Isaiah Yoder of Greene County
7th Place - Logan Sturtz of Ogden
8th Place - Dalton Arnold of Coon Rapids-Bayard


170 Results
1st Place - Austin Lentz of Ogden
2nd Place - Tanner Vermaas of Woodward-Granger
3rd Place - Brogan Kinyon of East Union
4th Place - Alex Peebles of Nevada
5th Place - Gabe Wagner of West Central Valley
6th Place - Kaelan Lundberg of Southeast Valley
7th Place - Ben Powers of Clarion-Goldfield
8th Place - Dalton Holmes of Panorama


182 Results
1st Place - Austin Laabs of Guthrie Center (36-3)
2nd Place - Ryan Anderson of Clarion-Goldfield
3rd Place - Adam Mickelson of Humboldt
4th Place - Dante Arzani of Interstate 35
5th Place - Nathan Krueger of Manson Northwest Webster
6th Place - Tom Nahnsen of Southeast Valley
7th Place - Nick Ross of Ogden
8th Place - Quinton Castell of Moravia


195 Results

1st Place - Wilson Solorzano of Panorama
2nd Place - Danny Eslick of Ogden
3rd Place - Elliott Ahrens of Clarion-Goldfield
4th Place - Trayton Harris of Humboldt
5th Place - Roger Freese of Underwood
6th Place - Mason Burkhart of Woodward-Granger


220 Results
1st Place - Cale Crowder of Guthrie Center (38-3)
2nd Place - Marcus Boldy of Panorama
3rd Place - Cordes Olthoff of Humboldt
4th Place - Phil Dorage of Manson Northwest Webster
5th Place - Kessler Tomas of East Union
6th Place - Trent Ganoe of Ogden
7th Place - Jamie Theulen of Greene County
8th Place - Cole Moran of Woodward-Granger


285 Results
1st Place - Tim Butcher of Manson Northwest Webster
2nd Place - Coy Maher of Riverside
3rd Place - Brandon Flurer of Clarion-Goldfield
4th Place - Adam McDermott of Tri-Center
5th Place - Ryan Hodges of Woodward-Granger
6th Place - Triston Lloyd of West Central Valley
7th Place - Tom Herron of Guthrie Center
8th Place - George Zito of Greene County

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(Glenwood) Creston-Orient-Macksburg crowned three champions and four runner-up finishers to claim their fourth consecutive Hawkeye 10 Conference Wrestling Tournament Championship. The Panthers piled up 245-points, just ahead of Lewis Centrals' 235. The Titans crowned five champions.

Team Scoring:
1. Creston-Orient-Macksburg-245
2. Lewis Central-235
3. Clarinda-223.5
4. Glenwood-213
5. Atlantic/CAM-191
6. Harlan Community-113
7. Kuemper-75
8. Shenandoah-49.5
9. Red Oak-29
10. St. Albert-19.5
11. Denison-Schleswig-12

1st Place - Paxton Whiteaker of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
2nd Place - Kole Hansen of Atlantic
3rd Place - Kelby Luther of Creston Orient Macksburg
4th Place - Brandon Gross of Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
5th Place - Tanner Maxwell of Glenwood
6th Place - Lucas Carter of Harlan
1st Place Match
Paxton Whiteaker (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 40-5, Jr. over Kole Hansen (Atlantic) 25-14, Fr. (Fall 2:53).
3rd Place Match
Kelby Luther (Creston Orient Macksburg) 21-16, Fr. over Brandon Gross (Kuemper Catholic, Carroll) 28-17, Jr. (Dec 6-1).
5th Place Match
Tanner Maxwell (Glenwood) 21-22, Fr. over Lucas Carter (Harlan) 2-4, Fr. (Fall 1:02).

1st Place - Carter Cox of Atlantic
2nd Place - Trevor Anderson of Glenwood
3rd Place - Brandon Trevino of Harlan
4th Place - Gabriel Kjeldgaard of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
5th Place - Noah Donahue of Clarinda
6th Place - Jacob Goodson of Creston Orient Macksburg
1st Place Match
Carter Cox (Atlantic) 35-7, So. over Trevor Anderson (Glenwood) 32-10, Fr. (Dec 5-3).
3rd Place Match
Brandon Trevino (Harlan) 24-8, So. over Gabriel Kjeldgaard (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 27-17, Fr. (SV-1 4-2).
5th Place Match
Noah Donahue (Clarinda) 19-17, So. over Jacob Goodson (Creston Orient Macksburg) 22-18, So. (Fall 2:22).

1st Place - Elias Shaeffer of Harlan
2nd Place - Dakota Foster of Clarinda
3rd Place - Kyle Kuckta of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
4th Place - Trevor Marlin of Creston Orient Macksburg
5th Place - Carlos Gonzalez of Denison
6th Place - Slade Roenfeld of Glenwood
1st Place Match
Elias Shaeffer (Harlan) 27-13, Jr. over Dakota Foster (Clarinda) 24-13, So. (Fall 5:36).
3rd Place Match
Kyle Kuckta (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 16-26, Fr. over Trevor Marlin (Creston Orient Macksburg) 24-22, So. (Fall 1:48).
5th Place Match
Carlos Gonzalez (Denison) 13-20, So. over Slade Roenfeld (Glenwood) 11-30, Jr. (Fall 2:37).

1st Place - Brock Massey of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
2nd Place - Austin Gutknecht of Clarinda
3rd Place - Mitchel Swank of Creston Orient Macksburg
4th Place - Marshal McDermott of Atlantic
5th Place - Gavin Gray of Glenwood
6th Place - Caleb Orme of Red Oak
1st Place Match
Brock Massey (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 35-5, Sr. over Austin Gutknecht (Clarinda) 18-5, Fr. (Dec 7-1).
3rd Place Match
Mitchel Swank (Creston Orient Macksburg) 33-13, Fr. over Marshal McDermott (Atlantic) 32-14, Sr. (Dec 4-2).
5th Place Match
Gavin Gray (Glenwood) 20-24, Sr. over Caleb Orme (Red Oak) 34-14, Sr. (Fall 1:57).

1st Place - Jordan Bailey of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
2nd Place - Tim Sibbel of Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
3rd Place - Payton Price of Clarinda
4th Place - Brody Bopp of Shenandoah
5th Place - AJ Slaughter of Glenwood
6th Place - Martin Shudak of St Albert, Council Bluffs
1st Place Match
Jordan Bailey (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 27-6, Sr. over Tim Sibbel (Kuemper Catholic, Carroll) 35-11, So. (MD 8-0).
3rd Place Match
Payton Price (Clarinda) 23-11, Fr. over Brody Bopp (Shenandoah) 18-17, Jr. (MD 8-0).
5th Place Match
AJ Slaughter (Glenwood) 14-10, So. over Martin Shudak (St Albert, Council Bluffs) 30-20, Sr. (M. For.).

1st Place - Mac Southard of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
2nd Place - Spencer Wray of Creston Orient Macksburg
3rd Place - Austin Williamson of Atlantic
4th Place - Jake Johnson of Shenandoah
5th Place - Nate Nebel of Glenwood
6th Place - Cameron Jacobsen of Harlan
1st Place Match
Mac Southard (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 41-7, So. over Spencer Wray (Creston Orient Macksburg) 21-2, Sr. (SV-1 8-6).
3rd Place Match
Austin Williamson (Atlantic) 35-12, Sr. over Jake Johnson (Shenandoah) 29-14, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
Nate Nebel (Glenwood) 22-20, So. over Cameron Jacobsen (Harlan) 19-22, So. (Fall 2:23).

1st Place - Reid Nichols of Atlantic
2nd Place - Joey Huntington of Creston Orient Macksburg
3rd Place - Tanner Mertz of Red Oak
4th Place - Andrew Tilley of Glenwood
5th Place - Kollyn Buch of Clarinda
6th Place - Kristian Nielsen of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
1st Place Match
Reid Nichols (Atlantic) 39-6, Sr. over Joey Huntington (Creston Orient Macksburg) 35-7, Jr. (Dec 5-1).
3rd Place Match
Tanner Mertz (Red Oak) 36-6, Sr. over Andrew Tilley (Glenwood) 35-14, Sr. (Dec 8-2).
5th Place Match
Kollyn Buch (Clarinda) 24-15, Jr. over Kristian Nielsen (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 2-3, So. (Fall 1:35).

1st Place - Matt Malcom of Glenwood
2nd Place - Luke Strong of Clarinda
3rd Place - Jacob Wingert of Harlan
4th Place - Camron Leith of Creston Orient Macksburg
5th Place - Drew Minino of Shenandoah
6th Place - Jared Nelson of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
1st Place Match
Matt Malcom (Glenwood) 40-4, Jr. over Luke Strong (Clarinda) 32-6, Sr. (MD 9-1).
3rd Place Match
Jacob Wingert (Harlan) 29-16, So. over Camron Leith (Creston Orient Macksburg) 25-17, Jr. (SV-1 3-1).
5th Place Match
Drew Minino (Shenandoah) 16-25, Jr. over Jared Nelson (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 6-6, Jr. (Dec 11-9).

1st Place - Chase Shiltz of Creston Orient Macksburg
2nd Place - Anthony Sherry of Glenwood
3rd Place - Zac Stork of Atlantic
4th Place - Cain Johanns of Clarinda
5th Place - Noah Culp` of Harlan
6th Place - Dallas Volentine of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
1st Place Match
Chase Shiltz (Creston Orient Macksburg) 21-0, So. over Anthony Sherry (Glenwood) 36-4, Fr. (Dec 9-3).
3rd Place Match
Zac Stork (Atlantic) 31-15, So. over Cain Johanns (Clarinda) 33-12, Sr. (Dec 4-1).
5th Place Match
Noah Culp` (Harlan) 20-20, So. over Dallas Volentine (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 3-17, So. (Inj. 3:20).

1st Place - J.J. Clark of Clarinda
2nd Place - Tayler Pettit of Creston Orient Macksburg
3rd Place - Isaac Bales of Glenwood
4th Place - Drake Roller of Atlantic
5th Place - Jeremy Flies of Harlan
6th Place - Cameron Moore of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
1st Place Match
J.J. Clark (Clarinda) 41-1, Jr. over Tayler Pettit (Creston Orient Macksburg) 35-7, Sr. (Dec 3-0).
3rd Place Match
Isaac Bales (Glenwood) 31-13, Fr. over Drake Roller (Atlantic) 22-22, So. (MD 11-2).
5th Place Match
Jeremy Flies (Harlan) 15-25, So. over Cameron Moore (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 4-9, So. (Fall 0:31).

1st Place - Trey Stickler of Clarinda
2nd Place - Hayden Waldstein of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
3rd Place - Jon Stavas of Glenwood
4th Place - Travis Petersen of Atlantic
5th Place - Jackson Mikkelson of Creston Orient Macksburg
6th Place - JD Lewis of Shenandoah
1st Place Match
Trey Stickler (Clarinda) 32-6, Sr. over Hayden Waldstein (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 29-16, Jr. (Dec 5-2).
3rd Place Match
Jon Stavas (Glenwood) 34-12, So. over Travis Petersen (Atlantic) 18-17, Sr. (Fall 2:49).
5th Place Match
Jackson Mikkelson (Creston Orient Macksburg) 33-13, So. over JD Lewis (Shenandoah) 28-15, Jr. (Dec 4-0).

1st Place - Chris Thomas of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
2nd Place - Seth Maitlen of Creston Orient Macksburg
3rd Place - Christian Lauritsen of Clarinda
4th Place - Keagan Hosfelt of Atlantic
5th Place - Zach Haggstrom of Glenwood
6th Place - Aaron Johannsen of Harlan
1st Place Match
Chris Thomas (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 37-5, Sr. over Seth Maitlen (Creston Orient Macksburg) 30-7, Jr. (Fall 0:51).
3rd Place Match
Christian Lauritsen (Clarinda) 32-3, Sr. over Keagan Hosfelt (Atlantic) 32-13, Jr. (Dec 7-2).
5th Place Match
Zach Haggstrom (Glenwood) 35-10, So. over Aaron Johannsen (Harlan) 23-12, So. (Fall 3:32).

1st Place - Kadon Hulett of Creston Orient Macksburg
2nd Place - Seth Gehling of Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
3rd Place - Brook Stephens of Clarinda
4th Place - John McConkey of Atlantic
5th Place - Tanner Miller of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
6th Place - Caleb Sanders of Glenwood
1st Place Match
Kadon Hulett (Creston Orient Macksburg) 33-8, So. over Seth Gehling (Kuemper Catholic, Carroll) 34-5, Jr. (MD 11-3).
3rd Place Match
Brook Stephens (Clarinda) 29-12, Sr. over John McConkey (Atlantic) 22-11, Fr. (Dec 5-1).
5th Place Match
Tanner Miller (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 22-20, Jr. over Caleb Sanders (Glenwood) 19-22, Fr. (Dec 2-1).

1st Place - Jake Gutschenritter of Creston Orient Macksburg
2nd Place - Skyler Svoboda of Atlantic
3rd Place - Jared DeVoe of Clarinda
4th Place - MItch Stanley of Glenwood
5th Place - Tucker Vonnahme of Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
6th Place - Travis Thompson of Lewis Central, Council Bluffs
1st Place Match
Jake Gutschenritter (Creston Orient Macksburg) 35-10, Sr. over Skyler Svoboda (Atlantic) 17-7, Sr. (Dec 2-1).
3rd Place Match
Jared DeVoe (Clarinda) 36-8, Sr. over MItch Stanley (Glenwood) 7-5, So. (Fall 1:11).
5th Place Match
Tucker Vonnahme (Kuemper Catholic, Carroll) 19-21, So. over Travis Thompson (Lewis Central, Council Bluffs) 4-12, Jr. (Fall 4:14).


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(Red Oak) Red Oak senior Kate Walker scored 27 points to lead the Tigers past Atlantic 63-49 in a Hawkeye Ten Conference girls’ basketball game at Red Oak Friday night. Walker scored 21 of her 27 in the first half.

The game started off close with both teams exchanging leads. Red Oak tied the game at 14-14 on Walker’s layup as time expired in the first quarter. However, the complexion of the game changed quickly after that.


The Tigers started the second quarter with their foot on the gas outscoring the Trojans 26-5 into the middle of the third quarter, and held leads of 34-19 at the half, 49-29 after three quarters and 63-40 after regulation.


Red Oak’s 6-2 senior post Grace Blomstedt added 10-points, and Angela Mahoney pitched in 8.


Skye Thompson led Atlantic with 15-points and Stephanie Sandbothe scored 12.


Atlantic falls to 6-12 on the season. The Tigers extend their record to 14-4.


January 30, 2015 

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Charter Oak-Ute 69, West Harrison, Mondamin 62
Coon Rapids-Bayard 55, Exira/EH-K 44

Ar-We-Va, Westside 55, CAM, Anita 28

Paton-Churdan 58, Glidden-Ralston 39


Underwood 61, Tri-Center, Neola 45

Griswold 61, Missouri Valley 52

IKM-Manning, 82, Logan-Magnolia 32

Audubon 74, Riverside, Oakland 58

Treynor 64, AHSTW 47


Ballard 63, ADM, Adel 53
Boone 56, Bondurant-Farrar 51
Carlisle 59, Winterset 38

Dallas Center-Grimes 63, Newton 59

Perry 61, Carroll 56


Martensdale-St. Marys 41, East Union, Afton 37

Interstate 35, Truro 79, Southwest Valley 65

Pleasantville 57, Lenox 54

Nodaway Valley 70, Wayne, Corydon 37

Central Decatur, Leon 52, Bedford 44


Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln 67, Sioux City, West 51


Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 69, Harlan 60

Atlantic 68, Red Oak 30

Denison-Schleswig 61, St. Albert 51

Shenandoah 78, Creston 74


Ogden 55, West Central Valley, Stuart 45

Madrid 53, Woodward-Granger 31

Earlham 126, Woodward Academy 121 (4OT)

Van Meter 53, Panorama 51


Nishnabotna 73, Clarinda Academy 44

East Mills 56, Sidney 49

Essex 86, South Page 62

Fremont-Mills 52, Stanton 43



Adair-Casey 64, Woodbine 35
Charter Oak-Ute 73, West Harrison 30

Exira-EHK 65, Coon Rapids-Bayard 21


Ballard 67, A-D-M, Adel 38

Perry 78, Carroll 16

Carlisle 45, Winterset 30

Dallas Center-Grimes 62, Newton 36


Panorama 61, Van Meter 26

Des Moines Christian 64, Guthrie Center 23

Woodward-Granger 46, Madrid 41

IKM-Manning 49, Logan-Magnolia 39

Treynor 56, A-H-S-T, Avoca 36

Griswold 55, Missouri Valley 51

Audubon 21, Riverise 14


Harlan 65, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 38

Red Oak 63, Atlantic 49

Shenandoah 59, Creston 49

St. Albert 55, Denison-Schleswig 45

Lewis Central 55, Glenwood 40

Nishnabotna 61, Clarinda Academy 10

Central Decatur, Leon 78, Bedford 49

Martensdale-St Marys 58, East Union 7

Interstate 35, Truro 50, Southwest Valley 24

Mount Ayr 49, Southeast Warren, Liberty Center 37

Nodaway Valley 50, Wayne 35

Pleasantville 50, Lenox 44

Sioux City, West 46, Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln 30



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(Oakland) In what has been a long season for the Riverside boys, the Bulldogs were finally able to have a little bit of fun on the basketball court with leads on three occasions in the first half (including by as many as five at one point) and trimming a deficit from double figures down to four early in the 4th quarter, but it was Audubon that got the last laugh Friday, winning 74-58.


For the Wheelers it’s their 5th win of the season. They used good three-point and free-throw shooting to stay in the game early before using good all-around play in the 2nd half to pull away. Joseph Remsburg provided a big boost off the bench in the 2nd quarter draining 3 three-pointers. Audubon’s bench combined for 27 points. Audubon made five from long range in the first half, with Jalen Nelson and Tyler Riebhoff also connecting from deep, plus sank 11/13 from the charity stripe led by Mitchell Nelsen’s 7/8 effort with nine first half points.


Riverside led 26-23 with just over 3:30 to play in the first half when Bulldog starter Jake Novotny was forced to the bench with foul trouble. Novotny had 12 points up to that point, mostly in the 2nd quarter. After he left the game, Audubon closed out the first half on a 13-4 run to lead 36-30 at halftime and never trailed in the 2nd half.


The Wheelers built the lead up to as large as 11 on multiple occasions in the third quarter, but a strong Riverside surge to close the quarter narrowed the gap. Tanner Storrow scored six of his nine points in the third and the team carried the momentum of his runner in the lane at the end of the third quarter into the 4th to close to within 51-47. From there Audubon would score seven of the game’s next ten points and put the game away.


M. Nelsen led Audubon with 17 points and Andrew Blomme scored 11. Most of Blomme’s damage came late in the game, as he was held under wraps by Riverside’s zone early. Remsburg ended up with 9 points in limited minutes. Jalen Nelson and Tyre Vokt each scored 8, Reibhoff had 7, Micky Williamson 6, with Josh Lange and Lake Hacker contributing 4 each.


Tyler Krueger had a huge 2nd half for Riverside and scored a game high 23. Novotny played sparingly with foul trouble in the 2nd half and finished with 11, Storrow 9, Braeton Moore 5, Tim Brink 4, Dylan Charlet 3, and Mason Emge 2.


Both teams shot well from the free-throw line with Riverside hitting 13/16 and

Audubon 21/29. The Wheelers (who won a combined total of two games the last two seasons) are now 5-11. Riverside’s record slips to 0-16.


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(Oakland) Audubon won a low scoring, competitive girls basketball game, over Riverside Friday by a football score of 21-14.


The Wheelers were without leading scorer Emily Haubrich who sprained an ankle this week while the Bulldogs had several players battling the dreaded flu. Morgan Gust got Audubon off to a good start nailing a three-pointer and a long two on the Wheeler’s first two possessions of the game, but the well ran dry for both teams after that for several minutes.


Audubon led 5-0 after one quarter, but Riverside narrowly won the low scoring second and third quarters 7-6 and 5-4 to close to within 15-12 going to the 4th. Both teams went scoreless for the first few minutes of the final frame which led to a sense that whichever team scored next might get the win. That team that scored next was Audubon, at the free throw line, to go up 17-12 and eventually 18-12. The six point cushion seemed like ample breathing room (and eventually proved to be enough) in a game that featured just four made field goals by Riverside and eight from Audubon.


Morgan Gust scored 9 of her game high 12 points in the first half to lead Audubon. Kiara Sporer scored 4, Courtney Rudolph 3, and Kaitlin Schultes 2. Riverside got 6 points from Taylor Frain, 4 from Sheyenne Smith, and 2 each from Bri Alf and Jamie Hackett.


The Bulldogs drop to 1-17 overall while Audubon is 9-8.


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Class 1A

1. Burlington Notre Dame

2. Colo-Nesco

3. Kingsley-Pierson

4. Fremont-Mills

5. Exira-EHK

6. Lynnville-Sully

7. Newell-Fonda

8. Grand View Christian

9. Bedford

10. Turkey Valley

11. George-Little Rock

12. Springville

13. Janesville

14. Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn

15. Central Lyon


Class 2A

1. Unity Christian

2. Western Christian

3. North-Linn

4. South Central Calhoun

5. IKM-Manning

6. Dike-New Hartford

7. Panorama

8. Manson-NW Webster

9. DM Christian

10. Cascade

11. IC Regina

12. Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn

13. Hinton

14. Pekin

15. MVAO


Class 3A

1. Mediapolis

2. Pocahontas Area

3. Sioux Center

4. Osage

5. Hampton-Dumont

6. Crestwood

7. Shenandoah

8. Spirit Lake

9. Center Point-Urbanda

10. Kuemper Catholic

11. Nevada

12. Red Oak

13. Cherokee

14. Clear Lake

15. Saydel


Class 4A

1. Harlan

2. Western Dubuque

3. Carlisle

4. Ballard

5. Waverly-Shell Rock

6. Bishop Heelan Catholic

7. Perry

8. Davenport North

9. CR Xavier

10. Indianola

11. Pella

12. North Scott

13. Marion

14. Mount Pleasant

15. Dallas Center-Grimes


Class 5A

1. Waukee

2. Dowling Catholic

3. SE Polk

4. WDM Valley

5. IC West

6. Ankeny Centennial

7. IC High

8. CR Kennedy

9. Pleasant Valley

10. Johnston

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Clarinda Academy 53, Sidney 52 (OT)
East Mills 87, South Page, College Springs 27
Stanton 73, Essex 55
Heartland Christian 65, Nishnabotna 61


Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto 83, River Valley, Correctionville 29 (WVC Tourney)
OA-BCIG 66, Lawton-Bronson 64 (WVC Tourney)
West Monona, Onawa 77, Woodbury Central, Moville 66 (WVC Tourney)

Ridge View 57, Siouxland Community Christian 45 (WVC Tournament)


Saydel 66, Greene County 64 (OT)


Albia 63, Pleasantville 60



Boyer Valley 54, Whiting 35

Moravia 66, Iowa Christian Academy 38

Murray 50, Grand View Christian 48 (OT)

Nishnabotna 58, Heartland Christian 20
Sidney 70, Clarinda Academy 9



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Glenwood 66 Harlan 12


Creston/O-M 78 St. Albert 4

Creston/O-M 64 SW Iowa 12

St. Albert 42 SW Iowa 34


Winterset 51 Bondurant-Farrar 22

Winterset 64 Clarke 12

Bondurant-Farrar 57 Clarke 23


Atlantic/CAM 66 Red Oak 9

Lewis Central 63 Red Oak 9

Lewis Central 37 Atlantic/CAM 27


Kuemper Catholic 45 Coon Rapids-Bayard 16

Coon Rapids-Bayard 47 Griswold 12

Kuemper Catholic 48 Griswold 28

Treynor 54 Griswold 30

Treynor 42 Kuemper Catholic 36


AHSTW 51 East Mills 30

Tri-Center 41 AHSTW 31

East Mills 30 Tri-Center 27


SE Warren 75 SW Valley 0

SW Valley 42 Nodaway Valley 21

SE Warren 72 Nodaway Valley 12


Woodbine 40 Clarinda Academy 30

Missouri Valley 48 Woodbine 25

East Union 39 Exira-EHK 24

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(Red Oak) Atlantic and Red Oak square off for the second time around Friday night in a girls’ basketball game at Red Oak.


The (13-4) Tigers won the first meeting on December 9, 49-44 which was the beginning of a 10-game winning streak that lasted all the way to January 13 when they fell to Kuemper 50-49.  Atlantic (6-11) is coming off of a 65-59 loss to Treynor on Monday night.


Atlantic Head Coach Kelly Juhl says the key will be controlling Red Oak’s two leading scorers, Kate Walker, averaging 19.1 points per game, and Grace Blomstedt, who is averaging 16.1 per contest.


“We are going to try and throw a variety of defenses at Kate and Grace and start in a man and see if Tiffany Williams can keep Kate in front of her and matchup Catherine Leonard with Grace inside”, stated Juhl. “Blomstedt gets a lot of her points on second chance shots as a result of rebounds and put backs and we hope Catherine can box her off and keep her off the block.”


Coach Juhl says offensively the Trojans will have to attack the zone and get the ball inside.


Erin Olsen leads the team in scoring averaging 11.9 points a game, Tiffany Williams, 6.3, Skye Thompson, 6.1, Stephanie Sandbothe, 5.9, Catherine Leonard, 5.5, and Macey Schmitt, 4.3 points per contest.


Tip-off is set for around 7:40 p.m., we will have the broadcast on 95.7 F.M.


January 29, 2015 

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(Avoca) AHSTW wrestles against Tri-Center and East Mills tonight with a goal of getting to 20 dual wins on the season. They are 19-6 on the season entering tonight.


The Vikings picked up three key dual wins over MVAO, Missouri Valley, and Riverside on Tuesday night. The team has gone from around .500 a year ago to one of the top programs in the WIC this season. They haven't won 20 dual matches in a season for 10 years.


113 pounder Joel Becerra is 26-9, at 26 Christian Danker is 19-7, Nathan Eggers is 21-10 at 132, Zach Hagadon 12-3 at 156, Timmy Barr is 25-8 at 160, at 170 Dustin Engel is 28-4, and 195 pounder Erik Jorgensen is 29-7.


The team is coming off of a 6th place finish at the Louisville, Nebraska tournament. They came away with four top four finishers, but it was a 5th place showing that caught the eye of coach McCarthy. Stevie Mitchell was able to come from behind and win his 5th place matchup with a pin.



AHSTW will go to the Audubon invite on Saturday and then compete at Sectionals the following weekend.


AHSTW coach Evan McCarthy

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(Audubon) Audubon hung on for dear life and came away with a 53-51 win over Tri-Center Tuesday to sweep the season series against the Trojans. 


Kiara Sporrer and Morgan Gust each scored 15 points as the Wheelers dodged a late bullett with Tri-Center missing a layup in the final seconds that would have forced overtime. In addition to Sporrer and Gust combining for 30 points, Emily Haubrich added 10. Haubrich leads the team on the season averaging over 14 points per game. The Wheelers are 8-8 on the season with most of their losses being to teams that have five or fewer losses all year. 


The Wheelers will take on Riverside on Friday. KSOM will have the broadcast. Riverside enters at 1-14, but Audubon coach Kim Subbert says they'll be a tougher challenge than the first time around when Audubon won 44-11. That's because Taylor Frain has returned to the lineup for the Bulldogs. She is the team's second leading scorer and was out with an injury when the two squads met in December.


Audubon coach Kim Subbert

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(Area) High School wrestling season is ramping up as the postseason nears.


It’s a busy night Thursday for high school wrestling in the area:


AHSTW, East Mills are at- Tri-Center. Riverside, Logan-Magnolia, and Audubon all go to West Monona. Kuemper Catholic welcomes Griswold, Treynor, and Coon Rapids-Bayard. Harlan is at Glenwood. Creston/O-M visits St. Albert with Southwest Iowa also in that double dual. Lewis Central and Atlantic/CAM are at Red Oak. Nodaway Valley will host SE Warren and SW Valley.


KS95.7 FM will have coverage of this weekend’s Hawkeye Ten Conference Wrestling Tournament in Glenwood. The following Saturday is the sectional tournament. KSOM will have reports from the Class 1A sectional site at Audubon. KS95.7 will have updates from a Class 2A sectional tournament at Harlan.


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(Neola) Tri-Center held off a late Audubon run to improve to 10-5 on the season, downing the Wheelers Tuesday night 68-60.


Sam Sorenson knocked down 11/15 from the free throw line as the Trojans won their 5th game of the season decided by less than ten points. Sorenson impacted the game not only with his 29 points, but also seven rebounds, four assists, and two steals. Dion Coffey shot 7-8 from the field and finished with a season high 17 points. Tri-Center as a whole posted one of their most efficient nights all year with 56% from the field (23/41), 54.5% from three-point range (6/11), and 59% at the free throw line (16/27).


The Audubon win puts the Trojans at 9-4 in Western Iowa Conference play. They trail only unbeaten IKM-Manning and one-loss Treynor in the conference standings. They are tied with AHSTW and the teams will meet again on February 6th. Tri-Center lost to AHSTW 63-36 in their first meeting.


Tri-Center will travel to conference rival Underwood on Friday. They beat Underwood 60-48 in December. The Trojans have five of their next six games on the road.


Tri-Center coach Chad Harder

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(Adair) With a 63-58 win over Boyer Valley, Adair-Casey has won five of the last six boys basketball games.


Connor Westergaard knocked down five first half three-pointers and finished with 21 for the game. That's a new career high for the sophomore who is shooting over 37% from long range on the season. Coach Mark Emgarten says everybody played well in the Boyer Valley win and notes the team stepped up on the defensive end as the game continued.


The win marks the 3rd time this season that Adar-Casey has avenged a prior loss. The Bombers had lost their first meeting with Boyer Valley 77-57. They also salvaged season splits with Coon Rapids-Bayard and Glidden-Ralston. They'll get an opportunity for payback against Paton-Churdan when the teams meet again next week. 


On the season the top three scorers for Adair-Casey all shoot 55.9% or better. Emmitt Whealtey leads the team averaging 20.5 points per game. Colton Sargent and Charlie Terry are both averaging double figures. 


Adair-Casey coach Mark Emgarten

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(Avoca) For the first time all season AHSTW has won back to back games. The Lady Vikes downed Heartland Christian 78-24 on Monday and followed it up with a 44-37 win over Missouri Valley Tuesday.


The Missouri Valley win by seven points is a 20 point swing from losing to Mo. Valley by 13 when they played in early December. Coach Walker says the big difference was limiting turnovers. AHSTW is now 6-10 on the season with six regular season games remaining.


A big key in the two victories to start the week has been the high scoring of senior Danika Grobe. She posted 31 points on Monday and had 16 more on Tuesday to close to within 31 points of reaching 1,000 for her career. Morgan Eckmann and Jaycie Schueman were also in double figures scoring against Missouri Valley with 10 each. Eckmann added 11 rebounds while Schueman posted 8 steals. Schueman ranks in the top 10 in Class 2A with 64 steals on the season.


AHSTW will face Treynor on Friday before taking on Audubon next Tuesday. 


AHSTW coach Emma Walker

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Clarinda 48 Bedford/Lenox 24

Glenwood 44 Bedford/Lenox 24

Clarinda 39 Glenwood 34


Missouri Valley 49 Riverside 30

Riverside 50 MVAO 28


East Mills 45 Exira-EHK 17

East Mills 48 Griswold 6

Shenandoah 42 East Mills 30

Shenandoah 60 Griswold 11

Shenandoah 48 Exira-EHK 20

Griswold 36 Exira-EHK 27

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Denison-Schleswig 65 Harlan 60 (2 OT)

Glenwood 72, Clarinda 32

Kuemper Catholic 66, Newell-Fonda 45

St. Albert 70, Red Oak 56


Underwood 70, Logan-Magnolia 53

Missouri Valley 61, AHSTW, Avoca 53 (OT)

IKM-Manning 79, Griswold 35

Treynor 83, Riverside 36

Tri-Center 68, Audubon 60


Glidden-Ralston 77, Woodbine 66

Exira-EHK 60, CAM 32

Adair-Casey 63, Boyer Valley 58

Ar-We-Va 66, West Harrison 36

Coon Rapids-Bayard 49, Charter Oak-Ute 44


Ballard 72, Perry 63

Bondurant-Farrar 66, Winterset 43
Carlisle 66, Boone 57 (2 OT)
Carroll 79, ADM, Adel 59

Lenox 65, East Union, Afton 40

Nodaway Valley 77, SW Valley 26
Pleasantville 50, Martensdale-St. Marys 49
Central Decatur, Leon 85, Southeast Warren, Liberty Center 33


Des Moines Christian 63, Earlham 52

Panorama 50, Madrid 48

Woodward-Academy 81, 


Clarinda Academy 54, South Page, College Springs 36

East Mills 57, Stanton 46

Essex 50, Tarkio, MO 30

Fremont-Mills 66, Heartland Christian 54


Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln 81, Sioux City, North 65

Sioux City, West 65, Thomas Jefferson 44




Clarinda 64, Glenwood 46

Harlan 66, Denison-Schleswig 30
Newell-Fonda 45, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 44

Creston 66, Chariton 31

Red Oak 59, St. Albert 51


Treynor 46, Riverside, Oakland 17

A-H-S-T, Avoca 44, Missouri Valley 37
IKM-Manning 60, Griswold 32
Audubon 53, Tri-Center, Neola 51

Logan-Magnolia 59, Underwood 39

Exira-EHK 70, CAM, Anita 19

Coon Rapids-Bayard 48, Charter Oak-Ute 46

Glidden-Ralston 50, Woodbine 27


Dallas Center-Grimes 70, Norwalk 16

Ballard 52, Perry 50
Carlisle 40, Boone 36

ADM 68, Carroll 30

Interstate 35, Truro 64, Wayne 38

Central Decatur, Leon 68, Southeast Warren, Liberty Center 34

Martensdale-St Marys 66, Pleasantville 26

Lenox 53, East Union 16


Nishnabotna 66, Sidney 34


Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln 41, Sioux City, North 31


Des Moines Christian 77, Earlham 41
Panorama 73, Madrid 27

Van Meter 63, West Central Valley, Stuart 49




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(Elk Horn) A 22-2 run that started midway through the first quarter and continued into the 2nd quarter separated Exira-EHK from CAM Tuesday night in boys basketball.


After the game was tied at 6-all in the opening minutes, the Spartans pushed the lead up to 18 points by halftime and never looked back in a convincing 60-32 win.

Jake Paulsen scored 11 points in the first quarter to help Exira-EHK break the game open.



Brady Hansen scored 11 of his game high 19 points in the 2nd half including a key three midway through the third that got the Spartans back on track. 


CAM cut the deficit to as close as 12 early in third quarter, but Exira-EHK responed. Tate Winther posted a team high 18 points for CAM, but no other Cougar had more than three. They fall to 2-15 on the season. Exira-EHK sweeps the season series and improves to 10-7 overall. 


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(Elk Horn) Exira-EHK didn’t allow a single point for the first 4:15 of the game and scored 33 first quarter points as they rolled to a 17-0 record. The Spartans held quarter leads of 33-10, 47-13, 58-13, and won by a final of 70-19.


Mara Burmeister torched the nets early with a dozen first quarter points and finished with 21.The Spartan starters played sparingly in the 2nd half, 


Exira-EHK was able to execute their game plan defensively, allowing less than 20 points for the 6th time this season.


In addition to Burmeister’s 21, Maggie Rasmussen scored 11, Sophia Peppers 10, Rachel Smith 8, Rose Anderson and Kennedy Madsen each had 7, Alex Petersen 4, and Kealey Nelson 2.


The bulk of CAM’s scoring came from Felicity Jackson who knocked down two fourth quarter three’s and finished with 10 points. Mackenzie Schwenke and Ericka Stender each had three while Mackenzie Cross scored one.


Exira-EHK is 17-0 with remaining games against Coon Rapids-Bayard, West Harrison, Glidden-Ralston, and Adair-Casey. CAM falls to 9-9.



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(Anita) The CAM Cougars have just a handful of regular season boys basketball match ups left in the regular season to tune up for district play in mid-February.


The Cougars have mixed experience with youth in the most recent stretch of the season. Senior Tate Winther has emerged as a top scorer and rebounded for the team. Coach Brian Fogleman says, “He has the tools and the potential to be the best post players in the conference if he wants to be.” He posted 18 points and 14 rebounds in last Tuesday’s win over Woodbine. Tate and fellow senior Tanner Winther rank 1-2 on the team in scoring average at 10.1 and 8.6 points per game respectively.


Meanwhile freshman Nick Holste has seen some action in the last few games. He scored 12 points and made 4-6 from three-point range in a loss to Charter Oak-Ute Saturday. Fellow freshman Thomas Hensley is also working his way into the rotation in the 2nd half of the season. Sophomores Brandon Flathers, Marcus Daugherty, and Austin Chester have also all seen varsity playing time.


The first time CAM met Exira-EHK the Cougars trailed by just one at halftime before losing by nine. This time around coach Fogleman says the team will need to take better care of the basketball and be more physical. 


CAM coach Brian Fogleman

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(Elk Horn) Exira-EHK has not only won every girls basketball game they've played this season, they haven't had any close calls either. The Spartan's narrowest margins of victory this season have been 22 points against Paton-Churdan and 20 against Adair-Casey. 


As the Spartans eye perfection for the first time in their five year history, they have remaining games against CAM, Coon Rapids-Bayard, West Harrison, Glidden-Ralston, and Adair-Casey. (Exira went undefeated and won the state title during the 2009-10 season) The 5th rated team in the state for Class 1A holds an average margin of victory at 40.1 points per game. They allow, on average, only 26 points a night. In fact, in 64 quarters played this season, Exira-EHK has only given up double digit points in a quarter just 14 times. In their last game they held their opponent to just three points over the final 24 minutes of the game. 


In addition to the team's top notch defense, the offense has been explosive. They've failed to top 60 points on just two occasions and have a season high of 85. It's been a balanced effort on the offensive end with Rachel Smith averaging 13 points per game, Sophia Peppers 12.8, Mara Burmeister 11.9, Maggie Rasmussen 9.1 and Kennedy Madsen 7.3.


They'll host a CAM team on Tuesday night that they previously defeated 57-25 in Anita prior to the holiday break. KSOM will have play-by-play coverage of the RVC Doubleheader with pregame starting at 5:50.


Exira-EHK coach Tom Petersen



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(State) The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union has released the postseason pairings for girls basketball. 


The information released includes the brackets for Classes 1A, 2A, and 3A. Classes 4A and 5A will be released on Monday, February 2nd. 


The Class 1A regional tournament starts on Thursday, February 12th, Class 2A and 3A each begin on Saturday, February 14th. 


Click to view brackets

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AHSTW, Avoca 68, Heartland Christian 53


Bedford 72, Fremont-Mills, Tabor 43

Pleasantville 67, Clarke, Osceola 59


Paton-Churdan 71, Adair-Casey 55


Red Oak 60, Southwest Valley 43



Adair-Casey 69, Paton-Churdan 54

Interstate 35, Truro 46, Creston 40


Central Decatur, Leon 70, Chariton 41


Grandview Christian (BGC Tournament) 59, Moulton-Udell 21

Orient-Macksburg 30, Diagonal 15


Treynor 65, Atlantic 59

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(Atlantic) Treynor’s 13-2 third quarter run lifted them past Atlantic 65-59 in girls basketball at Atlantic Monday night.


The Cardinals opened up a 15-10 first quarter lead.  Erin Olsen’s three point basket for Atlantic tied the game at 19-19 in the second quarter. But Kaylie Christensen clicked off seven straight points for Treynor contributing to the Cardinals 28-27 halftime lead. 


Skye Thompson’s bucket gave the Trojans a 29-28 third quarter lead and a three by Olsen and Macey Schmitt’s two point basket put the Trojans up 34-30. However, that would be the last time Atlantic would lead.


Treynor guards Madison Paulsen and Laura Hempel combined for 23-three second half points which gave the Cardinals an offensive boost.  Treynor led 50-43 after three quarters and extended that to twelve in the fourth quarter. However, three point baskets down the stretch by Olsen and Schmitt made it interesting before the Cardinals sealed the contest 65-59.


Kaylie Christensen led Treynor with 19-points, Laura Hempel, 16 and Madison Paulsen knocked down 15.


Erin Olsen scored 19-points for Atlantic, Macey Schmitt and Tiffany Williams finished with 12, and Catherine Leonard added 11.

Treynor extends their record to 12-2. Atlantic falls to 6-11.


Click here to listen to Treynor Head Coach Gail Hartigan


Click here to listen to Atlantic Head Coach Kelly Juhl 


January 26, 2015 

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(Elk Horn) The CAM girls basketball team will be on action on KSOM Tuesday night when they oppose the 5th rated Exira-EHK Spartans.


Exira-EHK is a perfect 16-0 with an average margin of victory of 40.1 points per game. 9-8 CAM has the unenviable task of trying to derail the Spartan’s perfect season. Cougar coach Joe Wollum says Exira-EHK can attack you from seemingly all angles.



The Cougars have put together a nice stretch over the past month to get their win loss record above .500. A big factor in that has been winning the close games. On the season, the team has gone 6-1 in games decided by six points or less.


Felicity Jackson leads CAM in scoring at 15.4 points per game. Senior Tierney Sothman is tops on the team in rebounding with 130 boards through 17 games.


CAM coach Joe Wollum 

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(Elk Horn) 9-7 Exira-EHK goes for their 6th win in the last nine games when they host 2-14 CAM Tuesday in a boys basketball game that will air on KSOM.


The Spartans started 4-4 on the season, but have only lost three games since the first week of January. The last two times out have been strong showings for the Spartans. They beat Charter Oak-Ute last Tuesday night 69-37 and lost to unbeaten Ar-We-Va 66-47 on Saturday. Coach Newton says despite the loss to the top 10 rated Rockets, his team was able to match their opponents intensity level. 


Coach Doug Newton says point guard Jared Hansen’s near 2-1 assist to turnover ratio has been a turning point. Both Drew Buckholdt and Jake Paulsen each average 12 points per game, with Paulsen shooting over 60% from the field.


ra-EHK’s first meeting with CAM they led by three at halftime and opened things up with a big third quarter. Coach Newton says getting out to an early lead would be a big bonus for his team. 


Exira-EHK coach Doug Newton

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(Ames)  She was already a Cyclone, A Harlan Cyclone, and Jess Schaben will remain a Cyclone. Iowa State announced the addition of the 6-2 outside hitter after Schaben accepted her admission to Iowa State University.


“Jess is a special volleyball player,” Iowa State head coach Christy Johnson-Lynch said. “She has an elite arm and I believe she will be able to terminate against any team in the country. She reminds me a bit of Victoria Hurtt, she’s got the potential to be a go-to offensive player for us.”


Schaben, the No. 27 recruit in the class of 2015 according to PrepVolleyball.com, and a Third-Team Under Armour All-American, led Harlan to back-to-back Class 4A state championships, being named the All-Tournament Team captain on both occasions. She averaged 5.33 kills per set as a senior at a .484 hitting percentage and averaged 2.11 digs per season. That followed up a junior campaign with 5.51 kills per set and 2.43 digs per set.


“I love her ability to pass and play defense, especially given her height,” Johnson-Lynch added. “She is incredibly competitive and is used to carrying a huge load for her teams. Jess is not going to shy away from any sort of competition, and I believe she will relish the opportunity to train and compete at the highest level of college volleyball.”


A three-time All-State honoree in volleyball, Schaben is also a star for the Harlan Cyclone basketball team, earning All-State honors twice, leading Harlan to last season’s 4A state title and earning All-Tournament Team honors and continuing to lead the No. 1 Cyclones this season while averaging 14.4 points per game and 7.0 rebounds per contest. She also competed in track and field, finishing fourth in the high jump at the 2014 state championships.


Schaben is also a start on the club level for River City Juniors, having made multiple All-Tournament Teams at some of the biggest events in the country, including the 2014 Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) World Challenge.


The addition of Schaben is the sixth and final one for ISU’s 2015 class, capping off one of the best incoming classes in the country. Johnson-Lynch and her staff landed three top-35 prospects in setter Remington Bowman (No. 22), Schaben, an outside hitter (No. 27) and right side hitter Hannah Bailey (No. 33). Iowa State also welcomes the addition of two of the top recruits from Iowa in 2015 in setter/defensive specialist Hali Hillegas of Charles City and Abigail Phillips of Marion. The Cyclones have also added one of the top junior prospects in the United Kingdom in middle blocker Grace Lazard, who enrolled in classes at the start of the Spring 2015 semester, and will be eligible to practice with the Cyclones at the start of spring volleyball.


January 26, 2015


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Team Scores
1.  Wilber-Clatonia  224.0
2.  Tekamah-Herman  167.0
3.  Malcolm  155.0
4.  Friend  149.0
5.  Sutton  142.0
6.  A-H-S-T-W   127.0
7.  HTRS-PC   91.5
8.  Underwood  86.5
9.  Louisville  86.0
10.  Weeping Water  81.0
11.  Palmyra  74.0
12.  Harvard  57.5
13.  Red Cloud/Blue Hill  56.0
14.  Maple Valley - Oto  46.0
15.  J.C.C.  34.0


Individual Results


106 Results
1st Place - Ignacio Rivera of Sutton
2nd Place - Hadley McDaniel of Weeping Water
3rd Place - Kadin Davis of Wilber-Clatonia
4th Place - Sam Saldivar of J.C.C.
5th Place - Kale Fishler of Harvard
6th Place - Anton Carlson of Sutton
7th Place - Matt Hawkins of Tekamah-Herman
8th Place - Carter Phippen of A-H-S-T


113 Results
1st Place - Alex Thomsen of Underwood
2nd Place - Jackson Bates of Wilber-Clatonia
3rd Place - Joel Becerra of A-H-S-T
4th Place - Chance Reusch of Tekamah-Herman
5th Place - Max Nordmeyer of Malcolm
6th Place - Ethan Sharp of Red Cloud/Blue Hill
7th Place - Adam Jochims of Maple Valley - Oto
8th Place - Sammy Hopkins of Maple Valley - Oto


120 Results
1st Place - Jason Hansen of Tekamah-Herman
2nd Place - Jorge Hernandez of Wilber-Clatonia
3rd Place - Jacob Wilhelm of HTRS-PC
4th Place - Anthony Cordes of A-H-S-T
5th Place - Cody Colton of Underwood
6th Place - Luke Hinrichs of Sutton


126 Results
1st Place - Cooper Bates of Wilber-Clatonia
2nd Place - Chandler Stone of Sutton
3rd Place - Justin Kuhns of J.C.C.
4th Place - Micheal Otto of HTRS-PC
5th Place - Drew Schmidt of Tekamah-Herman
6th Place - Alex Clough of Palmyra
7th Place - Austin Horner of Wilber-Clatonia
8th Place - Lee Morsett of Malcolm


132 Results
1st Place - Tyler Bailey of Sutton
2nd Place - Trenton Elliott of Tekamah-Herman
3rd Place - Jackson Beatty of Malcolm
4th Place - Spencer Warner of Louisville
5th Place - Tanner Ives of Harvard
6th Place - Nathan Eggerrs of A-H-S-T
7th Place - Christian Danker of A-H-S-T
8th Place - Nick Novak of HTRS-PC
12th Place - Garrett Vogler of Red Cloud/Blue Hill
12th Place - Zach Lendauer of Tekamah-Herman
12th Place - Michael Stackpole of Weeping Water
12th Place - Gage Clay of A-H-S-T
16th Place - Dillon Reischick of Wilber-Clatonia
16th Place - Armando Ochsner of Sutton
16th Place - Brock Brensel of Underwood
16th Place - Arturo Hernandez of J.C.C.


138 Results
1st Place - Justin Hansen of Tekamah-Herman
2nd Place - Austin Glause of Malcolm
3rd Place - Tom Jennings of Underwood
4th Place - Ryan Lane of Louisville
5th Place - Stevie Mitchell of A-H-S-T
6th Place - Tucker Scherbarth of Harvard
7th Place - Johnny Braniff of Tekamah-Herman
8th Place - Alex Sollazzo of Underwood
12th Place - Isaias Flores of Malcolm
12th Place - Josiah Fichter of A-H-S-T
12th Place - Aaron Fauteux of A-H-S-T
12th Place - Max Hansen of Tekamah-Herman
14th Place - McKinley Braniff of Tekamah-Herman
14th Place - Bailey Bohling of HTRS-PC


145 Results
1st Place - Ben Metzler of Tekamah-Herman
2nd Place - Clay Dickinson of Friend
3rd Place - Alex DeLarm of Sutton
4th Place - Jadon Poland of Louisville
5th Place - Justin Shipman of Red Cloud/Blue Hill
6th Place - Jacob Phelps of HTRS-PC
7th Place - Greg Flack of Malcolm
8th Place - Bryan Martinez of Wilber-Clatonia
12th Place - Allong Souvannavong of Wilber-Clatonia
12th Place - Alexander Fairchild-Flynn of HTRS-PC
12th Place - Joe Kenkel of A-H-S-T
12th Place - Cole Harder of A-H-S-T
13th Place - Kyle Quick of Tekamah-Herman


152 Results
1st Place - Zemua Baptista of Friend
2nd Place - Jake Smith of Wilber-Clatonia
3rd Place - Jordan Redler of Malcolm
4th Place - Wade Knott of Louisville
5th Place - Mitch Krueger of Red Cloud/Blue Hill
6th Place - Triston Grieser of Palmyra
7th Place - Jacob Railsback of HTRS-PC
8th Place - Spencer Thompson of Wilber-Clatonia
9th Place - Michael Landauer of Tekamah-Herman
12th Place - Tristan Niles of Red Cloud/Blue Hill
12th Place - Auston Bell of Harvard


160 Results
1st Place - Jake Roberts of Malcolm
2nd Place - Timmy Barr of A-H-S-T
3rd Place - Ben Railsback of HTRS-PC
4th Place - Ryan Cleary of Louisville
5th Place - Justin Moore of Weeping Water
6th Place - Baylor Meisinger of Louisville
7th Place - Nick Starnes of Underwood
8th Place - Lorenzo Caudano of Wilber-Clatonia
9th Place - Lucas Watson of Red Cloud/Blue Hill
12th Place - Gage Gering of Harvard
12th Place - Joel Cabrera of HTRS-PC


170 Results

1st Place - Patrick Dempsey of Friend
2nd Place - Dustin Engel of A-H-S-T
3rd Place - Dylan Buschow of Red Cloud/Blue Hill
4th Place - Derek Tachovsky of Wilber-Clatonia
5th Place - Beau Dostal of Malcolm
6th Place - Thad Bohbot of Underwood
7th Place - Damian Hohn of Weeping Water
8th Place - Tyson Martens of Palmyra
9th Place - Lane Deisley of Red Cloud/Blue Hill
12th Place - Tyllar Roesener of J.C.C.
12th Place - Connor Juracek of Louisville
12th Place - Ethan Braniff of Tekamah-Herman


182 Results
1st Place - Nick Maschmna of Wilber-Clatonia
2nd Place - Cade Larson of Malcolm
3rd Place - Riley Dillon of Palmyra
4th Place - Eli Cline of HTRS-PC
5th Place - Erik Darrington of Underwood
6th Place - Mark Krzykowski of Friend


195 Results
1st Place - Jesse Wells of Friend
2nd Place - Garrett Stone of Sutton
3rd Place - Tyler Combs of Wilber-Clatonia
4th Place - Erik Jorgensen of A-H-S-T
5th Place - Roger Freese of Underwood
6th Place - Jake Meyer of Weeping Water
7th Place - Joe Dickey of Louisville
8th Place - Jordyn Evans of HTRS-PC


220 Results
1st Place - Houston Hornby of Palmyra
2nd Place - Jacob Sahulka of Weeping Water
3rd Place - Simon Sandberg of Friend
4th Place - Dallas Doupnik of Harvard
5th Place - Derik Via of Maple Valley - Oto
6th Place - Austin Haufle of Wilber-Clatonia
7th Place - Kane Majors of Sutton
8th Place - Dalton Rohrs of HTRS-PC
9th Place - Collin Evans of Underwood
12th Place - Jordan Juracek of Louisville
12th Place - Dylan Lewis of Maple Valley - Oto


285 Results
1st Place - Cole Jensen of Maple Valley - Oto
2nd Place - Riley Homolka of Wilber-Clatonia
3rd Place - James Bruce of Tekamah-Herman
4th Place - Graham Moody of Malcolm
5th Place - Albert Jespersen of Friend
6th Place - James Bremer of Palmyra
7th Place - Kaje Faulks of HTRS-PC
8th Place - Jeremiah Carlson of A-H-S-T 

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Class 1A
1-Danville (1)
2-Gladbrook-Reinbeck (2)
3-Gehlen Catholic (LeMars) (3)
4-Ar-We-Va (Westside) (4)
5-Central Lyon (Rock Rapids) (5)
6-Maple Valley-Anton-Oto (6)
7-West Hancock (Britt) (8)
8-Colo-Nesco (9)
9-Earlham (10)
10-Boyden-Hull (10)

Watch List: Belle Plaine, Fremont-Mills (Tabor), Grand View Christian (Des Moines), Janesville,  Lone Tree, Meskwaki Settlement (Tama), Marquette Catholic (Bellevue), Montezuma, Newell-Fonda, Nodaway Valley (Greenfield), Sigourney, South O’Brien (Paulina), West Central (Maynard)


Class 2A
1-Western Christian (Hull) (1)
2-Cascade (Western Dubuque) (3)
3-Aplington-Parkersburg (4)
4-Treynor (5)
5-New Hampton (6)
6-IKM-Manning (2)
7-Monticello (7)
8-Iowa City Regina (8)
9-Pella Christian (9)
10-Forest City (NR)
Watch List: Anamosa, Clear Lake, Des Moines Christian, Dike-New Hartford, Highland (Riverside), Northeast (Goose Lake), Panorama (Panora), PCM-Monroe, Ridge View, Roland-Story, Sheldon, West Fork, Woodward Academy


Class 3A

1-Spirit Lake (3)
2-MOC-Floyd Valley (4)
3-LeMars (6)
4-Dubuque Wahlert (1)
5-Williamsburg (8)
6-Pella (NR)
7-Fort Madison (7)
8-Waverly-Shell Rock (2)
9-Perry (9)
10-Carroll (5)
Watch List: Algona, Atlantic, Bondurant-Farrar, Chariton, Creston, Dallas Center-Grimes, Davenport Assumption, Denison-Schleswig, Central Clinton (DeWitt), Gilbert, Harlan, Humboldt


Class 4A
1-Iowa City West (1)
2-Des Moines Hoover (2)
3-Ankeny Centennial (4)
4-Waukee (5)
5-Pleasant Valley (6)
6-North Scott (Eldridge) (7)
7-Dowling Catholic (3)
8-West Des Moines Valley (8)
9-Linn-Mar (Marion) (9)
10-Dubuque Hempstead (10)
Watch List: Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids Kennedy, Dubuque Senior, Sioux City North, Urbandale, Western Dubuque (Epworth)


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Team Scores
1.  Independence  222.0
2.  Solon  162.5
3.  Don Bosco  158.5
4.  Sergeant Bluff-Luton  154.0
5.  South Central Calhoun  144.0
6.  Sibley-Ocheyedan  123.0
7.  Pocahontas Area  119.0
8.  Sioux Center  90.0
9.  OA-BCIG  87.0
10.  Woodbury Central  81.5
11.  Cherokee, Washington  76.0
12.  Carroll  61.0
13.  Audubon  57.0
14.  Marcus-Meridan-Cleghorn  51.5
15.  Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire  49.0
16.  Okoboji  48.0
17.  West Lyon  47.5
18.  Southeast Valley  47.0
19.  Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton  45.5
20.  Spirit Lake Park  45.0
21.  Akron-Westfield  40.0
22.  Storm Lake  37.0
23.  Woodbine  36.0
24.  Kingsley-Piersen  33.0
24.  Ridge View  33.0
26.  Lawton-Bronson  16.0

27.  Western Christian  15.0


Individual Results


106 Results
1st Place - Gable Fox of Don Bosco
2nd Place - Shea Ruffridge of Pocahontas Area
3rd Place - Jarrett Orr of Independence
4th Place - Christian Haight of Solon
5th Place - Jayden Gilge of Spirit Lake Park
6th Place - Seth Wright of Woodbine
7th Place - Cody Marlow of Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire
8th Place - Drew Woodall of Marcus-Meridan-Cleghorn


113 Results

1st Place - Spencer Johnson of Southeast Valley
2nd Place - Joe Minkler of Pocahontas Area
3rd Place - Devin Phaly of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
4th Place - Jeremy Schmitz of Don Bosco
5th Place - Lance Else of Ridge View
6th Place - Dominick Titus of Okoboji
7th Place - Taylor Wulfekuhle of Independence
8th Place - Seth Zomermaand of Sioux Center


120 Results

1st Place - Brayden Curry of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
2nd Place - Mitch Evens of Independence
3rd Place - Mitchel Brinkman of Pocahontas Area
4th Place - Shane Funk of Woodbury Central
5th Place - Ben Carr of Solon
6th Place - Gavin Kramer of Spirit Lake Park
7th Place - Landon Makinson of South Central Calhoun
8th Place - Austin Eilers of Lawton-Bronson


126 Results
1st Place - Nick Mangrich of Don Bosco
2nd Place - Louis Gnida of Solon
3rd Place - Jake Wulf of OA-BCIG
4th Place - Rhyker Sims of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
5th Place - Kolton Roth of Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire
6th Place - Ben McDaniel of Marcus-Meridan-Cleghorn
7th Place - Clayton Reis of Pocahontas Area
8th Place - Matthew Stines of Cherokee, Washington


132 Results
1st Place - Dylan Schuck of Sibley-Ocheyedan
2nd Place - Lane Nichols of Woodbury Central
3rd Place - Drew Davis of Independence
4th Place - Colin Corey of South Central Calhoun
5th Place - James Dirkx of Carroll
6th Place - Cain Blenderman of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
7th Place - Jordan Gunnarson of Pocahontas Area
8th Place - Colbin Larue of Okoboji


138 Results
1st Place - Preston Dunn of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
2nd Place - Jake Mulford of Audubon
3rd Place - Cole Fox of Don Bosco
4th Place - Cole Fritz of Solon
5th Place - Sam Kastle of Carroll
6th Place - Alex Hoffman of Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire
7th Place - Kyle Green of Sibley-Ocheyedan
8th Place - Dane Treiber of OA-BCIG


145 Results
1st Place - Brad Kerkhoff of Audubon
2nd Place - Garrett Sayler of Sibley-Ocheyedan
3rd Place - Kade Steuhm of Solon
4th Place - Elliott Ryan of Independence
5th Place - Keagan Putnam of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
6th Place - Kent Krager of OA-BCIG
7th Place - Brody Goodman of South Central Calhoun
8th Place - Skyler Woods of Don Bosco


152 Results

1st Place - Chase Straw of Independence
2nd Place - Hunter Morrow of Cherokee, Washington
3rd Place - Chris Paulsen of Don Bosco
4th Place - Graeson Dall of Solon
5th Place - Isaac Reis of Kingsley-Piersen
6th Place - Cody Schumacher of South Central Calhoun
7th Place - Dylan Blinde of Akron-Westfield
8th Place - Cole Bruns of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton


160 Results
1st Place - Trent Kruger of Sibley-Ocheyedan
2nd Place - Jake Juhl of Independence
3rd Place - Logan Peed of South Central Calhoun
4th Place - Trevor Nelson of Solon
5th Place - Kyle Benson of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
6th Place - Noah Bouse of Okoboji
7th Place - Tyler Zeimen of Cherokee, Washington
8th Place - Taeric Ezzell of West Lyon


170 Results
1st Place - Nick Holt of Independence
2nd Place - Tyler Strong of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
3rd Place - Noel Banuelos of Storm Lake
4th Place - Hunter Dejong of Sibley-Ocheyedan
5th Place - Daniel Sommerlot of Pocahontas Area
6th Place - Jeff King of South Central Calhoun
7th Place - Derek Hooyer of Sioux Center
8th Place - TJ Even of Don Bosco


182 Results
1st Place - Evan Hansen of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton
2nd Place - Zayne Barrett of South Central Calhoun
3rd Place - Mitchell Sandbulte of Sioux Center
4th Place - Conner Holmes of Marcus-Meridan-Cleghorn
5th Place - Mason Meitzenhimer of Cherokee, Washington
6th Place - Reed Mitchell of Woodbury Central
7th Place - Tom Nahnsen of Southeast Valley
8th Place - Riley Anderson of Okoboji


195 Results
1st Place - Cash Wilcke of OA-BCIG
2nd Place - Matt McMillan of Independence
3rd Place - Zach Hickson of Don Bosco
4th Place - Ty Riley of South Central Calhoun
5th Place - Skylar Bonestroo of Western Christian
6th Place - Jed Van`t Hof of West Lyon
7th Place - Ko Kieft of Sioux Center
8th Place - Lane Ring of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton


220 Results
1st Place - Andrew Petersen of Woodbury Central
2nd Place - Rylan Richardson of South Central Calhoun
3rd Place - Dustin Brown of West Lyon
4th Place - Jason Grover of Independence
5th Place - Elijah Van`t Hof of Sioux Center
6th Place - Montana Jackson of Akron-Westfield
7th Place - Evan Else of Ridge View
8th Place - Zach Schott of Pocahontas Area


285 Results

1st Place - Logan Linderbaum of Solon
2nd Place - Houston Coleman of Sibley-Ocheyedan
3rd Place - Gabe Shafer of Woodbine
4th Place - Tyler Schick of Marcus-Meridan-Cleghorn
5th Place - Colten Smolders of Sioux Center
6th Place - Zach Beyerink of Carroll
7th Place - Charlie Wych of Cherokee, Washington
8th Place - Sam Rathbun of Independence

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Ar-We-Va, Westside 66, Exira/EH-K 47
Boyer Valley, Dunlap 69, Glidden-Ralston 51

Charter Oak-Ute 49, CAM, Anita 43

Paton-Churdan 51, Coon Rapids-Bayard 30

West Harrison, Mondamin 66, Woodbine 57


Creston 66, Winterset 40


Fremont-Mills, Tabor 57, Sidney 32 (Corner Conf. Tr Championship)

Stanton 68, Clarinda Academy 62 (Corner Conf. Tr)


Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto 64, IKM-Manning 49


Sioux City, North 72, Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson 41


West Monona, Onawa 65, Riverside, Oakland 51



A-D-M, Adel 56, Ogden 23

Ames 51, Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln 22

Woodbine 69, West Harrison 34

Paton-Churdan 37, Coon Rapids-Bayard 29

Glidden-Ralston 54, Boyer Valley 43

Exira-EHK 60, Ar-We-Va 13

IKM-Manning 59, Maple Valley-Anthon Oto 50

Sioux City, North 51, Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson 34

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